Through the Looking Glass Quest Guide

Before you can start this quest, you need to interact with 6 paintings in underwater ruins (you have already gone to all of them if you already completed the Search in the Algae Sea quest series) and complete each puzzle to start the quest.
In a way, this quest is like a closure to Caterpillar’s story since he’s involved in this one so it’s best if you complete the Search in the Algae Sea first. Refer to the image above for the location of all 6 paintings.

All 6 Looking Glasses

Once you reach the painting, enter them all by choosing the ‘Looking Glass‘ option and completing related puzzles/combats to release a red wisp into a sunflower painting. 

Early Reminder for Those Who Have Issues with the Quest

If you are having trouble where your Looking Glass is not glowing purple, then it’s most probably due to you not completing the initial Book of Esoteric Revelations quest and collecting Enigmatic Pages 1-13 (page 10 excluded since it’s only available in 4.2 and my Looking Glass is still glowing even though I didn’t get this one yet).
Thank you to Azeroth for pointing it out in the comment section!
Book of Esoteric Revelations Quest Guide
All Enigmatic Pages Location in Fontaine (Enigmatic Page 1 – 13, but excluding Page 10 because it’s not available in V4.0)
Wish-Fulfilling Treasure Hunt Quest Guide (Enigmatic Page 10 that was recently released in V4.2).

1. Teleport to East Slopes of Mont Automnequi underground waypoint and head further into the Orthant of Souls ruin. Go to the main room and look east to find a purple glowing painting. In this painting, you need to light up all torches.

2. Teleport to Tower of Ipsissimus north underwater waypoint and turn around to enter Orthant of Memory ruin. From the main room, look to your north + upwards to see a purple glowing painting inside a water barrier (you can just swim inside it). In this painting, you need to defeat some enemies.

3. Teleport to the Tower of Ipsissimus south underwater waypoint and head to the ruin behind you (this is the Orthant of Persona ruin). Head further inside until you find the first energy flow mechanism, the purple glowing painting is just in front of the mechanism. In this painting, you need to defeat some enemies.

4. Teleport to Fort Charybdis Ruins underwater waypoint and enter the Orthant of Wish ruin in front of you. The first purple glowing painting is just on the floor. In this painting, you need to defeat some enemies.

5. In the same ruin as #4, use the elevator beside the 4th painting and go to the lower level. When you reach the main room, go north and use the pillar/elevator to go down and find another purple glowing painting behind some Mekas. In this painting, you need to defeat some enemies.

6. Teleport to the Tower of Ipsissimus surface waypoint and dive in the water. Swim to the sunken tower and to the lowest floor (there should be Xenochromatic Hunter’s Ray and Meka swimming on this floor). Defeat the Meka here to unlock the treasure in the middle, and after that, there should be an Enter prompt.

Enter the tower via that elevator and once you’re inside, turn around and swim to the outer ‘ring’ of the room to search for a purple glowing painting on a wall. In this painting, just claim the treasure chest inside it.

Through the Looking Glass

➥ At the last painting spot, once the red wisp has all entered the sunflower painting, you will automatically get the Through the Looking Glass quest. Now, you can enter the sunflower painting to continue the quest.

➥ After meeting Canotila and back to Merusea Village, the sub-quest will be completed (but it’s not over yet). You can interact with the book again and choose Decipher Page – Enigmatic Page (X) to get a hidden achievement ‘Narzissenkreuz Notes: The Labyrinth.’ You can get this page from the Wish-Fulfilling Treasure Hunt quest (released in version 4.2), which I’ve already covered.


➥ To get the next sub-quest, I fast-forwarded the in-game time to the next 2 days TWICE (I did it once at first but no quest icon showed up so I fast-forwarded the time once again and the quest icon popped up after that). Once you change the in-game time, interact with the book again (there should be a quest icon on top of it) to continue with the quest.

➥ In the purple world, the first thing you need to do is to walk to the other end of this library to find Caterpillar. The mirage of Caterpillar will disappear and the barrier will change a bit, allowing you to access the stairs.

➥ Go to the second floor and get a quest item ‘Fallen Bouquet’ before chasing after the mirage of Caterpillar again (just follow the quest navigation). Use the Fallen Bouquet on the mechanism to unlock the door to the top of the library.

➥ Enter the Looking Glass to reach Caterpillar on the other side of the barrier.

➥ After talking to Caterpillar, a wind current will appear and you can glide above following the red wisp to meet Caterpillar again and a dog. You will be transported back to Merusea Village and complete the sub-quest.


➥ Once again, change the in-game time to 2 days forward twice and interact with the book again. This time, you will first talk to Canotila.

➥ When you’re done talking to her, follow the quest navigation to the small platform below you. Use the Looking Glass to meet with Caterpillar inside the barrier.

➥ After defeating Caterpillar, use the purple rifts (behind the Time-Trial Challenge) & defeat any enemies to continue your pursuit.

➥ You will encounter Caterpillar again inside a barrier and need to use another Looking Glass. Run forward to the mirror in front of you, and at the last step, you will fall from the invisible tiles. But open your wind glider because there’s a wind current there to reach the floating mirror.

➥ After defeating Caterpillar once again, glide once more to the top using the wind currents and purple rifts. Save Canotila and you will be sent to Merusea Village and complete this sub-quest.

Happy Birthday

➥ Now, change your in-game time to the next morning (Mine is 8:00 AM) and teleport to the waypoint near Fontaine Weapon’s Domain. Head over to Grandpa Earnshaw (He’s near the teleport. If he isn’t, change your in-game time again to the next 8:00 AM).

➥ Follow the quest navigation to find Lanoire and you will complete the quest after some sad dialogues.


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    • I literally finished this world quest. Deafeat rene, meet mary-ann, brought back seymore to mamere and part ways with caterpillar. But still i can’t get into the looking glass. Its not glowing purple, don’t have any interact button. As if i didn’t trigger something but i don’t know what is it. Is it i need to talk with caterpillar again? Or what? Cus i need to enter the looking glass so i can get the hydroculus on the other side

  1. Hi, your guide seems very good, but I’m stuck at step 1, even tho I finished “In the wake of Natcissus” my painting/glass aren’t purple and I can’t look through them. Did I forget to do something to unlock the purple glasses ?

    • Gentlemens, i want to make an update regarding this bug issues. It is not a bug. So, all you need to do is go to melusine village and find melusine named (???) Near the waterfall. If you can’t find it, just follow the waterway, it is in the village not in any region . So, apparently this melusine is meditating while it need us to collect 3 book page. So, u guys can find it easily. Later on, once u complete it, u and the melusine will teleport into some space where named (???) Too. Just follow the melusine, there are some challanges that u guys can finished and a luxurious chest there. After u guys finish it, go find all 13 page of enigmatic page in Fontaine and put it together into the book where the melusine u just help. After that, the mirror will shine purple.
      Hope this help and sorry for bad english

  2. I have gone through all paintings again and the quest just won’t trigger itself… I have indeed the previous quest fully finished (even got the hidden achievement with page 10)

  3. Ah never mind my previous comment, just figured out you need to have the torches in front of the painting (the one with the flowers) lit up so that it turns purple

    • This was my last bit to figure out, tyvm! In the Orthant of Souls, I used Hydro chars to kill the enemies, which extinguished my torches (I had done all the other pre-reqs and gone through each mirror more than once). When I came back, I saw the little red guy that enters the mirror waiting for me, lit the torches, quest triggered.

  4. I CANNOT get the happy birthday quest to trigger and I’ve already done everything in this guide (great guide btw!) anyone have any idea why? I’ve changed the in game time multiple times and I’ve waited 2-3 days real time and it’s still not there.