Wriothesley Playable Character Announcement

Guilty waters run deep

“Navia, do you remember when I refused the title of ‘Baron’ bestowed upon me by the Palais Mermonia a few years back? Well, that’s beside the point. Today, I finally met the Administrator of the Fortress of Meropide. I had always assumed that ‘Duke’ was simply a hollow title too… But it turns out that Wriothesley is far more worldly than he looks.”
— Callas, former President of the Spina di Rosula
◆ Name: Wriothesley
◆ Title: Emissary of Solitary Iniquity
◆ Lord of the Fortress of Meropide
◆ Vision: Cryo
◆ Constellation: Cerberus

“Administrator of the Fortress of Meropide”
— If Wriothesley needed a namecard, this would suffice.

No foreword, and no epilogue. Just like that place of exiled convicts he’s in charge of, standing there silently at the bottom of the sea.
Despite its discretion, as a resting place for criminals, the Fortress of Meropide harbors a network of conflicting interests that would have a corrupting influence on many.
But even if someone was bent on infiltrating this place, they’d soon be swallowed up like breadcrumbs in a bowl of soup.

Some have lauded His Grace’s aptitude for taking care of thorny problems. Hearing such praise, Wriothesley would simply lower his teacup… and pick up his newspaper.
“You’ve got the wrong end of the stick. They just wanted somewhere to lead well-ordered lives, and I gave them the ‘tranquility’ they required.”


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