Verdict of Blades Event Guide

In a hidden mirage in Fontaine, opponents whose origins are shrouded in mystery are raring for a fight… Defeat legions of formidable enemies and advance towards the crown of "Teyvat's Strongest"!

In a hidden mirage in Fontaine, opponents whose origins are shrouded in mystery are raring for a fight… Defeat legions of formidable enemies and advance towards the crown of “Teyvat’s Strongest”!

Gameplay Overview

Event Gameplay Duration:
➥ September 4, 2023, 10:00:00 – September 18, 2023, 03:59:59 (Server Time)

➥ Adventure Rank 18 or above
➥ Complete the Archon Quest “Song of the Dragon and Freedom”

Event Overview:
➥ Once the event has started, a new challenge will be unlocked each day. Each of these will have a “Surge” and “Steadfast” mode. Changing your World Level will not affect the difficulty of said event challenges.
1. Surge Mode features three difficulty levels: Perilous, Quandary, and Desperate. Completing it at a higher difficulty will automatically complete the lower difficulties.
2. Steadfast Mode only unlocks after completing Desperate difficulty in Surge Mode.
➥ Each challenge has two completion criteria, and both of them must be completed for the challenge to be considered a success.
➥ Each challenge features unique Blade Mirage Mechanics that have their own special effects. Take note of them and use them to your advantage during the challenges.

Challenge Guides

1) Resolute Mettle

Blade Mirage: When a character loses HP, that character gains a 60% increased All Elemental and Physical DMG Bonus for 6s. Ousia Blocks will be present during the challenge.
Completion Criteria:
1. Complete the challenge within 150s
2. Defeat 14 opponent(s)
Characters that reduce their own HP when using Skill/Burst (Hu Tao, Xiao, etc.), or a general team that loses HP over time (Bloom team) can benefit a lot from this Blade Mirage. But a reminder that you need to bring along a healer because the ‘last bosses’ here can inflict Overload, blasting you off and dealing huge damage.

Team Recommendation

➥ While the buff is huge, I prefer to use Freeze Team in this challenge because as I mentioned before, the last bosses here like to use Overload and knockback your character (unless you have a shield). With the Freeze team, you can freeze them and avoid being attacked at all.
➥ Other recommendations:
1. Hu Tao + Xingqiu + Kazuha + Zhongli
2. Nilou + Nahida + Barbara + Baizhu

Battle Description

➥ In this challenge, Ousia Blocks will be present during the challenge (Since all Meka are Pneuma-types here). The mob Meka can be paralyzed with one attack of Arkhe, but the Specialist one (in wave 3 and 4), need to be attacked with 2 attacks of Arkhe before they can be paralyzed. Unless you bring a team with Lynette -the only Ousia character currently- it’s quite a waste of time to paralyze the Meka.

➥ There are 4 waves in this stage, and the first two waves are just mobs. In the 1st wave, The Recon Log Mek (dog) can deal Electro DMG while the Enhancer will enter support mode and increase the Recon Log ATK by 20% And then there’s Hydro Potioneer. You can focus on the Enhancer first to avoid Recon Log from dealing high damage, but it will be even better if you bring along an Anemo CC to gather all of them in one spot. The 2nd wave is similar but with no Enhancer so you can focus on whoever you want.

➥ In the 3rd wave, there is Electro and Dendro Meka, with Hydro Potioneer on the side. Focus on the Hydro Potioneer > Suppression Specialist > Annihilation Specialist. This is because the Potioneer has the lowest HP and you can avoid them triggering Bloom/Hyperbloom. While the Suppression is super slow at walking and it’ll be a hassle to wait after it, so you go after it instead.
➥ You can use the Ousia orb on the arena, but remember that these Specialist Mek need to take 2 Arkhe attacks so you can paralyze them (unlike normal Mek that only need 1 Arkhe attack).

➥ The last wave spawns 3 Specialist Meka (Pyro + Electro + Dendro). The Overload reaction here is the dangerous one because it can knock back your character. If you didn’t bring Anemo CC or Freeze team, focus on the Annihilation Specialist (Electro one) first because that’s the most dangerous element here in my opinion.

