Windblume’s Breath Event Guide | 1000 Primogems

The Windblume Festival has just begun! Let's take a look at what kind of gameplay is offered in the event "Windblume's Breath" and get the Primogems, an event-exclusive weapon & other rewards!

Hello, Travelers! The Windblume Festival has just begun! Let’s take a look at what kind of gameplay is offered in the event “Windblume’s Breath” and get the Primogems, an event-exclusive weapon & other rewards!

Gameplay Overview

Event Gameplay Duration:
March 3 at 10:00 AM – March 20 at 03:59 AM (Server Time)

➥ Reach Adventure Rank 18 or above
➥ Completed the Archon Quest “Song of the Dragon and Freedom”
※ Complete Archon Quest Chapter III: Act “Akasha Pulses, the Kalpa Flames Rises” and Albedo’s Story Quest “Princeps Cretaceus Chapter: Act I” first to get the best experience from this event.
If you have not completed both of the mentioned quests during the event yet, you can enter the event through “Quick Start” on the event page.

Event Overview:
➥ During the event, three types of gameplay will unlock in sequence: Ballads of Breeze, Floral Pursuit, and Breezy Snapshots. Each gameplay will reward you with Festive Ticket, and you can use this event currency to buy limited items in the event shop.

Gameplay Details

1) Floral Pursuit

Collect all the green balloons

➥ After the Floral Pursuit challenge begins, you must constantly collect Bloom Balloons to increase your score. The next area will unlock only after you have collected a specific number of Bloom Balloons. Bloom Balloons and Ersatz Balloons will both be displayed on the minimap in the top left corner. You can adjust the display size of the minimap and its rotation.

Avoid the Ersatz Balloon (Slime) if you don’t have Galeblessings.

➥ Ersatz Balloons will pursue you within the challenge area. You must avoid these balloons! If you are caught by one such Balloon, you will lose 1 Pursuit Point (Your HP at the bottom), and you will be returned to the start point of the area (The yellow box).

The yellow aura means you can destroy the Ersatz Balloon

➥ Collecting Galeblessings can help charge up the Ersatz Dispeller skill (You need to active the skill by right-clicking the mouse for PC). After using Ersatz Dispeller, you will be able to destroy all Ersatz Balloons you touch for 7 seconds. There will be a timer on top of your head to show that the skill is almost expiring.

The transparent yellow dome around your character means the collection range is increased.

➥ After collecting a Gatherblessing, your collection range for Bloom Balloons will be expanded for 10 seconds.

Ring Pursuit aka the finish line.

➥ After you have collected a specific number of Bloom Balloons in the final area, a Ring Pursuit will appear and you can touch it to end the challenge. Lastly: This gameplay can be played in both Single-Player and Co-Op Modes!

2) Breezy Snapshots

➥ First, you must equip your Kamera from Inventory > Gadget and interact with the photo-taking points (Kamera icon on the ground) to enter Photo-Taking Mode. The process is split into an adjustment phase where you determine the photo’s angles and a photo-taking phase in which you can move and use your skills to fulfill the requirement.

Choose one of the three templates above if you’re lazy like me.

➥ During the adjustment phase, you need to first select your Kamera Settings and then proceed to adjust the position and angle of the photo, or you can simply use the template on top of the screen for instant Kamera Settings. Take note that the photo-taking points (transparent white circle) must be within the Kamera frame. Once you have confirmed your settings, press Enter to Confirm Kamera Settings and it’s time to move on to the photo-taking phase.

Make sure all the requirements on the left are ticked.

➥ During the photo-taking phase, the angle of the finalized image will be decided by the settings you adjusted previously so you can move freely here. In this phase, you need to make your active characters match all the descriptions needed on the left side of the screen. Once all the requirements are ticked off, tap on the Kamera gadget to take a picture. If you wish to adjust your Kamera Settings again, you can tap Pause Challenge and return to your preset, thus starting the setting adjustment process over again.

You can just Leave once the image is completed.

➥ Once you have finished taking a photo, if you wish to continue taking pictures using the current settings, you can tap Keep Taking Photos to return to the photo-taking phase.

3) Ballads of Breeze

Go to Settings for more configuration for the music game.

➥ You can select which instruments you want to use. There is no difference in the gameplay if you choose any so don’t worry. It can also be changed later in Settings. You can also adjust the Custom Key Bindings (for PC Keys/Controller Buttons), Falling Mode/Cascade Mode, etc according to your own preferences.

My Calibration Value is 120, and this is on a PC.

➥ First of all, you need to set up the Lag Calibration on your device as everyone has a different Calibration Value. If not adjusted correctly, the music may play ahead of or behind the beat to different extents on different devices. Adjust the calibration value to that the decision line touches the accented note when it is being played.

Tap for a short note, and Hold for a long note.

➥ During the performance, different notes will appear on the screen. When a note falls on the Decision Line, strike the Decision Line to score points. The amount of points scored will vary depending on the timing of your strokes. A long note is represented by a long strip of light. Hold the button to play the note, then released it after the light strip disappears to score points.

You can choose from the new and unlocked songs, to the past songs.

➥ In the Ballads of Breeze gameplay, you can select your preferred songs to compose your own scores by choosing the Edit Beatmap:

Normal Editing Mode
  • In Normal Editing Mode, you may add notes even as the music is playing. Click the input button to add notes at the current moment. You can hold on to the input button to add a long note.
  • In Normal Editing Mode, you cannot move or delete notes. If you need to, you can go to Advanced Editing Mode instead.
  • The Rhythm Line will descend while the music is playing, and it shows the recommended positions for notes to be placed. When adding notes, the notes are preferentially attached to the Rhythm Line.
Advanced Editing Mode
  • In Advanced Editing Mode, you can freely select the type of note to add, and that note will be added to the closest available point in time. Selecting the beginning and ending notes of a long note will automatically create a long note.
  • You can situate rhythm points as you please by adjusting the speed and tempo of the song.
  • Click on the score in Delete Mode to delete that note.
Get a Completion Rate of 90% to share your composition.

➥ In Editing Mode, you can generate sharing codes after completing your scores for other Travelers to challenge and perform. Of course, you can also play other Traveler’s scores by searching for the corresponding sharing codes.

Gameplay Rewards

➥ Don’t forget to manually claim your rewards from the event page. By completing all the event challenges, you will get the following rewards (The numbers of each reward will be updated soon when all stages are unlocked):

  1. 1000 Primogems
  2. 1600000 Mora
  3. 54 Hero’s Wit
  4. 136 Mystic Enhancement Ore
  5. Mailed Flower (4-Star Weapon)
  6. Lazurite Swirl (TCG Back Card)
  7. 4 Unfading Silky Grace (Refinement Materials)
  8. 12 Adventurer’s Experience
  9. Windblume Kamera
  10. Ersatz Balloon: Whispering Breeze (Furniture Recipe)
  11. Ersatz Balloon: Spherical Squall (Furniture Recipe)
  12. Ersatz Balloon: Bumper Shroom (Furniture Recipe)
  13. 48 Weapon Ascension Materials
  14. 1 Crown of Insight
  15. 24 Talent Book

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