Three Realms Gateway Offering: Seelie Barrier Challenge

The Seelie Barrier Challenge is available only during the event Three Realms Gateway Offering. As it only exists on the event exclusive map, travellers are advised to finish it as soon as possible. After all, luxurious chests aren’t easy to find and missing out on one will be a shame.


To access the map of Three Realms Gateway Offering travellers must be at AR 30. They should also finish the following quests –

Before you start this challenge, it is recommended that you finish the following quests as well. This is not a necessity but the high corrosion levels can make fighting difficult.

The Seelie Barrier Challenge

To find the challenge, teleport to the Serpent’s Heart or the island with the entrance to the third tower. From there, glide down to the lone isle. Over there, you’ll find many enemy mobs as well as chests waiting to be unlocked. Among them is the Seelie Barrier Challenge. The location for it is marked on the map below.

The idea here is simple. The main challenge is locked behind a barrier that can only be taken down by finding two Seelies.

You will find the first Seelie just a few steps away from the main challenge. As you can see, the Seelie is stuck and cannot move even if you approach it. To free, you’ll have to use Pyro and once the wood burns away, the Seelie will start to move. Follow it all the way back to the statue because if you don’t, the Seelie will stay in one place and not move forward

For the second Seelie, you have to be a little careful. You’ll find it floating under a tree near the edge of the cliff. However, the path that leads right to it also has two deactivated Ruin Sentinels. Avoiding them isn’t possible. Even if you go around them, because of the path that Seelie takes, they will be activated and will attack. You will have to fight here.

Once they’re out of the way, bring the Seelie back to its statue and the barrier will come down. Now, use your Bokuso Box to remove the darkness and activate the challenge.

During the challenge, you’ll have 180s to defeat two enemies. They are as follows:

  • 1 x Boltear Bathysmal Vishap Hatchling
  • 1 x Rimebiter Bathysmal Vishap Hatchling

After the two enemies are defeated, the challenge will end.


For finishing the Seelie Barrier Challenge, you’ll receive one Luxurious Chest which holds an assortment of low-grade weapons and artifacts, Light Realm Sigils, talent books and at least 10 Primogems.

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