Treatment on the Island World Quest Guide

Treatment on the Island is one of the world quests in Inazuma that holds pieces of the tragic tale of Higi Village. Located in Yashiori Island, From the ominous music, the bandits that roam the area and the rain that never seems to stop, everything about this abandoned village shows that something is not right. By finishing this quest, not only will you be able to piece together what happened to the people of the village but also uncover a hidden achievement.

To find out more about Higi Village, check out the following quests:

Activating the Quest

To activate the quest, teleport to the Statue of the Seven in Yashiori Island. From there, glide across the Musoujin Gorge and enter Higi Village. Over there, you’ll find a pharmacist named Yasumoto. Interacting with him will activate the quest.

Yasumoto will first advise you to leave the island as soon as possible since staying there for too long is dangerous. He will then tell you why the village was abandoned. After the serpent god, Orobashi no Mikoto, waged war against Baal, he was slain by her technique Musou no Hitotachi and now his remains are scattered throughout Yashiori Island. But the death of God has an after-effect on the people and Orobashi’s death turned his hatred into Tatarigami.

To contain the Tatarigami, the Shogunate placed several wards throughout Yashiori Island. However, these wards were broken by the Sangonomiya and thus the Tatarigami was released. It changed the weather over the island, causing it to rain all the time and it made the people very sick. Without a cure in sight, the village was abandoned.

Yasumoto is one of the people who stayed behind to find a cure and help the sick. At the end of the interaction, he will ask you to find 12 Naku Weed for him. Since this plant is infected by the Tatarigami, he hopes to find a cure using it.

Once you have the Naku Weed, head back to Higi Village and hand it over to Yasumoto.

Get Ready To Rumble

After you’ve given Yasumoto the Naku Weed, change the in-game time to 18:00 hrs. If you go see him between 18:00 – 21:00 hrs, the second part of the quest will begin.

The Tatarigami infected Naku Weed have attracted bandits and now, you have to save Yasumoto from them.

Once the enemy is defeated, talk to Yasumoto again. He’ll thank you for saving his life and then ask you to bring him Naku Weed if you ever manage to find more. With that, the quest will end.

You’ll receive 30 Primogems, 30,000 Mora, and 3 Hero’s Wit.

But Wait, There’s More

While it may seem like the quest has ended, the story itself is far from over. After all, there is a hidden achievement left to unlock.

Day 1

Return to Higi Village the next day (real-time), and go to the house that Yasumoto was standing before when you first met him. There, you’ll find a basket where you can leave 12 Naku Weed. Do so and then you can head out. That’s for the day.

Day 2

Go back to Higi Village the next day (real time) and you’ll find that Yasumoto left a reward for you overnight. There will be an Exquisite Chest sitting beside the bamboo basket. Collect it and then leave behind 12 Naku Weed. With that, you’re done.

Day 3

Once again, you’ll find an Exquisite Chest next to the bamboo basket. While Yasumoto himself isn’t around, he always remembers to reward you for your work. After collecting it, leave behind another set of 12 Naku Weeds.

Day 4

Unfortunately, when you come back for a reward on the 4th day, there will be no chest available. The Naku Weed you left behind the previous day will still be in the basket. This means that Yasumoto never came by to take them. Examine the basket and the game will suggest that you use elemental sight to go find him.

Now it’s time to find the clues that Yasumoto left behind.

Pharmacist’s Notes

As you go on a search for Yasumoto, you will find notes that he left behind. Unfortunately, during this quest, the elemental sight is a bit glitchy which makes it hard to find the clues. Instead of leading you in one direction, the elemental energy will make you go around in circles. To make it easier on yourself, just follow the directions below.

First Note

To start finding the notes, follow the elemental energy and head towards the gap in the Serpent’s spine. From there, don’t use elemental sight. Instead, head towards the ruins of Fort Fujito. As you make your way there, you’ll notice two Nobushi wandering about under a tree. The black miasma surrounding their bodies will signify that they are infected by the Tatarigami. You’ll now have to go and defeat them.

Once they are gone, you’ll find the first note lying on a rock under the tree.

Second Note

After collecting the first pharmacist note, keep going towards Fort Fujito. This time you have to go across it and towards the cliff. Below it, you’ll find more Nobushi. Like the ones before, they are infected by the Tatarigami as well. Glide down and defeat them.

When they are gone, you can collect the note lying under the tree.

Final Note

Once you’ve collected the two notes, go back to the place where you started from, i.e., the opening between the Serpent’s Spine. From there, go straight towards the Waypoint below. Near the Waypoint is a camp outside of which you’ll find a Kairigi.

As you start to fight him, Treasure Hoarders will appear. Defeat them all and then go to the other side of the camp. Over there, you’ll spot a few crates. The last note is on top of them.

The Final Reward

Once you’ve collected all the Pharmacist’s Note, open your map and teleport to the Waypoint south of Jakotsu Mine. When you arrive, you’ll find a Luxurious Chest sitting under a tree next to a basket of Naku Weeds. Yasumoto is nowhere to be found.

When you collect the chest, you’ll unlock the secret achievement A Doctor’s Odyssey.

Yasumoto’s Fate

After collecting all the Pharmacist’s Note, you can open your inventory to read through them to find out where Yasumoto went.

The first note seems to be an old one as it talks about the passing of the village doctor. After their passing, without a cure at hand, Yasumoto had no choice but to give people Lavender Melon Soup and pretend that was medicine. While he wanted to help, it didn’t seem like there was anything he could really do.

The second note shines a new light on the whereabouts of Chouji’s mother.

Chouji is a young boy who can be found near Jakotsu Mine. Speaking to him will activate the world quest Gazing Three Thousand Miles Away. In that story, you find out that both his parents are missing and while he expects that his father passed away during a mining accident, his mother is still alive.

With the second note we find out that she in fact had been infected by the Tatarigami but was asymptomatic. Because of this, to help her find a cure, Yasumoto suggested she go to Sumeru. She did, however, whether she survived the trip or not, is unknown.

The final note finally lets us know what happened to Yasumoto. After receiving enough Naku Weed, he decided to test out the medicine that he created.

As stated by Yasumoto in the beginning, those who are infected by the Tatarigami are attracted to it. This is why when he was given the Naku Weed in the beginning, infected bandits showed up.

Considering that each Pharmacist’s Note was found with infected bandits around it, there is a chance that after taking the medication Yasumoto fell to the Tatarigami. Whether he survived its effects or not, we’ll never know.

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