Three Realms Gateway Offering: The Narrows Seelie Challenge

The Narrows Seelie Challenge is a part of the event Three Realms Gateway Offering. Available only for a limited time, this challenge gives travellers the chance to earn a Luxurious Chest. However, unlike other Seelie challenges, finding the Seelies here isn’t exactly easy.

So, just follow this guide and you should be done in no time.


To access the map of Three Realms Gateway Offering travellers must be at AR 30. They should also finish the following quests –

While this is not necessary, they should also try to finish Three Realms Gateway OfferingPart 1 to reduce the effects of corrosion.

The Narrows Seelie Challenge

After finishing the first part of the event quest, teleport to the Narrows or the first island. Over there, close by you’ll find a challenge covered in a barrier. In order to unlock it, you’ll first have to find three Seelies.

The first Seelie can be found at a Hilichurl camp, hanging out on a platform with a Hilichurl archer. To get to it, you can either defeat the entire camp or you can shield up and just get to the Seelie itself. Follow it back to its statue, and you’ll be done with the first part.

Now, the second Seelie can be found floating near a tree, behind the camp, in some ruins. Over there, you’ll also find a deactivated Ruin Grader. The chances of the enemy noticing you are too high so be prepared to fight or run.

Things get a bit tricky with the third Seelie because no matter where you go, you won’t be able to find it. To get to it, go to the broken bridge. There’ll be an Electro Seelie there so follow it till the end and then use the Hydro Phase gate next to it. Not the ones before.

The phase-gate will take you up into the sky and onto a floating platform. Once you land, another platform will appear. From here, take the platforms to reach the one where the Seelie is. As soon as you reach, the Seelie will begin to move.

Now, all you have to do is take the Hydro Phase gate back to the ground and follow the Seelie back to the challenge. The barrier will drop and once that happens, use your Bokuso Box to dispel the darkness.

As the challenge begins, you’ll have to defeat 4 enemies in 240s. These enemies will come in two waves as follows:

Wave 1

  • 2 x Rimebiter Bathysmal Vishap Hatchling

Wave 2

  • 2 x Dancing Thunder Kairagi

With this, you’ll be done with the Narrows Seelie Challenge.


Each Seelie will give you one common chest.

For finishing the challenge, you’ll get a Luxurious chest.

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