Tricolour File World Quest Guide

Tricolour File is a world quest located on a secret island in Enkanomiya. Follow this guide not just to find the quest but to solve it quickly.

Prerequisite Quests

Finding the quest

To find the quest, you first need to find the hidden island on Enkanomiya. Unfortunately though, as it isn’t located on the map, this won’t be an easy task. However, as long as you follow this guide, you should get there easily.

Firstly, teleport to the northern Waypoint in the Dainichi Mikoshi. From there, head north and glide down to a small island where you’ll see a Hilichurl Camp. To avoid fighting them, travel along the edge of the island until you reach a phase gate. Use that and you’ll be taken to the Vishap Research lab aka the hidden island.

The Tricolour File

At the Vishap Research Lab, you’ll find one Sinshade who will tell you that they will not hand over the research file, no matter what anyone says. They believe that experimental records are better off buried in Enkanomiya.

According to the Sinshade, Michiya, while the team at the Vishap Research lab conducted their experiments, they can’t decide what to do with them. Especially now that everyone is leaving Enkanomiya and going to the island above. While some team members believed that their research was helping their nation, others are sure that they have doomed everyone.

Apparently, the research team created three enhanced Bathysmal Vishaps that react to a certain amount of elemental energy. Once everyone leaves Enkanomiya, they will be set free and eventually, pass on their traits to their offsprings. Because of this, Michiya believes that the experimental records are better off buried. She even states that she’ll stay at the Research lab until it’s time to leave.

The Elemental Monuments

From there, the quest will begin. Search the research lab until you reach an area with three elemental monuments. There will be a Hydro monument, an Electro monument and a Cryo monument. Each of them will be placed in front of a barricade where the Bathysmal Vishaps are resting. Every time you use elemental energy to activate a monument, a Vishap will be released and the experimental record may be in their cage.

Thankfully, you don’t have to fight three different Vishaps. All you have to do is activate the Cryo monument. Once you do that, a cryo Vishap will be set free. Fight it off and then enter its cage. Inside, you’ll find the Bathsymal Vishap Experimental Record. With that, the quest will finish.


For finishing this quest, you’ll receive 30 Primogems, 20000 Mora and 2 Hero’s Wit.

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