Wood Farming Tips and Farming Routes

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The main crafting component for all this furniture will be wood, with each furniture requiring one or two types of wood. There are 7 total types of wood you’ll need to craft, and all you have to do is find the trees and hit them to gain wood. You get 3 wood per tree, so don’t waste time wailing on the same tree for too long!

Below will be listed which wood type, what you should look for when finding these trees, and some farming routes/locations to get them!

Wood Farming Locations:

Wood #1: Fir Wood

Fir Wood is not as densely available as other trees, but specific locations have pockets of 3-4 trees you can farm.

They have a distinctive bark pattern on the tree that looks like long scales throughout the whole tree.

Their tree leaves also look like little fans of sharp fern, rather than a bushy cluster like the other trees. Below is an example of what they look like (it’s a slideshow, click left or right to view other images!):

Fir Wood Farming Routes: Cuijue Slope and Dadaupa Gorge (click the image to view)

Wood #2: Fragrant Cedar Wood

Fragrant Cedar Wood is practically everywhere in Mondstadt. They’re those big trees in forests, and usually in large clusters.

Look for a mossy patch on the trunk of the trees. Larger trees have an extremely visible patch, but thinner trees have a tiny patch of moss near the bottom. They’re also extremely tall/long.

Their leaves look like… normal leaves? They’re extremely tiny, fluffy looking leaves that aren’t hard to miss. Below is an example of what they look like (it’s a slideshow, click left or right to view other images!):

Fragrant Cedar Wood Farming Routes: Whispering Woods and Dawn Winery (click the image to view)

Wood #3: Bamboo Segment

Bamboo Segments are only in Liyue, but probably the easiest to farm. They literally just look like regular bamboo shoots…

Look for bamboo 😂

Bamboo Segment Farming Route: Road to Qingce Village (click the image to view)

Start at TP, get hit by a boar, and then just go up and down hitting all the bamboo you see

Wood #4: Sandbearer Wood

Sandbearer Wood is scarce and one of the more annoying woods to farm due to certain enemies being in the way.

Look for a distinctive spiral/deformed mark near the bottom of the tree. Sandbearer trees also have a light tan color to them, so it’s best to spot them during the day.

The leaves on the trees look like a fan with a single cut at the top. Most of these leaves are yellow/orange-ish, but can also be green as well. Below is an example of what they look like (it’s a slideshow, click left or right to view other images!):

Sandbearer Wood Farming Route: Guili Plains and West of Mt. Tianheng (click the image to view)

Wood #5: Pine Wood

Pine Wood is plentiful and extremely easy to farm. They seem to grow in gloomy areas though, but they’re densely packed and super easy to spot!

Pine Wood has the same bark pattern as Fir, but the difference is their leaves. Pine have extremely thin, needle-like leaves, which are extremely easy to spot.

In Dragonspine they don’t have their distinctive leaves, but they’re still extremely easy to spot. Look for brown trees covered in snow. WHITE TREES DON’T GIVE YOU ANYTHING. Below is an example of what they look like in both regions (it’s a slideshow, click left or right to view other images!):

Pine Wood Farming Route: Wuwang Hill and Dragonspine (click the image to view)

Wood #6: Cuihua Wood

Cuihua Wood is probably one of the rarest spawn, and oddly trickiest to find. The tree looks like any other tree, but with a catch

Trees that grow fruit (both Sunsettia and Apple) give Cuihua Wood. No other trees drop it otherwise. Below is an example of what they look like (it’s a slideshow, click left or right to view other images!):

Cuihua Wood Farming Route: Whispering Woods (click the image to view)

Start from TP and immediately go right to pick up 2 sunsettia trees. Then cross the road and run up the road grabbing all the fruit trees you see, until you reach Starfell Lake. The red dots are fruit trees that are off an efficient route, so you can grab them if you want

Wood #7: Birch Wood

Birch Wood is quite literally everywhere, and possibly the easiest tree to spot of the seven. It’s mainly in Mondstadt, but also a few here and there near Dragonspine

Look for a bright white with black striped tree — looks like a zebra pattern. Those are your Birch Wood trees. Quite literally impossible to mistake for anything else. Below is an example of what they look like (it’s a slideshow, click left or right to view other images!):

Birch Wood Farming Route: Statue of Seven near Dawn Winery

Doesn’t really matter how you route this one, but start from the Statue TP and just loop around the entire plateau. You’ll literally see a ton of Birch Wood trees everywhere

And that’s it! Hopefully this helped out with just quickly farming up some wood for whatever you need to craft. Just follow the red lines and you’ll see the trees you need. I tried to draw them as well as I can to mimic the routes I took!

Just a few more handy tips that I personally found extremely nice:

1) Use a polearm character – Rosaria is typically best due to her fast, arcing swings, but polearm characters like Hu Tao, Xiangling, or Zhongli will do best. Claymores swing wide but slow, and swords are fast but no range.

2) Hunt trees during daytime – It helps a lot to spot the differences mentioned above! Remember that you can change time anytime you want in the ESC menu

3) Trees only drop 3 wood, that’s it – Just another reminder that you can only get 3 wood max per tree, so moment you see 3 pieces drop out, move straight to the next tree!

Hope everyone is enjoying the 1.5 update as much as I am. Go make some crazy Serenitea builds.


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