Windtrace Event Guide

A new Co-op only event is now available in Genshin Impact. Collect Windtrace Coins and complete challenges to gain 420 Primogems and other rewards!

The best Co-Op event is back for the third time in Genshin Impact. Windtrace is now available with somewhat of a new addition for Rebel and Hunter, in addition to new locations for the event. Play the event to win 420 Primogems!

Gameplay Overview

● The Windtrace rerun event will be available in Genshin Impact from December 23 at 10:00 AM (Server Time) until January 6. Although this is a side event, you have 2 weeks (which is considered long) to complete all the tasks and claim the rewards from the event page.

● The only requirement for you to complete is reaching Adventure Rank 20, and then the event will be unlocked to play.

Gameplay Detail

How to Start

● Use the matching function by talking to Gygax in Mondstadt to start the event and obtain Windtrace Coins.

● When participating in Windtrace, the unlocked “Contested Zone” will be randomly selected for the game. Travelers can change the selected map through the preview of the “Contested Zone” in the game overview. Contested Zones that have yet to be unlocked cannot be selected.

● Travelers can unlock the “Contested Zone” by unlocking the Statue of the Seven in the corresponding area. The “Contested Zones” in Inazuma can only be unlocked by completing the Quest “Ritou Escape Plan” and unlocking the Statue of the Seven in the area. Travelers can view the currently unlocked content through the preview of the “Contested Zone” in the game overview.

Windtrace Coins

● On the first day of the event, the maximum number of Windtrace Coins you can obtain is 1,200. This amount will increase gradually for each of the 6 days after that, up to a maximum of 6,000 Windtrace Coins.

● Accumulate certain amounts of Windtrace Coins or complete Windtrace Challenges to claim the corresponding rewards.

● Windtrace Coins can only be obtained while playing in randomized games using the matching function. You can play the game and complete Windtrace Challenges in a custom Co-Op party, but will be unable to obtain Windtrace Coins.

Windward Arts

All original Combat Talents will be replaced with Windward Arts. You can choose which Arts you want to use either as Rebels or Hunter. The skill will be explained in the next section.


Normal Attack (Choose one)

Mysterious Hunch

Mysterious Hunch: Briefly show the direction in which all the Rebels can be found.

Hunter’s Net

Hunter’s Net: After holding, throw out a net. This net will dispel the disguises used by Rebels in a specific AoE and destroys all Beacons in this area. At this time, the Hunter’s vision will not be obstructed as a result.
If there are Rebels within the net’s AoE, the Hunter will receive a hint.

Sensor Aura

Sensor Aura: Scout a fixed area around yourself. You will be notified if the area contains a Rebel. If a scouted Rebel moves, sprints, jumps, or glides within the next 5s, a marking pillar of light will be left at their current position for 5s.

Elemental Skill


Capture: Dispel the disguise of a nearby Rebel and capture them.

Elemental Burst (Choose one)

During a match, a ‘Favor’ will descend upon the area at random. Picking up a Favor will let Hunter/Rebel use their Elemental Burst.


Insight: Dispels the disguises of all Rebels and briefly marks their locations on the minimap while showing the position of nearby Rebels on the scene with a pillar of light.
During this time, the Rebels will be unable to disguise themselves.
The Rebels will be warned of this action.

Hunter’s Intuition

Hunter’s Intuition: Randomly dispels the disguise of one Rebel and marks their location on the minimap for a long period of time. If the target is nearby, their location will be marked by a pillar of light.
The target cannot Disguise themselves for the duration of this effect.
The Rebels will be warned of this action.

Imprisoning Curse

Imprisoning Curse: Randomly dispels the disguise of one Rebel and restrains them for a time.
During this time, the target will unable to leave the restraining area.
The Rebels will be warned of this action.


Normal Attack (Choose one)


Transparency: Enter hidden mode temporarily. During this time, you cannot be seen by the Hunter. Entering this mode will dispel your current disguise.
The Hunter’s Windward Arts “Capture!,” “Mysterious Hunch,” and “Sensor Aura” will all still take effect against a hidden Rebel.

Concealing Beacon

Concealing Beacon: Place a Concealing Beacon. While near to this Beacon, the Rebels will be invisible and cannot be discovered by the Hunter until the beacon is destroyed. If the Hunder uses “Capture!” on the concealing Beacon, they will have their vision obscured for a short time.

Elemental Skill


Disguise: Tap E to randomly disguise as one of the specialized objects in the area. Hold E to remove the disguise. This disguise will be removed when you glide or swim.

Elemental Burst

Starstep: Movement Speed is greatly increased for the next 30s. This skill can only be activated if you pick up Favor (Green glowing ball).


Illusory Beacon

Illusory Beacon (Can only be used while in Observer Mode): Place an Illusory Beacon ahead of you to confuse the Hunter. If the Hunter uses “Capture!” on the Beacon, their vision will be limited for a short time.

Gameplay Rewards

Rewards by collecting Windtrace Coins
Rewards by completing Windtrace Challenges

Don’t forget to claim all the rewards from the event page because you need to do it manually! There are two sections for the rewards- Windtrace Coin Reward & Windtrace Challenges Rewards. Don’t miss them out!

1. 420 Primogems
2. 34 Hero’s Wit
3. 20 Mystic Enhancement Ore
4. 380,000 Mora
5. 4 Adventurer’s Experience
6. 24 Weapon Ascension Materials


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