Traveler (Dendro) Quick TL;DR Support Build Guide

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PSA #2:

Traveler does a large horizontal swing, dealing Dendro DMG to enemies in front of them

A very straightforward skill that does decent damage and covers a wide area. Just a few things to note:

  • E will generate 2.5 particles, no matter how many enemies it hits. It’s later increased to 3.5 particles at C1
  • Has a CD of 8 seconds, and applies Dendro to all enemies within the cone

It’s not the most amazing skill, but does a decent job quickly applying Dendro.

Traveler summons a Lamp that continuously does Dendro DMG to enemies within the field. Can infuse the Lamp with different elements to change what it does!

Lea Lotus Lamp stats:

  • Has a duration of 12s, but increases to 15s at C2
  • Attacks once every second, but it will only target one enemy at a time within the field
  • Each attack is a small AoE explosion, so can hurt nearby enemies of the target
  • Has an internal CD of 2.5s, meaning it can only proc a reaction every 3 hits
  • 80 energy cost with a 20s CD

Traveler’s kit has always been strongly focused on team synergy, and Dendro Traveler’s burst is no different. It constantly applies Dendro, allowing for a lax gameplay if you’re running a reaction based comp.

Applying an element to the Lamp grants it a “Lotuslight Transfiguration,” which changes the properties of the lamp.

  • Hydro = Increases the field and AoE of Lamp’s attacks
  • Electro = Increases the Lamp’s ATK SPD
  • Pyro = Lamp will charge up and explode, dealing massive AoE Dendro DMG
  • Lamp can only be infused by ONE element per use. I.E.: once it’s infused with an element, it’s going to stay that way until it expires.

From testing, you’ll get the most value out of either Electro (more hits during duration) or Pyro (large AoE DMG) infusions. Keep in mind of the Pyro infusion to apply it near the end to still benefit from the regular attacks.

Lamp gains stacks, which increase the EM of the active character

Essentially the Lamp gains a “Overflowing Lotuslight” stack every 1s, which boosts the EM of the active character by 6 EM. It caps at 10 stacks, meaning you can obtain a max of 60 EM.

Only condition is your character must be within the Q’s field. Stepping in and out will refresh the stacks.

Basically having EM boosts Travelers E and Q DMG

The conversion is per 1 EM = .15% E DMG and .1% Q DMG.

So if you have 200 EM, that means:

  • 200 x .15 = +30% DMG buff for E
  • 200 x .10 = +20% DMG buff for Q

It’s not a bad thing to build EM on Dendro Traveler, as you’ll most likely get the most out of them from an EM comp anyways – also since Traveler has large AoE and easy-to-play kit that fits into those type of comps.

Talent Leveling Order: Q > E > NA (don’t need to really level NA)

WEAPON #1 (Recommended for best Reactions): Freedom-Sworn

How do I get it D: ? – It’s time to roll boys (gacha)

Has base EM scaling and provides even more EM for your team

Freedom-Sworn is arguably the BiS for Dendro Traveler for two main reason: it provides a crap ton of EM and provides buffs for your whole team. Not to mention the free 10% DMG overall you receive from the weapon itself. It’s essentially a perfect fit for any Support who wants to boost their own reaction DMG, while subsequently boosting their team’s overall damage as well.

Skyward Blade is a good contender for the ER% alone, as Dendro Traveler’s burst is a hefty 80 cost and his particle generation is horrible. While the free CRIT% is appreciated, it’s not really useful if you’re focusing on an EM build as reaction damage doesn’t benefit from CRIT values.

Dendro Traveler doesn’t really have many options among the 5-stars, as usually prioritized values like CRIT and ATK don’t really fit an EM scaling character.

WEAPON #2 (Recommended for 4-star Supp): Sapwood Blade

How do I get it D: ? – Forge (Midlander Prototype x1, Crystal Chunk x50, White Iron Chunk x50)

Has base ER% scaling and can provide additional EM!

Sapwood Blade is a new forgeable weapon introduced with Sumeru that is practically made for Dendro Traveler. Not only does the weapon provide some much needed ER% (up to 30.6%), the weapon skill also provides 120 EM for any character that picks up the buff (think like Guoba’s chili pepper buff). Since Dendro Traveler’s Q will most likely trigger any of the 7 Dendro-based reactions, you’re guaranteed to generate this buff quickly. It’s a must have for EM/reaction focused comps.

You can get Sapwood by doing a small questline for an NPC called “Aravinay” in the Vanarana city in Sumeru.

Iron Sting falls into the same category, but centralized more on boosting Traveler’s DPS than their team’s. the 165 EM provided from the sword + the overall 24% DMG bonus can be really helpful for when your rotation has downtime or messes up!

