Wanderer (Scaramouche) Quick TL;DR DPS Build Guide

PSA #1: A DPS is the friend that’s super edgy but means well. Treat them well to get big DPS😭

PSA #2: Both Wanderer’s abilities scale off ATK and has some incredible self-buffs. Definitely the best VFX for Anemo attacks!

Wanderer goes airborne and deals Anemo DMG to nearby enemies. Changes his NA and CA to upgraded versions to deal more DMG but cannot Plunge anymore!

Wanderer’s E (Hanega) is the core of his kit, allowing him to become an effective NA/CA DPS. There are some must-know details that will help understanding how his E works:

First, let’s start with just general tidbits:

Upon activating Hanega, Wanderer will deal Anemo DMG in a small AoE around him. Doing so will also put him in the Windfavored form. Here are some general details about Windfavored:

  • Normal and Charged Attacks are greatly enhanced and scale off NA/CA Talent
  • You gain 100 Kuugoryoku Points — this is the “stamina” used while in Windfavored
  • Lasts 10 seconds and has a 6 second CD — CD starts AFTER the form ends
  • Generates 1 Particle every 2 seconds when using NA — 5 Particles per E use
  • Swapping, using Burst (Q), or using E again will end the form
  • Cannot be cast mid-air

The important note is how the Kuugoryoku Point work (I’ll be calling it “Points” now to make it easier)! Basically, it breaks down to using 10 Points per 1 second. So at base level, you have 100 points on activation = 10 seconds, but you can enhance this amount via the Ascension 1 Passive (I’ll go into detail in the A1 Passive section!)

Points will drain 10 points per second even if you’re not doing anything! If you sprint or jump (for both tap or hold), it will drain the points even faster. Sprinting seems to cost around 20 Points (I could dash 5 times before form ends), while jumping costs 30 Points (jump 3.5 times before form ends). Here’s the summary of what drains Points:

  • Tapping (dash) or holding Sprint
  • Tapping jump or holding (elevate)
  • Recovering from knockback

In the picture in the right, you can see the Kuugoryoku Points draining as you use the form!

However, there is a plus side: simply moving and doing Charged Attacks don’t cost extra Points! This allows Wanderer to perform their optimal 2NA -> 1CA combo without worrying about Points running out!

Within a single Windfavored form, you can push out 5 2NA -> 1CA combos.

It’s important to mention that Windfavored does not provide interruption resistance — meaning you can get knockedback and hard CC’d while in this form. You can press jump to recover early from the knockback, but it will use Points!

Only other important reminder is that Windfavored form’s NA and CA count as Normal/Charged Attacks. So Elemental Skill DMG buffs do not enhance the NA/CA themselves, only the initial cast damage.

So you actually benefit a lot more leveling your NA/CA Talent alongside your E to maximize the DPS output, making his Burst a secondary priority!

The NA’s in Windfavored form do have a small AoE, so enemies close to the target will also take damage.

Elemental Burst – Kyougen: Five Ceremonial Plays

Literally steps on his foes dealing massive AoE Anemo DMG x5!

Not much to really say about his Q other than it ends his Windfavored form immediately after use.

The damage isn’t anything particularly amazing, but it is a great way to trigger proc reactions in a massive group. The ability itself has no grouping properties, so enemies that are out of it’s cast radius won’t be sucked into the center.

Ideally, you either want to initiate a fight with Q > use E and 2NA 1CA > repeat. Like I said, nothing all too spectacular.

Ascension 1 Passive – Jade-Claimed Flower

Depending on what element E interacts with, Wanderer gets some pretty wicked bonuses!

