Uncle He’s Location: The Missing Miner Quest Guide

The Missing Miner is a world quest available in the Chasm region of Genshin Impact. To trigger this quest, travelers must first find the quest-exclusive NPC, Uncle He.

When Travelers first arrive in the Chasm, Jinwu will tell them about Uncle He, an old miner who was trapped in the Chasm after the entrance was sealed. While a lot of time has passed since then, she believes that Uncle He is still alive. No one knows the Chasm better than him and he also has all the skills needed to survive. Due to this, she will ask you to look around and find any clues which might indicate where he went.

Unfortunately, as you visit the areas marked on the map, all you will find are notes left behind by Uncle He. While they may indicate that he is no longer around, that isn’t entirely true.

Uncle He’s Location

While the previous quest itself doesn’t indicate Uncle He’s location, he can be found if you follow the instructions given below.

To start the search, teleport to the southern Waypoint in the Chasm: Main Mining Area. From there, head towards the Underground Waterway.

You basically need to go to the waterfall with the Hydro Mimic. Uncle He is hiding out in this area. Go to the tree near the waterfall. Since it is hollow on the inside, you should be able to climb in and find a small camp site. On the table, you’ll find a Miner’s journal. Interact with it and read what’s written. Once you do that, Uncle He will appear in front of you.

Uncle He’s Condition

As you try to communicate with the old man, you’ll notice that he isn’t okay. He keeps mumbling about mushroom meat and his eyes are completely bloodshot. When you try to persuade him to come to the exploration team’s camp with you, he’ll refuse.

He’ll only go once he has more mushroom meat.

Now, follow him out of the camp site and head to the location marked on the map to pick up some mushrooms. As you do that, you’ll be attacked by a group of Floating Fungi. As adorable as they are, these new enemies are more or less harmless and very easily defeated. Once they are out of your way, you can finally take Uncle He to Jinwu.

Thankfully, after a check-up by Khedive, it’ll be clear that Uncle He can recover from his strange condition given rest and medication.

With that, the quest will end.

Uncle He’s Farewell

After the next reset, Uncle He will no longer be at the campsite. In order to find him, teleport to the State of the Seven in the Cinnabar Cliff. From there, climb to the highest point.

You’ll find Uncle He with another NPC named Tang Wuchou. Interact with him and after that, he’ll disappear again.


For finishing this quest, travelers will receive 30 Primogems, 30,000 Mora and 3 Hero’s Wit.

After reading Uncle He’s journal, they’ll unlock the achievement Not For the Long-Term Consumption.

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