Valor’s Afterglow: The Faint Light Remembered

Valor’s Afterglow: The Faint Light Remembered is the final quest in the series Valor’s Afterglow. With the end of this series, we tie up the main world quest revolving around the Chasm.

At the beginning of Valor’s Afterglow, Zhiqiong had a risky encounter with the dark mud. Due to this, when we saw her last, she was shaken as she spoke of heavenly envoys and the dark tower. If you are an avid lore follower, you’ll know these words have something to do with Khaenri’ah.

In this guide, we’ll be covering the after-effects of the dark mud on Zhiqiong as well as the location of her letter.

Prerequisite Quests

Jinwu’s Worries

To start the quest, teleport to the Waypoint near the exploration team’s camp and approach Jinwu.

Shaken and upset, she’ll inform you that Zhiqiong has left the exploration team which seems out of character for her. At the beginning of the Chasm Spelunkers world quest, she was excited to be part of the team. She even hoped that it would be acknowledged by the Qixing and would be given an official title.

According to Jinwu, before Zhiqiong left, her condition wasn’t good but she couldn’t convince her to stay. Now, she needs you to talk to Muning and inform him of her decision.

Muning’s Decision

After talking to Jinwu, teleport to Muning’s camp near the Glaze Peaks and interact with him.

When you do, he’ll inform you that the Ministry has accepted Zhiqiong as an official guide and consultant for the Chasm. This was something she wanted from the very beginning. However, the mood is dampened when Muning finds out that Zhiqiong has left the team. While he can’t understand the reasoning behind her decision, he decides to arrange a search party for her.

He will then advise you to leave the job of searching for her to Millelith.

Zhiqiong’s Letter

While the quest itself ends with Muning’s decision, travelers can head back into the Chasm and search for Zhiqiong.

Teleport to the area with the Skyfrost Nail and keep close to the entrance as you search. Soon enough, you’ll come across an abandoned camp. Look around it and you’ll find a letter. This is Zhiqiong’s final message but she herself is nowhere to be found. You’ll also find a Frostglaze Crystal in the camp.

After obtaining the letter, head back to the exploration team’s camp and talk to Jinwu. Let her know about the content of the letter.


For finishing Valor’s Afterglow: The Faint Light Remembered you’ll receive 20 Primogems and 10,000 Mora.

After you find Zhiqiong’s final letter, you’ll unlock the achievement Valor’s Afterglow. A new viewpoint named Court of Pillars will also appear.

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