A Particularly Particular Author

Version 2.2 of Genshin Impact has finally arrived. After only catching a glimpse of Tsurumi Island during the live stream players will now have the opportunity to explore it. This means that there is new content to uncover and world quests to finish. A Particularly Particular Author is one such quest.

Getting started

To start the World Quest, teleport to Inazuma City and talk to Katherine at the Adventurers Guild. She will tell you that the guild has received a dangerous commission. Since you succeeded in Serai, she thinks that you might be able to solve this one as well. She will then tell you to talk to Sumida, the person who commissioned the guild.

Follow the navigation and interact with Sumida who will tell you that she is an aspiring author (After a series of very strange questions). She wants to take part in this year’s ‘The Novel is Amazing!’ contest. However, to do that she needs to finish her book. Which is why she needs your help. She needs you to retrieve a traditional instrument called the Maushiro. The problem is that the instrument was lost with the civilization of Tsurumi Island centuries ago. She will then hand you a letter to give to a man named Kama. He will help take you to Tsurumi Island.

Talk to Kama

Kama can be found on Ritou. Teleport to there and head down to the harbour. Standing on one of the docks, you’ll find the NPC. Give him the letter and he will take you to Tsurumi Island. Once at the island, he’ll tell you to go through the large gate because if you decide to wander, there’s a chance that you’ll get lost. He’ll then instruct you to come back to the shore once you’re done. From there, he’ll take you back to Inazuma.

Finding Ruu at Tsurumi Island

After following Kama’s instructions, you’ll find a small boy standing just a few steps away from you. That is Ruu. Interact with him and he’ll tell you about a festival that is going to take place on the island. Paimon being Paimon will be enticed and will want to attend the festival. But before that can happen, Ruu will inform you that certain things need to be done. Then he will ask you to follow him. 

Make an offering to the perch

Follow the navigation to arrive at the location that Ruu wanted to take you to. In front of a tree, you will find two NPCs named Makari and Ippe. Interact with them and they’ll tell you that a creature named the Great Thunderbird once sat on the tree, thus giving it importance. Because of this, the people of Tsurumi Island have been giving offerings to the tree every time the festival arrives. 

The process here is simple. Walkover to the perch and touch it. Once you do that, three purple feathers will appear. Follow the icon on the mini-map to collect them. After that is done, go back to the tree and make an offering to the perch. The tree will then begin to glow and the fog over this particular area of the island will lift. It might seem easy enough now, but as you go on with the quest, things will get tricky.

Once the offering has been made, talk to Ruu and ask him about the Maushiro. He will tell you that all the instruments will be collected for the ceremony at the ceremonial site.  

The Ceremonial site

Follow the navigation and arrive at the ceremonial site. Then talk to the person who seems to be in charge of the ceremony. Unfortunately, as you try to speak to him, he won’t notice you as he’s too worried about the other perches. This means one thing. It’s time to head out and find the three other trees so the ceremony can take place.

Keep in mind though that the fog in the area you’re supposed to go to is very thick. This is why finding the perch can be difficult. So just follow the map and it should make things easier for you.

Perch Locations

Chirai Shrine

The first location is at Chirai Shrine. Go right to the edge of the island and you’ll find the perch there. Once you arrive, you’ll notice Ruu is there. With him is another person named Ku. It seems the two of them had arrived to clean the perch but Ku got injured. That’s why the responsibility falls on you. 

As before touch the perch and the three purple feathers will appear. Follow the location on the mini-map and touch them. This time won’t be as easy as the last because when you interact with the feathers, enemies might appear. From Hilichurls to Rift Hounds, you will be fighting so make sure your DPS is ready to go.

Finally, one of the feathers is going to be a little reluctant about returning to the tree. As you try to touch it, the feather will fly around the whole map. So you need to keep following it.

After all the feathers have been collected, touch the perch and the tree will begin to glow. The fog over the shrine will be lifted. You can move on.