Wanderer’s A1 Passive is interesting in that it’s strong but extremely fickle and seems poorly designed. I’ll explain what I mean below:

Upon activating Hanega (E), depending on what elements are nearby/applied that comes in contact will give the Windfavored form various buffs:

  • Hydro – Increases Point cap from 100 to 120
  • Pyro – Increases ATK by 30%
  • Cryo – Increases CRIT% by 20%
  • Electro – NA and CA restore 0.8 Energy every 0.2 seconds

As you can tell, each element has it’s strengths as I’ll detail below:

  • Hydro – Increasing the Points to 120 essentially means you get a 12s duration rather than 10. This allows for 1 more 2NA -> 1CA combo to be weaved in as well as 1 additional Particle to be generated
  • Pyro – Self-explanatory buff that enhances the overall DPS output of your NA and CA while in Windfavored
  • Cryo – Self-explanatory buff that gives you an additional 20% CRIT%. This means that if you had no other source of CRIT% other than this buff + Wanderer’s 19.2% = a base of 40% CRIT Rate. Allows for an easy 1:2 golden ratio CRIT build
  • Electro – 0.8 Energy (it rounds up to 1.0 in calculation) every 0.2 seconds means that you can generate 5 Energy every second. That means 50 Energy (5 Energy x 10s duration) as long as you consistently NA/CA the whole time

So you might be asking: “2Board, why is this so bad? It’s free buffs!” — yes, but you’re limited to 2 unique buffs per E cast. Not to mention that it follows the standard Elemental infusion priority of Pyro > Hydro > Electro > Cryo. So arguably one of the better buffs for build quality (Cryo) may not even be applied if there are other elements present.

Take into consideration that these buffs are unique, meaning you can’t get something like double Pyro for 60% ATK buff or double Hydro for 140 Points total etc… It effectively guts the potential the Wanderer had of being a much stronger DPS. Would it make them insanely overpowered if you could just fill all 6 buff slots? Probably, but at least make it available as an option as a constellation or something…

There’s also the consideration that these buffs only affect Windfavored form, and do not apply to your Burst since it immediately ends Windfavored the moment it’s cast.

Ascension 4 Passive – Gales of Reverie

Hitting enemies while in E has a chance to give a free dash that also deal Anemo DMG to nearby foes!

While in Windfavored, if you basically hit enemies with either NA or CA you have a chance of getting the Descent effect:

The Descent effect is indicated by a small dagger shaped symbol that briefly appears when triggered (as seen on the left).

When Descent is active, Wanderer can tap Sprint once for free without using any Points. Doing so will also shoot 4 homing Wind Arrows that deal 35% of Wanderer’s ATK as Anemo DMG.

Descent has a 16% chance of triggering, and gains 12% for every NA/CA that doesn’t trigger. Meaning you’re always guaranteed one every 7 NA/CA, but most likely will get it way before then.

So how does this play into Wanderer’s playstyle? It means that instead of just mindlessly spamming the 2NA -> 1CA combo, when you do get the Descent effect make sure to tap Sprint in any direction to quickly dish out more DPS.

It’s harmless to the total rotation, and you’ll still be able to get 5 total NA/CA combinations out easily!


Constellation wise it’s pretty straightforward. The one nice thing is that both main and Swirl/EM DPS variations are entirely viable at C0. The constellations only serve to slightly boost up until you hit C4+, where the DPS ceiling effectively doubles.

C1 is a slight buff that mainly focuses on Wanderer’s Ascension 4 Passive by granting it 25% DMG scaled off Wanderer’s ATK. It’s nothing too special however, but a nice little buff to a passive trigger.

The 10% ATK SPD buff doesn’t change too much if you already have Tulaytullah’s weapon + the 4x Desert Pavilion Chronicle artifact set. Those two grant the Wanderer a 20% ATK SPD total, allowing him to squeeze out 2 more rotations of the 2NA -> 1CA combo within the 10s Windfavored form — so 7 rotations rather than 5.

Having 30% ATK SPD unfortunately does not increase that rotation threshold, but can be beneficial if you didn’t pull for the signature weapon banner.

C2 become a significant boost to Wanderer’s Elemental Burst, giving him some seriously potential be become a burst DPS option.

