Vibro-Crystal Verification Event Guide | 420 Primogems

An engineer from Fontaine has arrived at the outskirts of The Chasm to study the harmonic motion between gems known as Vibro-Crystals in an effort to clear the name of his colleague, who had been accused of faking his data.

An engineer from Fontaine has arrived at the outskirts of The Chasm to study the harmonic motion between gems known as Vibro-Crystals in an effort to clear the name of his colleague, who had been accused of faking his data.

Gameplay Overview

Event Gameplay Duration:
March 14 at 10:00 AM – March 27 at 03:59 AM (Server Time)

Adventure Rank 28 or above
➥ Complete the Archon Quest “Rite of Parting”

Event Overview:
➥ During the first 6 days of the event, one new challenge will be unlocked each day. You need to create 2 teams using the trial characters or your own characters. Then, configure a Vibro-Crystal setup to gain buffs for your teams. Using the creates teams and setup, you must complete the first and second halves of each challenge.
➥ Vibro-Crystals are divided into 2 types: Transmitter Crystal and Receiver Crystal.
Transmitter Crystal = Create conditions to trigger the buffs
Receiver Crystal = Trigger the buffs once the conditions are met.

Gameplay Details

1) Complete the Event Quest

➥ Teleport to Lumberpick Valley in the Chasm and talk to Anatole (gasp Fontaine NPC) to start and complete the quest. A special waypoint will be unlocked during the event so you can teleport to the domain location easily (Mountain icon on the map).

➥ When choosing the challenges, don’t forget you can change the difficulties before creating teams. The higher the difficulty, the more points you can get for defeating the enemies.

2) Create the Dream Teams

➥ You can use trial characters for the event or your own characters to form 2 teams for the challenge. Similar to Spiral Abyss, each team needs to defeat enemies in the first/second half of the challenge.
➥ Important: In the challenge, Elemental Resonances will not take effect during the challenges, and you cannot consume food or use other items!

3) Combine Vibro-Crystal

➥ Vibro-Crystal is the buff for this event. It is divided into 2 types: Transmitter Crystals and Receiver Crystals. Combine these two crystals to obtain different combat buffs. Make sure to check the Vibro-Crystal Harmonics description to see the extent to which these buffs may extend.
Transmitter Crystal = Create conditions to trigger the buffs (The number on the left side)
Receiver Crystal = Trigger the buffs once the conditions are met (The buff icons on the right side)

Get all buff but only 1 stack

➥ There are only two ways for you to trigger the buffs.
1) You can manipulate one Transmitter to project its radiation into one Receiver Crystal. This way, you can receive every buff, but only 1 stack each.

Get one/two buffs but stacked

2) You can manipulate all Transmitters to project their radiation into one/two Receiver Crystals. This way, you can get fewer buffs, but with higher stacks.
➥ Transmitter Crystals can be triggered once every 3 seconds. While Receiver Crystals’ buff effects will stay effective for 20 seconds. The duration of each buff is calculated independently of the other.

➥ Important: Only the active character that triggers the Transmitter Crystal will receive the buff. For example, if your Raiden is the one who completes the condition, only she will get the buff. You can know when your character triggers the buff by the icon on top of your HP bar.

4) Defeat the Challenges

➥ During the challenge, every time you trigger the buffs from Receiver Crystals (by using Burst, Skill, enter the field, etc), you will also accumulate Harmonic Points that can be seen on top of your screen. After accumulating Harmonic Points, your party members’ CRIT DMG will be increased. The highest stack for Harmonic Points is 4.
➥ Important: If you don’t trigger more Harmonic Points within a certain time period, the Harmonic Strength bar will decrease and you may lose the Crit Damage buff.

➥ Defeat as many opponents as you can during the time limit to obtain points. Among those enemies, Nemeses will provide more points and you will be given an insignia based on your score! You can spot Nemeses from the red exclamation point on top of them.
Bronze: 500
Silver: 1000
Gold: 2000
Platinum: 5000

All Challenges Guide

1) Heat Deflection

First Half
Yoimiya & Yunjin, with 56% Pyro DMG bonuses. Since you will be using Yoimiya most of the time, and her E will convert her Normal Attack to Pyro Damage, getting the said buff is the best option.

Second Half
Hu Tao and Xingqiu, with 48% Pyro DMG and 32% ATK bonuses. You can choose triple Pyro DMG if you want, as the ATK bonus is more for Xingqiu DPS that you may use for a few seconds while waiting for his E cooldown to end.

First Half
Yunjin Q & Hold E > Yoimiya E & Normal Attacks, when E ends use Q > Repeat

Second Half
Xingqiu Q & E > Hu Tao E & Normal Attacks (Try to avoid Charged ATK because it will eat your Stamina fast), when E ends use Q > Repeat

2) Wind Redirection

First Half
Kazuha & Sucrose, with 56% Anemo DMG bonuses. You will mostly rely on Kazuha and Sucrose’s Skill & Burst, so getting the highest Anemo buff is the best. There will be a few seconds where you need to rely on Kazuha’s Normal Attack though.

