“Verdict of Blades” Event Detail

Verdict of Blades - Havoc in a hidden mirage

Event Duration

2023/09/04 10:00:00 – 2023/09/18 03:59:59

Event Rewards


Adventure Rank 18 or above
And complete the Archon Quest “Song of the Dragon and Freedom”

Event Details

● Once the event has started, a new challenge will be unlocked each day. Each of these will have a “Surge” and “Steadfast” mode.
● Surge Mode features three difficulty levels: Perilous, Quandary, and Desperate. Completing it at a higher difficulty will automatically complete the lower difficulties.
● Steadfast Mode only unlocks after completing Desperate difficulty in Surge Mode.
● Each challenge has two completion criteria, and both of them must be completed for the challenge to be considered a success.
● Each challenge features unique Blade Mirage Mechanics that have their own special effects. Take note of them and use them to your advantage during the challenges.

※ Changing your World Level will not affect the difficulty of said event challenges.


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