The localization words it a bit confusing, but basically it means that every Point used during Windfavored grants your Burst 4% more DMG — this caps at 200% DMG bonus.

This means that if we start with 100 Points, at halfway point (50 Points used) you have already received the cap DMG bonus towards your Q — since 4% x 50 Points = 200% DMG bonus.

However this doesn’t mean you should use Q as soon as you’re at the halfway point. Just simply remember to use Q after your Windfavored form duration ends!

C4 is the break point for Wanderer, and it significantly boosts the total DPS output based on what buffs you’re granted.

The important note is that it changes the cap of 2 unique buffs from your A1 Passive to 3 buffs. If you aren’t able to interact with 3 unique elements when casting Q, it will randomly give you one of the elements not interacted with.

So lets say I activate E and it comes into contact with Pyro and Hydro. That means it would randomly either give me Cryo or Electro to fulfil that 3 slot max. This also occurs if you’ve only come in contact with 1 element as well.

Why is this so strong? Well most people will probably want Pyro + Cryo for the ATK% and CRIT% buffs. However, if you were to get the Hydro buff on top, it will basically give you 2s more to the duration, giving you more NA/CA rotations to push out — boosting total DPS output.

C6 is insanely efficient at DPS peaking purely due to the fact it can further prolong your Windfavored form + deal additional instances of damage.

The general concept to focus on is the Point restoration. When you’re below 40 Points, you will regain 4 Points every 0.2 seconds. This can occur 5 times in one E duration.

This essentially means that you can regenerate 20 Points total, extending your Points total from 100 to 120. If you have the Hydro buff when casting E, then it means that’s a total of 140 Points — or 14s duration on E.

Pair that with the fact that Normal Attacks will now trigger a 2nd hit that deals 40% of the damage means you’ve effectively boosted your DPS output by 1.4x.

So not only are you able to Normal Attack longer due to the prolonged duration, but your NA will also deal additional damage… It’s insanely strong.

Talent Leveling Order: NA = E > Q (you can prioritize NA > E since the E DMG scales from your NA)

WEAPON #1 (Recommended for best DPS): Tulaytullah’s Remembrance

How do I get it D: ? – It’s time to roll boys (gacha)

Has base CRIT DMG scaling and provides ATK SPD and tons of NA DMG!

Tulaytullah’s Remembrance is Wanderer’s signature weapon and their current BiS for two specific reasons. First being that it provides ATK SPD. While this stat isn’t often discussed much, for characters that rely on NA to deal most of their DPS it’s extremely helpful. When paired with the new artifact set, Desert Pavilion Chronicle, you can amass 20% increased ATK SPD — allowing Wanderer to get an additional 2 NA combo’s within a 10 second timeframe! The second reason is that it provides an insane 48% NA DMG buff, which can be stacked by either using your Elemental Skill to gain 4.8% per second OR just hitting enemies with your NA for 9.6% — just remember it caps at 48% total.

Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds is a strong contender to Tulaytullah’s as it gives the Wanderer a strong buff and build optimization. The CRIT% it provides when paired with Wanderer’s 4th Ascension stat (CRIT%) totals up to 52.3% CRIT Rate. Essentially allowing majority of the substats to be focused on massing CRIT DMG and EM/ATK%. The weapon bonus also provides a strong 32% Elemental DMG buff, which increases his NA and Burst DMG as well. The 10% Movement Speed bonus can be nice too 😊.

Skyward Atlas is a viable option as well but falls short primarily to the lack of direct buffs. The massive ATK% it provides is great for bolstering the NA/CA DMG (since the NA/CA DMG does scale from the total ATK). The weapon effect isn’t bad either, but can be inconsistent in DPS time frames as you can’t really control when it triggers. Overall the 12% Elemental DMG buff is decent enough to run if you don’t have the prior listed above!

WEAPON #2 (Recommended for 4-star DPS): The Widsith

How do I get it D: ? – It’s time to roll boys (gacha)

Has base CRIT DMG% and can provide an insanely strong buff!