Video Walkthrough

2) Inexorable Spread

Blade Mirage: When characters trigger Quicken, Aggravate, Spread, Burning, and Bloom reactions against opponents, or deal DMG to opponents through Dendro Cores (including Burgeon and Hyperbloom), the opponents’ DEF will be decreased by 75% for 8 seconds.
Completion Criteria:
1. Complete the challenge within 150s
2. Defeat 11 opponent(s)
➥ Now these are the buffs we’re waiting for! A 75% DEF decrease is no joke and we can take full advantage of that by bringing any Dendro-related team that can trigger the reactions mentioned in the Blade Mirage.

Team Recommendation

➥ Choose any Dendro-related team that you had built and it should be okay. There’s no need for Anemo CC because all enemies are spawned near each other and most of them can’t even be vacuumed in the Anemo Vortex.
➥ Other recommendations:
1. Nilou + Nahida + Barbara + Collei
2. Raiden Shogun + Nahida + Xingqiu + Zhongli

Battle Description

➥ During the challenge, Hydrograna will be present and constantly re-spawn. If you collect 3 of them, it will turn into Hydro Core that will act like Barbara’s skill (deal Hydro AoE to surrounding enemies, but not healing though). The same can happen if you collect one of them, but your character is affected by Hydro (by Xingqiu or Barbara’s skill), making the Hydrograna still turn into Hydro Core. Collecting all 3 of them is a waste of time, but getting only 1 while your character is affected with Hydro and still changing it to Hydro Core is quite beneficial as you can trigger more Bloom that way.

➥ In the first wave, there are 2 Destroyers and 1 Scout. The Destroyers can deal Physical AoE DMG while staying away from you so they’re the ones you need to focus on first. In addition, they only have a 50/50 chance whether they will chase after you or just stay in their position while the floating Scout will surely chase after you.

➥ In the second wave, it’s 2 Cruisers and 1 Ruin Guard. Once again, focus on the 2 mobs first but make sure you face them with their back on other enemies. This is because if you get too close to a Cruiser, it will push itself back to create some distance from you. If you position yourself with a Cruiser’s back against other enemies, you can gather them all in one spot.

➥ In the third wave, there is 1 Ruin Grader, 1 Destroyer, and 1 Scout. Since Ruin Grader will chase after you, I recommend going to either Destroyer or Scout and let Ruin Grader chase after you. Once 2 enemies are in one place (or all 3 of them if you’re lucky), spam as much damage as you can.

➥ In the last wave, an Earthguard and Skywatch will be your last opponents. Although the Skywatch is hovering, your melee attacks should be able to still hit it. Focus on attacking Skywatch and let Earthguard come to your location. Then, you can get both of them at the same spot before unleashing all your Elemental Bursts to deal damage to both of them.

Video Walkthrough

3) Engulfing Torrents

Blade Mirage: When characters trigger Electro-Charged and Vaporize reactions against opponents, increase the Electro-Charged DMG and the Vaporize DMG by 50% and 50% respectively. When characters trigger Frozen reactions against opponents, increase characters’ ATK by 50% for 6 seconds.
Completion Criteria:
1. Complete the challenge within 150s
2. Defeat 15 opponent(s)
➥ In my opinion, Electro-Charged and Vaporize are far more convenient than the ATK bonus on Frozen. This is because the former is a permanent buff throughout the whole battle while the bonus ATK from Frozen is for 6 seconds only and you need to consistently Freeze enemies. Yes, all enemies here are affected by Hydro 100% of the time, but Tainted Water Phantasm has a state that won’t allow you to Freeze them, making it hard to stack the ATK bonus from the Blade Mirage.

Team Recommendation

➥ The best team is Raiden National with Kazuha replacing Xingqiu. Hydro isn’t needed at all in this stage so don’t even try bringing any. In addition, in each wave, all the enemies spawn quite far from each other and it can be quite a while before they chase after you so it will be faster if you gather them using Anemo CC, thus the addition of Kazuha. I recommend you fill their Energy to the brim before starting the challenge so you can spam Bursts right after starting it.

Battle Description

➥ In the first wave, there are 5 Slimes lining up in one row. Although they chase after you, the small ones are very slow so you should just use Raiden’s Skill to start Electro-Charging them and then Kazuha’s Skill to Swirl and gather them. This wave shouldn’t be a problem for you because it’s still easy.