Sacrificial and Favonius Sword purely for the ER% they provide, as Dendro characters are currently limited to 3, and all of them have horrible particle generation. Sacrificial > Favonius purely due to the fact your Traveler is highly unlikely to CRIT (as you should be building them for EM). This will allow Traveler to reset their 8s E CD and use it in succession.

ARTIFACTS (Recommended for best buffs): Gilded Dreams

How do I get it D: ? – Spire of Solitary Enlightenment Domain (AR 22 Locked, 20 Resin per run)

Provides EM and a buffs ATK and EM for your team!

4x Gilded Dreams is essential for EM reaction comps as it provides an easy EM buff. Basically, after proc’ing an elemental reaction, Traveler will receive ATK and EM buffs based on their elements. So if Dendro traveler has 4x Gilded that means other Dendro characters on the team will receive a 14% ATK buff and a 50 EM buff for every different type of element.

Lets say you have Dendro Traveler/Tighnari/Bennett/Jean.

That means Traveler would receive a 28% ATK buff (14% x 2), and would receive 150 EM buff (50 EM x 3 – Dendro/Pyro/Anemo).

You can see how strong this can be for reaction comps, which typically will run 2-3 different types of elements.

However, if you’re not running a heavy EM based comp, then 4x Deepwood Memories will do just fine for an ATK/CRIT Traveler.

If you somehow bum rushed to Sumeru, then you can use either 4x Exile for the additional energy regen, or 4x Instructor for the EM and reaction damage.

Main stats:

EM/ER%EM/Dendro DMG% (for more sub-DPS)EM/CRIT Values (for more sub-DPS)

Only run ER% Sands to hit around 170% ER (MINIMUM) if you don’t have a battery in your comp!

Substats: ER% > EM > CRIT Values > ATK%

If you want other characters let me know. Hope this helped. Bye.


I spend too much time filling out spreadsheets for incoherent data, but at least I can turn them into guides :P

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  1. > So if Dendro traveler has 4x Gilded that means other Dendro characters on the team will receive a 14% ATK buff, while everyone receives an 50 EM buff for every different type of element.

    That’s wrong, though. The set’s owner gets the buff.
    That’s why Gilded Dreams are more for DPS (well, those, who’ll trigger the reaction), while Dendro support should be more than fine with Dendro set.
    Even better with Bloom/Burgeon/Hyperbloom as they do Dendro damage and the set shreds Dendro res.

  2. Your guide will misguide people into making the wrong and i’ll quickly explain why.

    1- EM does boost Traveler kit and it’s true Dendro units so far, does scale with EM but there’s 1 crucial factor you forgot.
    EM has a Diminishing return that is up to around 300-400 EM EM > Crit Dmg. However once you hit that spot, Crit Dmg will let your dendro traveler do more dmg, there’s another reason why Crit is important , Crit can actually happen on Dendro-related reaction also if you’re building a Dendro-focus team
    with 2 dendro, you need to account for the EM bonus from the sync, so that’s why i said 300-400, ofc ER remains important since traveler has an 80 energy requirement.

    So the correct Order is
    170/200 ER ( Fav OR Sacrificial / Another other weapon ) > Below 200 EM – EM > Above 200 EM C.Dmg / C.Rate > ATK%

    As you can see ATK% is the least required stat since ONLY pure Dendro damage that does scales with ATK% all the reactions are based on your Crit / Level and EM and not with ATK%. I hope this will help you write better guide in the future. I highly suggest you to do some research before making post. You’re the only guide that does recommend ATK% on traveler.

    • Not entirely sure where in the guide I’ve recommended ATK% other than the comment of “4x Deepwood Memories will do just fine for an ATK/CRIT Traveler” at the bottom. Sure, EM is the optimal, but there are plenty of players who just do build w/e they want (hence why in a lot my guides I always recommended vice-versa in case there are the few stray builders). If you’re referring to the ATK% explanations from the gear sets, that’s just that — and explanation of what bonuses are received.

      Also not entirely sure if you’ve seen the bottom portion going into artifact stats, but I do clarify that they need to hit the 170 ER% minimum (in capslock too at that).

      Also to note your “correct order:” most people will not be hitting the diminishing value of that 300-400 EM range you described unless they min-maxed their artifacts. Suitable to running an EM comp (lets say they run an EM mule like Sucrose), then they’re bound to be in that range regardless (unless their Sucrose is poorly built). I’m fairly certain you’re referring to the diminishing value sheet on both the wikia and in the KQM server, but I don’t think you’ve read the details of it either. So your point of “ER takes priority, but there is still a chance of hitting DR on 300-400EM” makes no sense.

      But thanks for the effort. Feel free to rebuttal if you have another point to make, but I highly recommend reading the full guide before commenting on the accuracy (ironically).