Three Realms Gateway Offering: The Eve

Three Realms Gateway Offering: The Eve is the first part of the new event. Set in the region of Enkanomiya, the entire map will be reset for the duration of the event. Travellers will once again have to explore Enkanomiya to solve the mystery behind the darkness.


To participate in the Three Realms Gateway Offering, travellers must be at AR 30. They should have finished the following quests:

  • The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia
  • Stillness, the Sublimation of Shadows
  • Grus Nivis Chapter Act I: The Whispers of the Crane
  • White Rabbit Carassius Auratus Chapter Act I: Dreamlike Timelessness
  • The Still Waters Flow
  • Erebos’ Secret

Starting the Quest

Teleport to the Sangonomiya shrine in Watatsumi Island and seek out Kokomi. When you interact with her, she’ll tell you about the Watatsumi Goryou Matsuri. This is a ritual is held in order to reverse the Holy Soil phenomenon. If allowed to continue, this process can bleach all the soil in Watatsumi Island, making it infertile. While Kokomi was conducting the Watatsumi Goryou Matsuri this time around, something strange happened. Instead of the process being reversed, it paused.

Due to this, Kokomi sent soldiers down to Enkanomiya to find out what was going on. Reports from them stated that the entirety of Enkanomiya has been plunged into darkness. This made it difficult for them to find out the source of the problem. Now, Kokomi needs your help to find out what’s happening down there.

Head over to Tsuyuko and she will tell you that strange humanoid monsters have appeared in Enkanomiya along with the darkness. But thankfully, the soldiers haven’t been harmed thanks to the aid of a shrine maiden known as Tsumi. However, Kokomi doesn’t seem to know of a Tsumi and thus doesn’t know if she can be trusted. But Tsumi is the only one who knows how to perform the Sentou ceremony, a ritual that was successful in driving away the monsters.

Once all the information has been relayed, Kokomi will give you a Fragmented Accessory. Now, go to Ueno and head down to the Enkanomiya with him.

The Eve

When you reach Enkanomiya, you’ll automatically be teleported to the Dainichi Mikoshi. This is where all the soldiers have retreated. However, something sort of branch seems to be growing from the device.

Once there, you’ll meed Tsumi, the masked shrine maiden who will further explain the situation. According to her, the people of Enkanomiya believed that there are three realms:

  • The Vishap realm
  • The Human realm
  • The Void realm

Right now, the problem in Enkanomiya is being caused by the Void Realm that is encroaching into the Vishap Realm. Initially, the Vishap realm was also known as the Light realm since this is an area where pure elemental energy exists. Now, the Three Realms Gateway Offering must be performed. This means three towers on the edges of Enkanomiya must be activated.

After the explanation, go around asking the soldiers about their experience with Tsumi to see if you can trust her. Once done, she’ll give you the Bokuso box. This is a device that can chase away the darkness not just from the area but also from monsters.

At this moment, you’ll have the opportunity to go test the device by fighting the following enemies:

  • 3 x Hilichurl
  • 1 x Electro Abyss Mage

When fighting, you’ll notice darkness around the enemies. As long as the darkness remains, even at the lowest HP, the enemies won’t die. Use the Bokuso box and the enemies will be defeated.

The Challenge

Once you defeat the monsters, head back to Tsumi. She will explain what happens in Enkanomiya when the Watatsumi Goryou Matsuri is performed.

This ritual awakens the familiars of Orobashi, the serpent god. Known as the Sangacorallia, these beings break down raw elemental energy. This then leads to an ecological change in Enkanomiya. But the darkness from the Void realm is making that process harder.

Now, following Tsumi’s instructions, head down to a challenge area. Before you can activate it, however, you’ll have to use the Bokuso box to dispel the darkness. Now, you have to fight the following large slimes: Electro, Pyro and Geo.

Once you defeat the slimes, Tsumi will be convinced that you can save Enkanomiya. With this, the first part of Three Realms Gateway Offering: The Eve will end.


For finishing The Eve, you’ll get 40 Primogems, 30,000 Mora, 3 Hero’s Wit and 80 Light Realm Sigil.

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