➥ In the second wave, there will be 2 Hydro Phantasm and 2 Hydro Slimes. Two things you need to know about the Phantasms are: (1) they won’t move unless they’re in a rage mode where they change form to a bulkier size and (2) they can be Frozen but only outside of rage mode. Once they’re in rage mode, you can still gather them using CC, but they can’t be Freeze anymore, which is why I don’t recommend using Freeze Team. In this wave, use Anemo CC to gather all 4 enemies and start dealing damage.

➥ In both the third and fourth waves, the 3 Hydro Phantasms will form a triangle quite far from each other. Once again, gather them at one spot first before you waste all your Bursts on them. Don’t forget to watch out for your HP because since all 3 of the Phantasms will attack you, your characters will take a lot of damage if you don’t avoid them / heal / or use a shield. Bennett and I-Frame should be enough to make the battle survivable, but you can equip the NRE gadget to quickly heal or revive your characters.

Video Walkthrough

4) Horns Blaring, Drums Rolling

Blade Mirage: Increase characters’ Energy Recharge and Elemental Burst DMG by 60% and 50% respectively.
Completion Criteria:
Complete the challenge within 150s
Defeat 15 opponent(s)

Team Recommendation

➥ If we’re talking about Energy Recharge and Elemental Burst, National Raiden Shogun always comes to mind first. In fact, they are good in this stage because of the 50% Burst DMG. However, all enemies in this stage are very light so if you use Overload, they will easily knocked back and destroy the CC, making it harder for you as you need to chase after them. Thus, Anemo CC is recommended if you want to use the Raiden National team.
➥ There are many other teams that are suitable for this stage because the Blade Mirage is pretty universal, so you can bring any team you’re comfortable with. Other recommendations:
1. Freeze Team (Ayaka + Kokomi + Kazuha + Shenhe)
2. Bloom Team (Nilou + Nahida + Barbara + Collei)
3. Anemo Hypercarry (Wanderer/Xiao + Faruzan + Bennett + Zhongli)

Battle Description

➥ In the first wave, there are 5 Treasure Hoarders with decent space with each other. This is where you need to use Anemo CC the most to gather all of them, especially if your triggers Overload.

➥ In the second wave, there are 1 Hoarder and 2 Anemoboxers. Focus on the Treasure Hoarder because the 2 Anemoboxers will chase after you while the former will only back away from you unless you’re too far away. If Anemoboxer yields up his Anemo shield, hit it with any elements except Anemo, Geo, and Dendro to destroy that shield.

➥ In the third wave, only 2 enemies will spawn: Mirror Maiden and Pyro Agent. Regardless if you bring Anemo CC or not, definitely focus on the Mirror Maiden as she will often teleport far away from you. Pyro Agent will chase after you so that’s not a problem. The only skill of his you need to be careful is with the Pyro knives spinning around him because that will knock your characters back if they don’t have a shield and destroy your rotation.

➥ The last wave features another Mirror Maiden and 2 Anemoboxers. Once again, you still need to focus on Mirror Maiden because she has larger HP and annoying skills compared to the Anemoboxers.

Video Walkthrough

5) Chains of Wrath

Blade Mirage: Increase characters’ ATK SPD by 25%. When a character’s Charged or Plunging Attack hits an opponent, it will unleash a shockwave at the opponent’s location that deals True DMG. This effect can be triggered once every 2 seconds.
Completion Criteria:
1. Complete the challenge within 150s
2. Defeat 16 opponent(s)

Team Recommendation

➥ If we’re talking about Plunging Attack, Xiao is the best that comes to that, but other Charged ATK DPS options like Hu Tao, Tartaglia, Ganyu, and others are viable too. But notable enemies are Thunderhelm Lawachurl with Electro shield, Anemo Hilichurl Rogue with 50% Anemo RES, and Hydro Hilichurl Rogue with 50% Hydro RES should be reminded too. So Cryo or Pyro DPS would be better here.
➥ Other Recommendations:
1. Hu Tao + Xingqiu + Kazuha + Zhongli
2. Melt Sunfire (Ganyu + Bennett + Jean + Zhongli)

Battle Description

➥ You can see the True DMG from the image above, the shockwave will deal 21094 True DMG to each opponent hit. It’s not bad per se, but not that good either. But, if you’re lacking in the DPS department, you definitely want to take advantage of the Blade Mirage so choose characters that use Charged or Plunging ATK as their main DMG Output.

