Tsurumi Island Stone Slate Location and Puzzle Guide

After traveller’s finish the world quest series Through the Storm, they can find many hidden quests and puzzles on Tsurumi Island. The Stone Slates are part of one such puzzle. Finish the quest A Particularly Particular Author and then dwell deep into the underground domain which can be accessed by Shirikoro Peak. Right at the end of the domain, you’ll find a room with seven statues. In these statues, you need to insert seven Stone Slates. Follow this guide to know exactly where to find them all.

Locations of all stone slates

The following map has all the locations of the stone slates marked. To find obtain slate, you need to finish a puzzle.

Wakukau Shoal

The first puzzle can be found near Wakukua Shoal. Use the waypoint at Moshiro Ceremonial Site and then go south until you reach a Hilichurl camp. Fight them off and then move to the edge of the cliff. There, you’ll find a statue of the Thunderbird along with stones with the Ishine Script inscribed on them. Use the feather of the Thunderbird to activate the statue.

For this puzzle, you have to light up the stones in a particular order. Similar to what you did during the quest Octave of the Maushiro. To start, you first need to find the pattern. You can either follow an Electro Seelie down to the location or you can simply glide down from the cliff’s edge. Go down until you reach a hollow in the cliff’s structure. There you’ll find a Thunderbird statue. Activate it and the pattern will appear. Then, you can use an electrogranum to go back to the puzzle.

To light up the stones, you don’t need an elemental attack. Even a normal attack will do the trick. Just follow the pattern below and you’ll receive the first Stone Tablet.

Moushiro Ceremonial Site

To find the next tablet, teleport back to Moushiro Ceremonial Site. From there, head north until you see a series of Thunderbird statues all in the same area. This puzzle is similar to the first one and you have to find a pattern to solve it.

To find the pattern, go right to the edge in the opposite direction of the puzzle. From there, start activating the statues of the Thunderbird. As you do that, next to each statue, a symbol from the Inshine script will appear.

Follow this pattern to solve the puzzle and get the second Stone Tablet.

Chirai Shrine

Teleport to Chirai Shrine. There, near the waypoint, you’ll find a statue of the Thunderbird along with some stones. Same puzzles as the ones before. However, finding the pattern is a bit different this time around.

Near the puzzle itself, on a platform, you’ll find another statue of the Thunderbird. The chances are that before you can activate it, the Ruin Sentinels in the shrine area will notice you. Fight them off and then activate the statue. When you do that, a mechanism will appear next to it. Start the mechanism and look at the ground in front of the statue. You’ll notice that symbols are appearing on it one by one. Remember the order they appeared in and solve the puzzle.

The good thing here is that you can activate the mechanism to see the pattern as many times as you want.

Mt Kanna

Inside Mt Kanna, you’ll find the next Stone Tablet. Instead of activating the statue in front of the tree, go behind it. Over there, you’ll find the puzzle, however, it’ll be incomplete. Use the feather to activate the statue and when you do, three Seelies will appear. Follow the Seelies and they will lead you to the scattered pieces of the puzzle. Once that is done, they’ll also reveal the pattern you need to follow to solve it.

Near Autake Plains

While the next location technically comes under Wakukua Shoal, it is easier to reach from Autake Plains. Just teleport nearby and head down to one of the smaller isles. Over there, you’ll find a puzzle waiting. This one is different from the rest since you need to move the stone slates to their original location based on the Ishine script marked on the ground.

Activate the statue and you can get started.

Shirikoro Peak

You can find two slates in Shirikoro Peak after solving two puzzles. The first one is outside and is similar to the one above. You need to move the stones to their point of origin. However, before you can start, there are two Ruin Sentinels resting near the puzzle so you’ll have to fight them first.

Once you’ve solved this puzzle and retrieved the Stone Slate, head to the area where the ancient perch used to be. Glide down right to the bottom and you’ll notice that there are many statues around. With one of the statues, you’ll find the puzzle.

To find the pattern, start from the Thunderbird statue right next to the puzzle, the one that has a tablet with it. The tablet will instruct you to follow the will of the Thunderbird. From there, go around the domain, lighting up statues. As you do that, you’ll find parts of the pattern with each statue.

Light the stones according to the pattern, starting from the statue with the tablet and the puzzle will be solved.

Final steps

After you have all the Stone Slates, head down into the domain and to the room at the end. When you get there, place each tablet in the seven statues. As you do that, a symbol from the Inshine Script will appear. Once all the symbols are present, two Luxurious chests will appear.

You will also unlock the achievement Seven Letters.

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