What is Jenshin Impact?

The Game Awards were streamed today from Los Angeles and several games won different titles. But out of all the games that were nominated, it was Genshin Impact that left the awards with something special. Something even the community who are masters at catching onto the smallest plot points didn’t see coming.

Jenshin Impact wins the prize

Several games were nominated for the Best Mobile Game award presented by Verizon. Among them was Fantasian, Genshin Impact, League of Legends: Wild Rift, Marvel Future Revolution and Pokemon Unite. But the game that won the title and took home all the prestige was none other than Jenshin Impact.

What is Jenshin Impact?

Now, if you’re not an avid social media user or someone who is involved with the Genshin Impact community, you may not know what Jenshin Impact is.

To clear any doubts, Jenshin isn’t another name for the game nor is it a prequel or sequel. It’s simply a case of mispronunciation. One that didn’t happen on national TV but it might as well have. Especially considering the fact that Jenshin Impact is now trending on Twitter.

Aerial Powers, a WNBA player and streamer for Team Liquid, took to stage to announce the winner of the Best Mobile Game category. Unfortunately, she mixed her G with J and thus Jenshin Impact was born.

When the community gets involved

Genshin Impact has a large community and its fans can be found almost anywhere. When it comes to trending topics, they are what you’ll call experts. So when the mispronunciation was made, everyone watching the stream probably knew what was about to happen next.

And with the voice actors themselves joining in on the fun, it wasn’t long before Jenshin Impact was turned into a trending meme.

Even the fans had some really funny edits to contribute.

If that itself wasn’t enough, even Genshin Impact’s official Twitter account joined in on the fun.

But wait, there’s more!

While the Game Awards did give fans a fun and new meme to work with, don’t worry, there’s more in store for them. Grateful to their players, after winning the title, the official Genshin Impact decided to reward them for their support.

All Genshin Impact players at AR 7 and above will be given 1600 Primogems over the span of a few days. Players can expect the reward to arrive in their inbox every day from 11th to 14th December.

So whether you love Genshin or its evil twin Jenshin, today everyone wins.


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