Three Realms Gateway Offering: Water and Ice Mirror Puzzle

Three Realms Gateway Offering is full of new puzzles and challenges. The Water and Ice Mirror Puzzle is one of them. Located on an island near the Serpent’s Heart, this lone puzzle gives travellers the chance to earn different rewards. However, solving the puzzle isn’t always easy.

Follow this guide to know exactly where to go and what to do to light up the receiver and earn rewards.


Most of the puzzles in the Three Realms Gateway Offering are accessible from the moment you begin the event. However, there are some things we recommend travellers finish before they start exploring the new map.

Three Realms Gateway Offering presents a new difficulty for travellers to face: Corrosion. Yes, this effect does exist when you’re facing Rifthounds. But in this event, it has a different application. All the islands in the event have a different level of corrosion and to venture through them, you need to have your Bokuso Box equipped. The higher the level of the box, the easier it will be for you to avoid the effects of corrosion which usually leads to low ATK which in turn makes fights difficult.

The area where the puzzle is located has a higher corrosion level. To avoid its effect, it is recommended that your Bokuso Box be levelled to at least 13. This can be done by collecting Light Realm Sigils. Apart from that, activating all the towers will also be helpful. The guides for those can be found here:

The Water and Ice Mirror Puzzle

The location of the Water and Ice Mirror Puzzle can be found on a lone island near the Serpent’s Heart. The only thing on that island is the puzzle.

The puzzle itself is made up of 5 mirrors, most of which are ice mirrors.

If you aren’t familiar with the concept of this puzzle, here’s a quick explanation. The main idea is to allow light to either reflect or pass through the mirrors and reach the receiver. To do so, the mirrors can be turned into water mirrors by using Pyro or ice mirrors by using Cryo. Ice mirrors reflect the light whereas water mirrors allow the light to pass through them.

In the case of this puzzle, all the mirrors need to be Ice mirrors except for the one closest to the receiver. Once that is done, you need to rotate them so that the light can bounce of one mirror to another. The solution can be see on the image below.

Once the light successfully reaches the receiver and activates it, the ritual will be complete. The Water and Ice Mirror Puzzle will be solved.


For finishing this puzzle, you’ll receive an Exquisite Chest which will contain an assortment of weapons, artifacts, talent books, Light Realm Sigils and at least 5 Primogems.

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