Total expected primogems for version 2.2

The main method of obtaining your favourite characters in Genshin Impact is the gacha. But to use the gacha you need primogems and they aren’t an easy currency to come by. So, unless you can pull out the wallet for crystal top-ups, you depend on the game to provide you with them.

Each update brings new events as well as quests and for F2P players, apart from dailies, this is how they get their primogems. But how do you know how much you can expect from the coming update? Thankfully, reddit user sectoidfodder has the answer for you.

How many primogems will 2.2 bring?

Once 2.2 comes around, you can expect at least 67 pulls, i.e, 10,720 primogems. Don’t get too excited though because there are several factors to take into account. For a F2P player, that’s a lot of primogems. Unfortunately, they aren’t so easy to obtain.

What will you have to do to collect all the primogems?

While the game is willing to provide players with a decent amount of primogems, to obtain them, a certain amount of work needs to be done. Apart from story quests and events, these are some things you need to do –

  • Do your dailies

    Assuming that each patch lasts for 42 days, that’s 60 primogems every single day if you don’t skip on your daily commission. This is where the majority of your primogems will come for. If you miss out on your commissions, there’s no way to make up for the gems that you lost.
  • Get all 36 stars in the Spiral Abyss

There are at least two rounds of Spiral Abyss in every update. Once you’ve cleared floors 1-8, you can only depend on 9-12 for primogems. However, to obtain all the primogems you can possibly get, you have to clear each floor of the Abyss with 3 stars. Unfortunately, that’s not a feat that every player can achieve.

  • Have enough Starglitter and Stardust

Each month, the in-game Paimon shop resets. This means that you can use whatever Stardust you have to buy up to 5 primogems. Stardust isn’t hard to obtain since every 3-star item in the gacha gives around 15 Stardust. Starglitter, however, is another story. To get Masterless Starglitter, you need either roll a 4-star character or a 4-star weapon. This basically means you have to spend primogems to get Starglitter for more primogems.

  • Participate in web events and daily check-ins

Apart from in-game content, Genshin Impact also presents players with an array of web events. These usually give up to at least 100 primogems. You have to make sure to participate in these events, no matter how much of a bother they might seem like. Then, there’s the Hoyolab check-in. Though the primogem output from that is very low.

  • Obtain Serenitea Pot favoured sets

This was a new feature brought in for the Serenitea pot. Certain characters have favourite sets. If you’re able to craft them and then place them in the teapot, you can obtain Primogems for that. This, however, means not only farming the materials for the set but also having characters that favor the set. Basically, by the time 2.2 arrives, you need to have 25 Mondstadt or Liyue characters out of the existing 32.

Dawn Orchard Diluc’s favored set

In conclusion

While Genshin Impact does provide its player base with a good number of primogems, obtaining them all isn’t an easy task. For a more detailed look into what you can expect from 2.2 reward wise, check out the original reddit post

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