Three Realms Gateway Offering: Part 1

Three Realms Gateway Offering: Part 1 is the next quest in the new event Three Realms Gateway Offering. During this quest, travellers will have to activate the first tower in order to dispel the darkness in Enkanomiya. This part of event will also see the introduction of new enemies in the game.


To participate in the Three Realms Gateway Offering, travellers must be at AR 30. They should have finished the following quests:

Starting the Quest

The location of the first tower is high up in the sky, making it impossible to reach. This is why you’ll have to make use of a Ghostfist pool. However, there are some things to take care of before you begin.

First, level up your Bokuso Box. To do this, go over to the statue in front of which Tsumi is standing and interact with it. Then, use 80 Light Realm sigils to level the box. By doing so, you’ll be able to use the Bokuso Box to dispel the darkness around the Waypoints.

Second, collect Aphotium Ore and Tokoyo Legume. These are two items that will be needed in order to activate Waypoints. Since they are event exclusive, you can find their location on the minimap. Keep in mind though that to obtain Aphotium Ore, you will have to use the Bokuso Box.

Lastly, as you make your way into areas with high levels of Corrosion, the charge in your Bokuso Box will start to reduce. Thankfully, you don’t have to go back to the statue to recharge it. The small statues around Enkanomiya are able to recharge your Bokuso Box.

Now, with all this information in mind, head over to the Ghostfish Pool marked on the map so you can reach the tower location.

New Enemies

When you arrive at the location, interact with the Sinshade named Kurai. Thanks to him, you’ll know that to reach the tower, all you have to do is follow the Electro Seelie in front of you. However, as you follow it, you’ll have to face the new enemies: Shadowy Husks. Ignoring them is not an option as you need the Husk Gem they drop after defeat to activate the tower.

For this part, you’ll have to fight 1 x Shadowy Husk: Defender and 1 x Shadow Husk: Line Breaker. These enemies are a bit tanky so unless you have a well-rounded team, be prepared to fight for a bit.

Once defeated, you’ll have the Husk Gem needed.

Now, follow after the Seelie. Though do make a point of collecting Aphotium Ore and Tokoyo Legume on the way as you’ll need them for the tower as well.

As you go up the stairs, you’ll have to face two Ruin Sentinels. As they aren’t important to the quest, feel free to run past them and keep following the Seelie until you reach the Tower Controllers.

The Tower

When you reach the Tower Controllers, all of them will be surrounded by darkness. To dispel it, not only will you need the Bokuso Box but also the following items:

  • 5 x Aphotium Ore
  • 5 x Tokoyu Legume
  • 10 x Husk Gem

After the darkness dispels, use the controllers to assemble the tower. How do you do that? There are three controllers and three pieces of the tower. Using the controllers, the pieces can be rotated. You had to do this until all three pieces are aligned together. When that happens, a cutscene will begin and the tower will be assembled. For the solution, reference the picture below.

Now, the next step is to climb up the tower to activate the Light Realm Chisel. When you get to the top, just use the Bokuso Box and you’ll be done.


For finishing Three Realms Gateway Offering: Part 1 you’ll receive 40 Primogems, 30,000 Mora, 3 Hero’s Wit and 20 Light Realm Sigils.

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