Traveler (Electro) Quick TL;DR Support Build Guide!

PSA #1: A Support is that one friend who’s always cheering you on from the sidelines, no matter what. Protect that friend at all costs, cause they’re rare 😂

PSA #2: Both Electro MC’s abilities scale off ATK. This guide is a hybrid guide to maximize Electro MC’s potential to be both a Support + Burst DPS!

Shoots out 3 Electro slashes in front of MC. Pierces multiple enemies, and when it hits enemies spawns 2 Abundance Amulets. Picking up amulets gives energy + boosts energy gain!

Important Tip: Amulets spawn are based off the slashes hitting, not on how many enemies it hits!

For example, if one of the blades hit 2 enemies and the other blades miss, it won’t spawn 2 Amulets — it’ll spawn 1. Amulets will stay 15 seconds before they expire!

Since you get MC’s constellations for free, your E can spawn a total of 3 Abundance Amulets rather than 2 (thanks to C1). This means if a character picks up all 3 Amulets, they will get 9 energy.

The Energy Recharge buff E provides doesn’t stack. If you pick up 3 Amulets, that doesn’t mean the character gets +60% ER. They’ll just get +20% ER that lasts 6 seconds!

Also, fun fact: the E only generates A SINGLE energy particle… So have fun trying to get Electro MC’s 80 COST burst 😂

Basically helps shorten MC’s E CD and makes it a bit more tolerable

Keep in mind that a different character other than Electro MC has to pick up the amulets to reduce MC’s E CD. So if you spawn 3 amulets, and someone else in your party picks them up, MC’s E goes from a 13.5s CD to 9s

So instead of buffing energy gain by 20%, you can get a whole bunch more

Let’s get mathematical: Say you have a level 90 Sacrifical Sword (61.3% ER) with 4x Emblem of Severed Fate (20% ER), and we’ll ignore ER substats for now. That means in total, Electro MC would have 181.3% ER (100 base + 61.3 + 20) — 10% of that is =18.13% ER. Meaning instead of providing a bonus of 20% ER for picking up Amulets, the character would receive 38.13% ER bonus.

That’s quite a considerable amount. Add ER% substats, which are extremely easy to gain and upgrade, and you can easily hit over 200%+ ER (or 20% ER+ bonus). It makes Electro MC a fairly decent battery, especially for a free character!

MC smites foes with an AoE Electro strike infront of her. Marked enemies will continuously be smited, which causes damage and procs Electro on them. EFFECT STAYS ON EVEN WHEN MC IS SWAPPED OUT. Character who is proc’ing the effect gains a tiny bit of energy!

This is Electro MC’s defining ability. It’s essentially a mini-Oz turret that only procs when you Normal or Charged attack a marked target

Marked enemies have this white, static aura!

Just to make sure: Falling Thunder only procs off Normal and Charged attacks! So if you’re playing someone like Diluc, don’t just spam E thinking you’ll get Overloaded proc’s 24/7. Falling thunder also procs ever .5s, meaning it can proc a total of 6 times!

It also provides a small amount of energy — 0.9 energy to be precise — and only provides it to the character who triggered Falling Thunder.

Talent Leveling Order: Q > E > Normal

WEAPON #1 (Recommended for best DPS): Skyward Blade

How do I get it D: ? – It’s time to roll boys (gacha)

Has base ER% scaling and boosts CRIT% (the rest of the stats are obsolete for Electro MC)

You can ignore the move SPD, ATK SPD, and NA + CA bonuses for Electro MC, since you won’t be using them to attack at all other than pressing E and Q. Skyward Blade really only have favor + performance for Electro MC is from the massive ER% it provides

Otherwise, the other 5-star weapons do provide SIGNIFICANTLY higher damage output, with stat sticks like Jade-Cutter or Mistsplitter vastly outperforming. If you want to try and turn Electro MC into a psuedo-main DPS, feel free to use those weapons. Otherwise for supporting, Skyward Blade has the favor

WEAPON #2 (Recommended for good DPS): Sacrificial Sword

How do I get it D: ? – It’s time to roll boys (gacha)

Has base ER% scaling and basically let’s Traveler E 2 times

Sacrificial Sword is better for supporting than Favonius purely due to the fact it lets you quickswap Electro MC as an ER battery. You most likely won’t have too much CRIT% for Favonius to really work well for Electro MC (due to your stat prioritization), whereas Sac Sword just needs the E to hit (which isn’t hard).

