Traveler (Geo) Quick TL;DR Support Build Guide


PSA #1: Supports are honestly the backbone of any team. DPS may look like they’re doing the hard work, but honestly supports put the team ON THEIR BACKS WITH THEIR ROCK SOLID FOUNDATION

PSA #2: Both Traveler’s (Geo) abilities scale off ATK. Welcome to “miss me wit that bs” simulator, because you will be LITERALLY interrupted, blocked, and denied your damage most of the time due to your own abilities

Don’t ask me, I don’t know why it’s called a “sword” when it’s just a giant bongo drum. You summon a giant bongo drum on top of your enemy’s heads and gives them concussions. Hold E to pick where you want to drop it

PSA #3: Enemies will be stuck on top of your E if you summon it directly on them. Highly recommend you hold E real quick just to adjust the location so you don’t waste your time trying to slap something out of your range (unless you climb it)

IMPORTANT TIP: It summons little crystals you can pick up if your E hits any element. It protects you from any incoming damage (more from the element the shield is), but it does eventually break/go away

More bongo drums

This effectively reduces E’s CD from 8s to 6s. Spam to your heart’s content

Traveler squats bro. They stomp the ground and releases HUGE AoE shockwaves that hurt the enemies around. Summons three walls in a triangle formation around you at end

This is a really good ability if you want to mass stun large groups. That’s pretty much all it’s good for since the walls you raise half the time block you from your enemies

Enemies can get hit multiple times from the same shockwave, as it pushes them back as it spreads out, so try to use burst when you’re close to or in the center of enemies

Just like with anemo, at the end of your normal attack combo you release an AoE geo slash

IMPORTANT TIP: DO NOT WASTE TIME TRYING TO DO A FULL NORMAL ATTACK COMBO. As a support, your job is to quickly proc/use your abilities then swap back to your DPS

Talent Leveling Order: E > Q > Normal

WEAPON #1 (Recommended for magnitude 8+ earthquakes): Festering Desire

How do I get it D: ? – Dragonspine Storyline

Has base Energy Recharge scaling and boy oh boy do those rocks SLAP

PSA #4: But 2Board, where’s the Weapon #2? There isn’t one. I’ve tried essentially every sword (except Skyward Blade) I have and they don’t feel as good as Festering Desire for Geo Traveler. The Flute was a nice contender, but honestly you want to swap out to your main DPS (so you can’t really utilize Flute stacks)

Favonius and Sacrificial are both great as well, but you can spam E so much that energy recharge isn’t an issue

Just swap to Traveler, use E and Q, slap someone really quickly, then swap back to main DPS

ARTIFACT #1 (Recommended for shaking the tectonic plates): Archaic Petra

How do I get it D: ? – Domain of Guyun Domain (AR 30 locked, 20 Resin per run)

Makes E and Q hurt + buffs your team

You’ll be generating A LOT of crystallize gems, so just make sure you pick up the correct element-infused ones so that your DPS can benefit properly from the 35% bonus

ARTIFACT #2 (Recommended for early pebbles): The Exile

How do I get it D: ? – Confront Stormterror Domain (60 Resin per run) or steal some chests

Helps with energy regeneration for you and your whole team

PSA #5: If you have zero problems with energy recharge, swap out for two +18% ATK artifacts early on

Main stats:


Substats: CRIT% > CRIT DMG > ATK > ER

If you want other characters let me know. Hope this helped. Bye.


I spend too much time filling out spreadsheets for incoherent data, but at least I can turn them into guides :P

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    • Good for Anemo, but I would argue it’s 4th/5th best for Geo Traveler. If it’s your best weapon for them, then use it though since it beats 4-stars in terms of damage

  1. The Festering Desire sword is event exclusive as far as I can tell, so what weapon do you recommend if we don’t have it? There is no way to get that sword anymore.

    • Amenoma Kageuchi or even HoD are good placeholders for support. If you don’t have those somehow, then you can also run Favonius just to help get that Q up faster.