The Widsith is an extremely strong 4-star Catalyst for the Wanderer, even if the buffs can be RNG at times. The CRIT DMG it provides is already strong enough, as the Wanderer gains CRIT% as he levels up. While the 3 buffs, Recitative/Aria/Interlude, are random, the plus is that the Wanderer benefits from all 3 regardless — however the best performance comes from Aria (96% Elemental DMG buff) for main DPS and Interlude (480 EM) for Swirl DPS Wanderer!

Solar Pearl has always been a strong option for on-field main DPS Catalyst characters, and it’s no different for the Wanderer. The CRIT% this BP weapon provides can easily allow you to build well over 50% CRIT Rate, giving alleviation to the artifacts you have to farm and focusing more on getting CRIT DMG. The weapon effect is good because it provides a 20% NA DMG buff when you hit your Skill/Burst, but keep in mind that the 20% Skill DMG it provides DOES NOT AFFECT YOUR NA/CA WHILE IN E FORM — the form’s NA/CA gain benefit from NA/CA DMG buffs NOT Elemental Skill buffs.

Mappa Mare is an amazing F2P craftable weapon that provides EM for reaction damage and provides an amazing 32% Elemental DMG buff at R5. If you are strictly F2P, or just had really bad luck with weapon rolls, this is an extremely solid option to run on Wanderer until you can get the mentioned above.

Dodoco Tales gets a mention because it’s surprisingly not that bad. The event weapon provides an insane amount of ATK% to begin with. The weapon effect also provides a 32% CA DMG buff whenever you land NA, which also then subsequently provides you with 16% ATK buff when you CA afterwards. For a character like Wanderer who can weave in CA into their NA/CA combo, it’s a win-win!

ARTIFACTS (Recommended for best DPS): Desert Pavilion Chronicle

How do I get it D: ? – City of Gold Domain (AR 30 Locked, 20 Resin per run)

Boosts all DMG and provides more ATK SPD and NA/CA/Plunge DMG!

4x Desert Pavilion Chronicle is a new artifact set introduced in 3.3 that’s surprisingly good for Wanderer. The 2x bonus provides a 15% Anemo DMG buff which strengthens everything in Wanderer’s kit. However the real star is the 4x bonus, which provides 10% ATK SPD (this is great as explained above in Tulaytullah’s) for increased DPS and a strong 40% DMG bonus to NA, CA and Plunging Attacks — albeit you don’t really, or rather simply can’t, Plunge Attack with Wanderer.

For those who want to run Wanderer into a EM/Swirl DPS comp, then 4x Viridescent Venerer will do just great as always. It’ll provide Wanderer with enough Anemo DMG, while drastically increasing Swirl DMG and shredding enemy RES to the infused element type! Honestly, you can even run it with main DPS Wanderer if you want — however it is better suited for EM/Swirl comps overall.

4x Wanderer’s may sound good for the CA DMG buff, but falls in an odd category because the set acts as a hybrid main DPS/Swirl DPS option. In terms of a rotation DPS window (of about 30 seconds), it falls short to a dedicated main DPS build (around 11k DMG) and extremely short to a dedicated Swirl DPS build (over 24k+ DMG). So is it a good placeholder? — sure, but I highly suggest picking a route and dedicating to the other two builds mentioned above!

New players who aren’t able to farm or access the new regions can rely on 4x Martial Artist set to help carry them through the early stages! Martial Artist provides a a whopping 40% NA/CA DMG buff, which is plenty enough for Wanderer to deal some great damage while in E form!

Main stats:

ATK% (or EM for Swirl DPS)Anemo DMG%CRIT% or CRIT DMG

Substats: CRIT% > CRIT DMG > EM = ATK%/flat ATK

If you want other characters let me know. Hope this helped. Bye.


I spend too much time filling out spreadsheets for incoherent data, but at least I can turn them into guides :P

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