It lets you E twice basically, and potentially 3 times if you want to min-max. Essentially you E (and get E refunded from Sac Sword), swap to another character to pick up Amulets, swap back to Electro MC and E again, etc… This not only maximizes amulet generation and ER provisions for your team, but also makes Electro MC’s E CD much more tolerable

If you somehow don’t have Sac Sword, Favonius works just fine too. They both provide the same amount of ER% when leveled, and Favonius can provide a bit more energy for Electro MC’s outrageous 80 cost. Festering Desire is good, but not really viable as E’s DMG is extremely low and Favonius/Sac Sword performs much better. Only use Festering if other characters are already using the other swords!

Honorable mention: Lion’s Roar. You’re basically going to have the buff up 100% of the time once Q is up, which is the important part. It’s a good 4-star stat stick, and provides a good DMG buff. Pairs extremely well for Electro MC if you’re running a mono Electro comp as well!

ARTIFACT #1 (Recommended for burst DPS): Emblem of Severed Fate

How do I get it D: ? – Momiji-Dyed Court Domain (AR 30 Locked, 20 Resin per run)

Provides ER% that, in return, helps provide an additional DMG buff to Traveler’s Q

Let me just quickly explain how good the 4x bonus is for characters who stack ER%. Using the previous scenario above, let’s say you have a level 90 Sac Sword + 2x bonus from Emblem. That means in total, Electro MC would have 181.3% ER (100 base + 61.3 + 20), and you take 25% of that which equals a 45.32% DMG buff to your Q. Even more considering ER% substats! This bonus applies to Falling Thunder’s DMG as well…

To get the full 75% DMG bonus, you would need a ridiculous 300% ER. You would need to take ER% Sands (51.8% ER) + have god tier ER% substats to get even remotely close — this also answers this question: take ATK% Sands, not ER% Sands!

For those asking “why not 2x TF + 2x Noblesse?” — it’s because this actually takes less farming and provides more damage overall. Everyone most likely has a Sac Sword/Favonius, and can easily get 2x Emblem bonus. That alone provides a 45% DMG bonus to Q compared to 2x TF + 2x Noblesse which is only 35% DMG.

ARTIFACT #2 (Recommended for Support): Noblesse Oblige

How do I get it D: ? – Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern Domain (AR 35 Locked, 20 Resin per run)

Buffs Q damage and also buffs the rest of the team with ATK buff!

Even for supporting, 4x Emblem will most likely do a lot better. Noblesse is just a side option in case people don’t want to bother farming for a whole new artifact set!

For early artifacts, feel free to run 2x Exile + 2x +18% ATK or 2x Thundering Fury (if you have it)!

Main stats:


Substats: CRIT% > CRIT DMG > ATK (ATK% if not main stat) > EM/ER

If you want other characters let me know. Hope this helped. Bye.


I spend too much time filling out spreadsheets for incoherent data, but at least I can turn them into guides :P

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  1. Hey 2board, thanks for this! I’ve been waiting for this since 2.0 dropped lol.

    Just wanted to ask:
    1) is the new craftable inazuma sword any good for electro traveler? You mentioned that E only creates 1 particle and Q has a hefty cost, would this weapon help with the recharge especially when we’re generally going to have other characters absorb traveler’s E amulets for the cd reduction? I gather sac/fav would probably be better because of ER substat but so many characters want those lol.

    2) how does traveler stack up as a battery against Fischl (low/high constellation)? Traveler looks really good as a battery for non-electro energy-hungry main carries, but would Fischl edge out for electro carries? I guess a high constellation Fischl would probably edge out in damage regardless.

    • Ah, I keep forgetting to mention the new sword LOL. It’s pretty bad. Basically you still need to Q to get the weapon effect to take place, and it has ATK% as it’s stat, so it’s basically going to take you even longer to get your Q. I would heavily side towards Sac/Fav sword!

      Fischl is still a much better battery in my option. Traveler’s E amulets do provide a decent amount of energy, and especially accentuated when the character who picks them up can also provide energy for themselves (due to ER% buff), but Fischl takes less resources, is much easier to play, and does a lot more damage!

      • Thanks for sharing!

        Yeah everyone loves the sac/fav, and i only have one of the two :/ so it’s between the craftable sword or lion’s roar for me, and maybe using an ER sands.

        Same with Fischl, she’s so popular both my abyss teams want her LOL. I do have a half-invested Traveler when i was a young AR40 using whatever units i had so resource-wise, raising Traveler isn’t that bad. So it’s more a question of where do i assign both of them to battery more effectively, and probably Fischl will go with the more energy-hungry team.

        • It really varies, but you can put Fischl on the team that needs the DPS assist more. Electro Traveler’s Q does decent damage, but the main gimmick is the amulets so they would just be a 2nd thought in terms of damage.