➥ In the first wave, 5 Hilichurls will spawn and you can see 2 of them holding a torch. These 2 Hilichurls Berserker will charge straight at you and will destroy the CC so you want to either use Anemo CC to gather them back or remove the fire from their club with Hydro or Cryo to make sure they don’t use that attack.

➥ In the second wave, there are only 2 Mitachurls and 1 Hydro Samachurl. You shouldn’t have much trouble with them because they don’t have high RES and only have measly HP. If you do bring Xiao in the team, remember that these Mitachurls can be staggered easily so try to make them knocked back in the same direction when using Xiao’s Burst so both of them will take damage.

➥ In the third wave, there are another 2 Mitachurls and 2 Hydro Hilichurls Rogue. This is where Anemo CC is important because the Rogues are very slow in chasing after you. If you don’t bring any Anemo CC to gather them, focus on one Hilichurl Rouge and make sure its back is facing other enemies (especially the other Hilichurl Rogue) so if it does get knocked back by your attacks, it will get near to the other one. Don’t worry about Mitachurls because they are super fast in catching after you.

➥ In the last wave, there are Thunderhelm Lawachurl, Electro Samachurl, and Anemo Hilichurl Rogue. First of all, defeat the Samachurl first because they’re slower than the Rogue and possibly won’t even chase after you. After that, focus on the Rogue while the Lawachurl will charge after you. It’s best if you can lure and corner them to the wall so the Lawachurl won’t have too many spaces when it’s charging at you and won’t stray too far away.

Video Walkthrough

6) Charge and Breach

Blade Mirage: Increase characters’ Incoming Healing Bonus by 40%. When a character is healed, their ATK is increased by 20% for 8 seconds. Max 3 stacks. Pneuma Blocks will be present during the challenge.
Completion Criteria:
1. Complete the challenge within 150s
2. Defeat 14 opponents
➥ The healing bonus isn’t really beneficial unless you’re using a Bloom team that deals damage to themselves. But the ATK bonus is the important one so you need to have a healer in the team to take advantage of that buff.

Team Recommendation

➥ An important character here is an Anemo CC because each wave spawns enemies that are far from each other and you need to wait for ages to CC them without Anemo because all opponents walk so slowly. Aside from Anemo CC, I recommend using a Freeze Team because aside from being too far from each other, the enemies also tend to back away from you or charge to other locations (which will be explained more below).

Battle Description

➥ In the first wave, 2 Geological Meks and 2 Pyro Potioneers will spawn. Go back to one of the Potioneers and use Anemo CC to gather all enemies before you attack all of them at the same time. There’s no need to use a Pneuma Block here if you believe your DPS can take them out.

➥ In the second wave, there are another 2 Potioneers but with 2 Harvester Meks, they spawn very far from each other. Go to one of the Harvesters and use Anemo CC in other enemies’ direction to gather all of them. The reason why I choose Venti instead of Kazuha here is that Venti’s Anemo Vortex (from his Burst) is much longer than Kazuha’s (from his Skill). In addition, Kazuha’s Anemo Vortex from his Skill can’t gather all enemies in this wave even if he stands right in the middle because the 2 Harvesters are very far from each other, so using Venti is better.

➥ In both the third and fourth waves, there is one Potioneer, one Enhancer Mek, and one Construction Specialist Mek. Go to the Specialist Mek and use Anemo CC to gather the 2 mobs behind it. Focus solely on the Specialist Mek because it has a really huge HP pool compared to the others. In addition, try to NOT bring any Hydro character that can inflict Hydro on yourself when using Skill or Burst (like Barbara and Xingqiu) because you will get Frozen by the Specialist Mek as it deals Cryo DMG.

➥ The Pneuma Blocks in this stage aren’t really beneficial because even if you hit it to the Meks, the damage is zero to none. The only benefit is you can paralyze the Mek for a few seconds. Which I don’t really recommend using because they spawn quite a distance from the enemy’s location. Unless you’re having trouble with the Specialist Mek that keeps moving around. But remember that you need to hit it with 2 Arkhe (Pneuma) attacks to paralyze the Specialist Mek.

Video Walkthrough

Gameplay Rewards

➥ Don’t forget to manually claim your rewards from the event page. By completing all the event challenges, you will get the following rewards:
Primogems x420
Talent Materials x12
Weapon Enhancement Materials x18
Mora x240000
Mystic Enhancement Ores x24


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