Truly Mouthwatering! Quest Guide

The difficulty of this quest is hard because you need to find 7 different cores in Fontaine without any navigations. But the rewards are worth doing it.

The difficulty of this quest is hard because you need to find 7 different cores in Fontaine without any navigations. But the rewards are worth doing it.

Rewards: 2 Precious Chests (Primogem x40, Mora x33500, Hero’s Wit x4 & Mystic Enhancement Ore x4)

➥ Teleport to Talent Material Domain in West Slopes of Mont Automnequi and swim upwards towards the shore and you will hear someone scream for help (or his dialogue). That someone is buried under the sand, surrounded by crabs, with a roast chicken in front of him. Defeat the crabs around him and talk to him to start the quest.

➥ When being told to investigate the vicinity, you have 4 shining spots to check (you won’t miss the first 3 because it’s near Henri, but you might miss the last spot). The fourth ‘item’ you need to investigate is the two men in black south of Henri’s location.

➥ There are a series of questions you need to solve. And while you can read all of them, some might want to skip all of them. So here are the correct answer to proceed to the next task:

Interpret [Self-proclaimed “Beauty treatment”]
Interpret [Shout out so you can be heard]
Associate [Shout out so you can be heard] and [The walker duo]
Interpret [Fearful of the walker duo]
Interpret [Nearby shovel]
Associate [The fearful walking duo] and [Nearby shovel]
Submit Conclusion [Henri was buried here]

➥ After Henri is finally out of the sand, there will be another one investigation. Here are the correct steps:

Interpret [Roast Chicken]
Interpret [Barrel on the body]
Interpret [Buried safely]
Interpret [Truly mouthwatering!]
Associate [Buried safely] and [Truly mouthwatering!]
Interpret [“Lessons”]
Interpret [Broken machines]
Associate [“Lessons”] and [Broken Machines]
Submit Conclusion [Because he broke the machine]

All 7 Mysterious Cores for Truly Mouthwatering quest

➥ Now, you need to find 7 specific core from mechanisms all around Fontaine and give it to Henri. Unfortunately, the quest does NOT mark each location so you need to find them manually. All 7 locations and how to complete the puzzle can be seen below.

1st Core (Aboveground)

➥ Teleport to Statue of the Seven in Beryl Region and head northeast towards the Waverider Waypoint. The mechanism can be seen floating in the air like in the image above.

➥ How to get the core: The method for all cores is the same. First, take the Ousia Block near the mechanism and use your archer to aim at the mechanism that was floating (or you can walk on the waterplank and hit the mechanism when you’re near it). After that, enemies will spawn around the area and you need to defeat them.

➥ Once the enemies are gone, you need to then take the newly spawn Pneuma Block and hit the mechanism again. Again, a group of enemies will appear and you need to defeat them.

➥ For the last time, take the newly spawn Ousia Block and hit the mechanism. And finally, a treasure chest will appear with a specific core inside it. Remember that the method is the same for all other cores.

2nd Core (Aboveground)

➥ Teleport to Elynas south waypoint (not the one near the aquabus track, but the one near the waterfall) and head west. You can see the mechanism at the bottom of the waterfall.

3rd Core (Aboveground)

➥ Teleport to West Slopes of Mont Automnequi southwest waypoint and after arrival, look to your north and you will see the mechanism. The Ousia/Pneuma Blocks may be hindered by bushes so look carefully.

4th Core (Underwater)

➥ Teleport to Talent Material Domain and turn north and you will see the mechanism. The first Ousia Block is hidden so below is the correct location.

➥ The first Ousia Block is behind a breakable wall, and you can spot it using Elemental Sight. There is an Armored Crab near that location so absorb their ability to use their shockwave and destroy the rock. Remember that you can’t use combat ability underwater so you need to rely on the Armored Crab’s ability to defeat the enemies here.

➥ The second Pneuma Block is hidden behind Bullet Barnacles and yet again, you need to use Armored Crab’s ability to destroy it. There is no third block.
Important: Hold down the Armored Shield can allow it to absorb attacks and release energy bolts which are needed to destroy the Bullet Barnacles. In Razor language, create a shield on your character first, then hold the [E] button, and only release the button after taking the damage from the Bubble Barnacle to twice the energy bolts and destroy the barnacle.

5th Core (Underwater)

➥ Teleport to Salacia Plain waypoint (just beside the wording on the right) and swim west.

➥ You can see a Blubberbeast near the Echoing Conch. Activate the conch to see the hidden location (by the blue glowing spot) and you can dig in that area for a Pneuma Block.

➥ The second Ousia Block is also hidden under a ‘Dig’ location so you can activate the Echoing Conch again.

6th Core (Underwater)

➥ Teleport to Salacia Plain northeast waypoint and head west. This time, the Ousia and Pneuma Blocks are on top of huge leaves so it won’t be too hard for you to find.

7th Core (Underwater)

➥ Teleport to Thalatta Submarine Canyon southeast waypoint and head south.

➥ The first and second Blocks are inside the Fontemer Seaweed and you need to use Water Blades from the nearest Hunter’s Ray to destroy them. Remember that you must cut all the weak sections on this Seaweed at the same time, or they will regrow.

➥ After you get all 7 Mysterious Cores, head back to Henri’s house and give him all cores to complete the quest.


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