Where to find all Fatui Action Logs

The Fatui Action Logs are a hidden exploration objective available in the newly released Chasm area. After collecting these logs, not only will players have a better understanding of what transpired between the Fatui and the Qixing but they’ll also be able to unlock the achievement If Not Us Then Who?

There are a total of four action logs. In this guide, we’ll be marking down their locations as well as giving tips on how to reach them.

Fatui Action Logs

All the Fatui Action Logs can be found in abandoned camps, with the exception of the second log. In order to find them, it is important to know which Waypoints to use and where to look. In the map below, you’ll find all the locations marked.

Map Courtesy of Genshin Fandom Wiki

Now, with these locations in mind, follow the directions given below to collect all the logs.

Log 1

To find the first action log, teleport to the southern Waypoint in the Chasm: Main Mining Area. From there, take the narrow path leading towards the Underground Waterway. Keep to the wall until you find an abandoned campsite. Over there, interact with everything until you find the first Fatui Action Log.

The contents of the log will be as follows:

“…The people from Liyue have left their large cannon behind. It shows signs of maintenance. It seems that they have not given up on re-opening the mine…”
“…Scouted the area where the crystal fragment was found, clearing a path for others to follow, before returning here to await further orders…
“…The sonic catcher is reacting to a greater pulse coming from deeper within the mine… It is a grand, but dull noise…”
“…According to sample analysis, the crystal may be older than The Chasm itself. However, we have not found any systemic signs of ancient civilizations nearby…”

Log 2

In order to reach the location of the second log, teleport to the northern waypoint in the Stony Halls area. Do not use the middle Waypoint.

Once at the Waypoint, glide down to the center and head in the direction of the Pyro Abyss Mage. Next to him, you’ll find a spider waiting in a web. Defeat the two enemies. You’ll find the next Fatui Action Log on a crate.

“…The sonic catcher is constantly blaring. It almost reminds me of Sergeant Anton’s old grandmother’s snoring… We can’t use it as-is…”
“…I’m going to call it the ‘Babushka,’ I think. This issue might have been caused by the radiation from the crystal itself and the influence of that black matter…”
“…I do not have the spare parts to repair the ‘Babushka,’ so it has to be disassembled. Sorry, grandma. Setting up camp here and awaiting resupply.”
 “…It seems that someone is observing us from a vantage point nearby. Spotted an unnatural flash. A telescope (or perhaps the scope of a rifle?) Either way, we have to move…”

Log 3

Teleport to the Waypoint in Underground Waterway and then head downstream. Make sure to keep close to the ruins while you do so. In the lower levels on one such ruin, you’ll find not only a challenge but a small camp. Inside it will be the third log.

To get it, however, you’ll have to defeat the Shadowy Husk on the upper level of the ruin.

“…Specialist Bogdana has discovered that the black-colored mud is still constantly propagating. We have to move more swiftly than before…”
“…The anomalous shifts in The Chasm’s underground have been gradually increasing in speed. We have to bring the Mokosh Device to the bottom for assembly as soon as possible…”
“…Sergeant Anton reports that a woman has been following us around. We might need to set up some traps and early warning systems…”

Log 4

For the final Fatui Action Log, teleport to the southern waypoint in the Glowing Narrows. From there, taking the small path, head in the direction of the Skyfront Nail in the Chasm. Along the way, you’ll find another abandoned Fatui camp. Inside, you’ll find the fourth log.

“…An explosion has occurred. Cause unknown. The Mokosh Device, which should have theoretically been able to clear the Abyssal corruption from this place, has overloaded and been destroyed…”
“…The black pollutant on the main fragment has begun to regenerate… We need to sum up what we’ve learned thus far…”
 “…One or several hard strikes aimed at key stress points on the main fragment can cause the black matter to retreat…”
 “…Our scouting parties have discovered human activity in different locations. Whether they are human or some other creature is unclear… But perhaps they might even be the culprits behind the black matter’s propagation…”

With this, you’ll have collected all the Fatui Action Logs and you’ll unlock the achievement If Not Us Then Who.

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