Octave of The Maushiro World Quest Guide

Octave of the Maushiro is the sequel to the world quest A Particularly Particular Author. With this quest, players will be able to uncover more details about Tsurumi Island and the perpetual fog that surrounds it.

Activating the Quest

To start the quest, teleport to Inazuma City and find Sumida. As you near the area where you last saw her, a cutscene will begin. Sumida will appear with the detectives, Sango and Ryuji, along with Roald from the Adventurer’s guild. Apparently, they were the people Sumida commissioned in the past to retrieve the Maushiro.

As the four begin to talk, they reveal that while they had gotten the Maushiro, once they returned to Inazuma, the instrument disappeared. Now, their memory of what happened on the island is foggy, implying that something is wrong.

After this, you’ll be able to take on the quest to return to Tsurumi Island and find the Maushiro.

Finding Ruu

This time, instead of looking for Kama in Ritou, you can directly teleport to Tsurumi Island. But, when you open the map, you’ll notice that the entire island is covered in fog.

All the waypoints are unavailable except for the Statue of the Seven. Use that and arrive at Tsurumi Island. To begin your search, follow Kama’s instructions from the previous quest. Pass through the stone gates. As you do that, the map will open on its own and the fog over Tsurumi will disappear.

On the other side of the gate, you’ll find Ruu standing near a Hilichurl camp. Interact with him to move the quest forward. After you disappeared from the island without a word, he was worried that you had gotten lost in the fog. Ruu then mentions that this has happened to travellers who came to Tsurumi before you.

Ask him about the Maushiro and he’ll tell you that he can still feel its energy on you. You’ll then come to know that the original Maushiro were feathers from the Thunderbird. While man-made Maushiro exists, they don’t have the authentic sound of the feathers

It’s then that a purple feather will appear before you. Ruu will teach you how to use it.

Open your inventory and then equip the feather. Once you’ve done that, Ruu will take you to a statue of the Thunderbird. In front of it, use the feather and an illusion of Kama will appear. He’ll be burying something in the ground. It’s then that you’ll come to learn that Kama used to be a resident of the island who ended up leaving one day. Ruu will then tell you that the ceremony for the Thunderbird is taking place today. But before it can happen, certain tasks need to be finished. He then tells you to head to the ceremonial site before leaving.

Once he’s gone, dig up what Kama buried. You’ll find a Maushiro there.

Spying on people at the ceremonial site

Go to the ceremonial site as Ruu instructed. Over there, you’ll find a bunch of people divided into three groups. Listen in on the conversations of each group to proceed with the quest. While Paimon will try to talk to the other residents, it won’t work. They simply ignore her.

While most of the conversation isn’t that interesting, the one between Mata and Chise is. The two of them are discussing the ceremony and how Ruu is very important for it. He’s the first child to be favoured by the Thunderbird. This is why it’s important that he be there for the ceremony. Mata points out three locations on the map and sends Chise off to find Ruu. While he doesn’t say a thing to you, Paimon takes it upon herself to find the boy.

The closest location is Wakukua Shoal so that’s where the game will take you first.

Wakukua Shoal

Follow the navigation to Wakukua Shoal but when you arrive, there is no sign of Ruu. Instead, you’ll find a Thunderbird statue. Use the feather in front of it and an illusion of Ippe, a man you met during the previous quest, will appear. He seems to be talking about stone glyphs to someone who isn’t there.

Once the illusion disappears, go over to the Thunderbird statue by the water, near a set of stones with signs inscribed into them. Use the feather and a Seelie will appear. Follow the Seelie across the map but make sure your main team is active. The Seelie will end up visiting enemy camps so you’ll be under attack. In this area, you’ll have to fight off Rift Hounds as well as Hilichurls.

Finally, the Seelie will settle in front of a Thunderbird statue. Use the feather and the signs on the stone will appear on the wall behind the statue. You have to follow this pattern to solve the puzzle.

Head back to the stones. Now, here’s what you have to do. A normal attack is enough to light up a stone. So, keep the pattern of symbols on the wall in mind and then attack the stones. If you light them up in the given pattern, the puzzle will be solved.

A new illusion with Ippe will begin. He continues talking to the invisible person and mentions that he’s heard them sing in secret. Paimon concludes that he’s talking to Ruu.

Now, it’s time to move on to the next location.

Oina Beach

When you arrive at Oina beach, much like before Ruu is not there. The navigation will instead lead you to a Thunderbird statue as well as another stone puzzle. Use the feather and an illusion will begin. This time a girl name Sayo and Kama will appear.

It seems that Sayo wanted to move around the stones from the puzzle while Kama disagreed. It’s here that they reveal that Ruu is the son of a priest. It seems that the people of the island think that any civilization beyond the fog is just a myth. However, Sayo is convinced that there is something else on the outside. She hopes that when Ruu grows up and becomes a priest, he’ll lead the citizens of the island to the world on the other side of the fog.

Now, it’s time to solve the puzzle. This is relatively easy. All you have to do is move the stones so they match the symbol on the ground. Just like the picture below.

Once you solve the puzzle, the illusion will begin again. This time Sayo will ask Ruu if he wants to go with her and see the outside world. Then, she mentions something crucial. To finish the ceremony, someone is offered to the Thunderbird.

It’s time to go to the final location.

Autake Plains

For this part, you’ll need a ranged Electro character on your team. Since the fog is thickest in Autake Plains, you need to light up the electro lamps to stay there. Recommended characters are Fischl or Sara.

Now, follow the navigation until you reach a Thunderbird statue and use the feather. Ruu’s illusion will appear but he’ll go deeper into the plains as he’s looking for a secluded place to sing. Follow after him and you’ll find another statue. This is the final puzzle for the quest.

As you use the feather on this statue, three Seelies will appear. Interact with them and then follow after them. Each of them will lead you to an Autake Slate. Collect it and place them back at the statue. Once that’s done, the Seelie’s will merge with the wall behind the statue and reveal a pattern. Use the pattern to light up the symbols, like in the first puzzle.

The illusion will begin again and someone will compliment Ruu’s singing.

The mystery of Tsurumi Island

Go back to the ceremonial site but everyone is gone. There’s no sign of the Grandpa Mata or Ruu. After you and Paimon are done recalling exactly what happened on the island, you can go back to Inazuma City.

Once there, find Sumida. This time you’ll have the Maushiro you dug out. Hand it over to her and listen to Sumida say strange things once again. Then, in the end, she’ll tell you that she still wants to know more about Tsurumi Island so this quest series is far from over.

For finishing the quest, you’ll get 50 Primogems, 50,000 Mora, 4 Enhancement Ores and 5 Hero’s Wit.


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  1. Thank you for this guide. I ended up getting at the first puzzle not noticing the symbols on the wall. So this really helped

    • Glad the guide helped! I accidentally stumbled upon the stone puzzle (there’s a similar one near by) so I thankfully figured out what needed to be done haha

  2. Hiiii….Am reeeeeally excited for This new actualizacion the 3.3 is going to give me a change to have, I really hope so, Shogun Raiden *kyaaaaa* HoyoLAB thanks for This…I can’t wait (⁠。⁠・⁠/⁠/⁠ε⁠/⁠/⁠・⁠。⁠)