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Event Calendar and Timeline 0

Event Calendar and Timeline

This Genshin Impact Event Calendar and Timeline is created and maintained by u/_Enscribe, displaying all the useful information you need for each version in one place.

Genshin Impact Wish Simulator 1

Wish Simulator

A web application Genshin Impact Wish Simulator created by Uzair Ashraf. Practically a perfect replica of the in-game wish system that works in right your web browser! In can track your inventory and spending,...

Damage Calculator 0

Damage Calculator

This is a fan built, third party character optimizer by ImpactG. It helps you find the best items, artifact sets, and substat options for your characters. Min-max your builds for more burst damage, DPS,...

Teyvat Interactive Map 0

Teyvat Interactive Map

This is HoYoLAB’s official map for the world of Teyvat in Genshin Impact. This map marks the location of important resources, monsters, elemental oculi, domains, waypoints, chests and more. It supports 13 languages.