Second Half
Wanderer & Faruzan, with 32% Anemo DMG and 75% Crit DMG bonuses. Since you will get a bonus Crit Rate from the stage leyline, and Anemo DMG bonus+Anemo RES from Faruzan’s Burst, stack up as many Crit DMG as possible so your Wanderer will deal tons of damage. After all, he will be on the field 99% of the time.

First Half
Sucrose Q & E > Kazuha Q & Tap E as one cycle. Since both of them use Sacrificial weapons R1, there’s a chance for their Elemental Skill’s CD to end. If you’re lucky, just use double E if possible. For Kazuha, try to use Tap E instead of Hold E so his cooldown will be shorter.

Second Half
Faruzan Q & E > Wanderer E, Normal Attacks (Try to avoid Charged ATK because it will eat his Kuugoryoku Points fast), when E ends use Q > Repeat

3) Warmth Observation

First Half
Dehya & Yaoyao, with 32% Elemental DMG, 32% Burst DMG, and 25% Crit Rate. Both of them will have a similar amount of time on the field because you will be spamming their Skill and Burst in a rotation. That’s also the reason why all buffs are selected in the Vibro-Crystal Connections, so you can increase their skill and burst damage.

Second Half
Raiden Shogun & Xingqiu, with 37.5% Crit Rate and 32% Burst DMG. If you’re aware of Raiden National Team, then you will understand why Raiden and Xingqiu are on the same team. They just work too well together. You can change the Crit Rate to Burst DMG if you want.

First Half
Dehya E then E again > Yaoyao Q, Normal Attacks until Adeptal Legacy state ends, E > Dehya Q then spam Normal Attacks until her Burst ends > Repeat.

Second Half
Raiden Shogun E > Xingqiu Q and E > Raiden Shogun Q then spam Normal/Charged Attacks > Repeat. There will be a time when Xingqiu’s E did not finish cooldown yet after you press Q, so you can just use his Normal Attack until then.

4) Energy Vitalization

First Half
Xingqiu, Kuki Shinobu, and Nahida, with 105 Elemental Mastery. This team fully depends on Hyperbloom so getting the highest EM is the best! No more comments.

Second Half
Cyno, with 56% Electro DMG. Yes, Cyno alone is enough for this stage and he will have enough Energy for 100% Burst uptime from all the unalive enemies so you don’t have to worry about Energy.

First Half
Xingqiu Q then E > Kuki E > Nahida Normal Attacks until Xingqiu’s Burst is up > Kuki Q – Repeat. You can choose if whenever you want to use Nahida’s E or not.

Second Half
Cyno Q then E, and spam his Normal Attack > Repeat. That’s all, you will get enough energy from all the unalive enemies for 100% uptime of his burst.

5) Freezing Conduction

First Half
Ayaka, with 56% Cryo DMG Bonus. She’s alone because if we add more characters, it might lessen her time on the field. And we choose full Cryo damage because the other two buffs are not beneficial for her in this stage, especially the Burst DMG Bonus (since her Burst is only a few seconds).

Second Half
Kokomi, Layla, and Diona, with 32% Cryo DMG, 32% more damage against Frozen enemies, and 32% Burst DMG Bonus. While I add Diona, she’s not used at all since the Kokomi Layla duo is more than enough for one rotation. We select all the buffs with minimum stack because Kokomi can’t really take advantage of the Cryo DMG bonus but Layla can, and both of them are heavily dependent on their Burst.

First Half
Ayaka Q, E, then spam Normal/Charged Attacks (whichever you prefer) > Repeat. I’m used to her Charged Attack that’s why I start with that and use Normal Attack once she’s out of stamina.

Second Half
Layla Q then E – Kokomi Q then E – Repeat. Diona is there to provide more Cryo applications, but as you can see, we can still get the Gold medal even if we don’t use her.

6) Controlled Conversion

First Half
Alhaitham and Fischl, with 60 Elemental Mastery, 32% Dendro DMG Bonus, and 32% Normal Attack Bonus. Each bonus except EM is purely for Alhaitham to dish out more damage. That’s why he’s the DPS and on the field for the whole duration while Fischl is only for her Burst.

Second Half
Yelan and Yaoyao, with 60 Elemental Mastery, 32% Dendro DMG Bonus, and 32% Normal Attack Bonus. Both of them have a similar amount of time on the field, since you will need to use all of their Burst, Skills, and Normal Attacks in the rotation.

First Half
Fischl Q > Alhaitham Q, Normal Attacks, E, Normal Attacks > Repeat. Above every enemy, make sure Alhaitham prioritizes the Slimes so he can trigger reactions (especially Hydro Slime so it can produce Dendro Core). When using Fischl’s Q, it is best to fly with Oz for a little bit to unalive the mobs. But when fighting Ruin enemies, it’s better to use Q and then immediately switch to Alhaitham.

Second Half
Yelan Q then E > Yaoyao Q, Normal Attacks, E when Legacy State ends > Repeat. When using Yelan’s E skill, try to wrap the string to all available enemies to wipe them out instantly.

Gameplay Rewards

➥ Don’t forget to manually claim your rewards from the event page. By completing all the event challenges, you will get the following rewards:
1. 420 Primogems
2. 12 Hero’s Wit
3. 370000 Mora
4. 42 Weapon Ascension Materials
5. 18 Mystic Enhancement Ores
6. 4 Adventurer’s Experience


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