Shirikoro Peak

The next perch is at Shirikoro Peak. To find it, follow the white lights which will lead you to a gate. You’ll find the tree on the other side, surrounded by water. Ruu will be there as well. Interact with him once and then, start cleaning the perch.

As always, the first thing that you have to do is touch the perch to make the feathers appear. Once that is done, instead of following the feathers, you need to complete a puzzle first. It’s not very complicated. There are three Seelies in the area. Interact with them and follow them back to their statues. When all three of them are in their place an Exquisite chest will appear. Then a cut scene will begin and the water around the tree will begin to drain. Now, glide down and you’ll find the three feathers.

Much like before, two of the feathers will start moving and they will lead you into an underground domain. To collect the feathers. You’ll have to complete a series of puzzles.

The first puzzle

As you enter the domain, you’ll have to fight enemies. First, two rift hounds will appear and after that, two Ruin Sentinels. Defeat them and continue your search for the feathers. As you find them, the feathers will go through a giant door. To unlock it, you’ll have to complete a relay stone puzzle. Follow the image below to solve it.

Once the puzzle is solved, an exquisite chest will appear and you can use the mechanism to open the door. Be prepared though because as soon as the door opens, you’ll be attacked by a Ruin Guard. Defeat him and you should be able to collect the second feather.

This leaves one.

Second puzzle

Deeper inside the domain, you’ll find another area full of water. There are two things you have to do here. First, interact with the three Seelies in the room. Follow them back to their statues and once that happens, a mechanism will be unlocked. Use the mechanism to drain the water and unlock the entire relay stone puzzle.

The relay stone puzzle has two parts, one at the top near the gate and one at the bottom, covered by water. In the beginning, it may seem like there are only two relay stones available. However, if you glide down. You’ll find another stone near a locked door. Use the three stones to complete the puzzle as shown in the pictures below.

First part
Second part
Third part

Make sure to follow the above sequence or the puzzle will reset. With that done, the door will open. Collect the last feather and go back to the tree. Make an offering and you’re done.

Autake Plains

The final area is a bit tricky. Over here the Fog is thicker than before. To get through it, you need to light up the Electro lamps in the area. For that, you need an electric character like Sara or Fishcl. Even if you want to, you can’t run through the fog and hope for the best. If you stay in the area without a lamp for too long, you will be teleported back outside.

So light the lamps and find the tree. Once you’ve done that, follow the same steps as before and start looking for the feathers. Once again, some of them will run, so you will have to chase after them. But thankfully there aren’t any puzzles to solve here. Though, you will have to fight an adult Rift hound. Make sure you have someone on your team who can constantly heal your characters like Barbara or Qiqi. Otherwise, the corrosion effect will make things difficult.

Time to collect your reward

Now that all the trees have been cleaned, talk to Ruu. He’ll tell you that you can find the Maushiro at the ceremonial site. Go back to the ceremonial site and you’ll find that everyone is gone. But not to worry, in the centre, you’ll find something glowing. Pick it up and you’ll find the instrument we were looking for. Since you can’t find anyone else around, it’s time to go back to Inazuma City.

Head to the shore and talk to Kama. At first, he’ll seem a bit hesitant about taking you back because he’s unsure that you actually completed the commission. But, in the end, he’ll do as told. Though don’t ask him too many questions about Samida because he won’t answer. Just get on the boat and head back to Ritou. From their teleport to Inazuma City and talk to Samida.

The tale of the magical Maushiro

Once you return to Inazuma city, Samida will ask to see the Maushiro. However, no matter how much you search for it in your bag, you won’t find it. The instrument is gone. But Samida will not be surprised by this revelation. It seems that every single person she has commissioned till now to find the instrument has come back empty-handed. For a while, she believed that they were incompetent, and were trying to make excuses for their failure. But it seems that while you can find the instrument, you can never bring it back with you.

Thankfully though, even though you didn’t get the Maushiro, Samida will pay you in full for your troubles.

You will receive 50 Primogems, 50,000 Mora, 4 Enhancement Ores and 5 Hero’s Wit.


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