Valley of Remembrance Domain Guide

Why spend resin on this domain?

Greetings Travelers! The Valley of Remembrance is arguably the most important Artifact domain in the game. While optimized artifacts are key for high damage, none has quite as large an effect as the coveted Viridescent Venerer set. It’s 4 Piece bonus increases the damage for your team massively once Swirl takes effect with makes it irreplaceable on any Anemo character – and even Xiao want’s a two piece. The secondary artifact is also a staple on any dedicated healer for most of the game so it’s often a good pickup. This is the domain I’ve farmed the most by far, so I’ve got a way to clear it in under 30 seconds a time – read on to find out!

Prepare to spend approximately the rest of your life farming for these.

What bonuses/penalties are there in this Domain?

As well as being such an important domain, it’s also one of the simpest.

That’s it.

There’s nothing fancy – just defeat five enemies and the rewards are yours. If you have anyone who specializes in physical damage like Razor they will do especially well, but it’s far from required.

Which characters should I take?

For this domain you must defeat five fairly standard enemies. None have any particular strengths or weaknesses you need to pay particular attention to other than the Electro Cicin Mage, who resists Electro damage and if she stay’s alive long enough you’ll need to run away – so clearly we want to avoid that. 3/4 of your party members can be focused around dealing damage. Your last member should be either Venti if you have them to make this much easier, and Sucrose if not. Bennett is a great addition to the party as enemies don’t need to move around much, which makes great use of his elemental burst. My personal team is Keqing, Xingqiu, Bennett and Venti every time.

Keqing is about to kill them all.

What strategy should I use?

With Venti, this domain becomes a literal breeze (Hehe.) Before initiating the start, place Bennett’s Elemental Burst directly in front of the key, then quickly run back and press it to start. Use Venti’s Ultimate straight ahead which should leave every enemy under your Bennett buff letting your chosen damage dealers get an easy kill on the regular enemies before Venti’s burst even ends. Afterwards the Assassin and Cicin Mage will still be standing, but you just need to mop up their remaining HP for a kill. The same strategy works with Sucrose, but her elemental burst doesn’t last for quite as long, so you might need to do some additional cleanup. The main point is that you want to group up your enemies as quickly as possible and do massive AOE damage for a quick domain! Here’s a video example of both below.

When should I start farming this domain?

As with all the artifact dungeons, you want to hold off until AR45. This guarentees you a rank 5 artifact every single time, so it’s the best use of your time and resin by far. Focus on levelling up characters, getting ascension materials, and in particular gathering talent books. Then once you hit AR45, prepare to make this place your new home!

And that’s it – enjoy the farm for your new artifacts! May the Anemo Archon bless you with the luck you need for those coveted rare pieces! (It took me 100 runs of this Domain to get the critical damage headpiece, so…)


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