Xiangling Quick TL;DR DPS and Support Build Guide


PSA #1: DPS are the protagonists of your team. The rest of the members literally only exist to make the DPS look like a god

PSA #2: Both Xiangling’s abilities scale with ATK. She’s no longer the only spear user, but she literally has a living God as her personal cooking assistant so… get this girl some loot

Summon some raccoon, panda bear hybrid thing that spits supa hot fire in an AoE cone (but he’s not a rapper!) Guoba also gets picked up by any Anemo ability with Swirl, so he goes on a ride along with the enemies
He spews in a larger range. Supa Hot Fire, he spit dat

Guoba can be picked up by most AoE Anemo abilities. Things like Venti’s Q, Kazuha’s E, Jean’s E, etc… will drag him along with your enemies. It’s actually really helpful to enhance his ability to hit more enemies in group CC!

Make sure to pick up this chili after the bear disappears for a free 10% ATK boost. Eat ya vegetables kids

This pepper is available to anyone in the team, so if you want a specific character to get the ATK buff, make sure to swap to them before you pick it up!

Summons three spinning fidget spinners around your character that does constant pyro damage. IT STAYS WHEN YOU SWAP CHARACTERS! Positioning is important since the fidget spinners are kinda wonky

A really helpful tip for her ultimate: the moment you activate it, run around a bit and slap everyone with it. The 3-stage hit damage stat is buggy, but the premise is the more you slap with fidget spinners = the more damage they do

Running in the opposite direction of the fidget spinners around your enemies also is an easy way to enhance Q damage. It’s not really recommended, as you should be normal attacking still, but it’s a neat way to quickly get pyro damage across!

PSA #3: Xiangling’s only flaw is her awkward Pyro skills. Guoba is stationary and Pyronado can be inconsistent so most people run her as support > DPS compared to other DPS

Talent Leveling Order (DPS): Normal > Q > E

Talent Leveling Order (Support): Q > E > Normal

WEAPON #1 (Recommended for DPS): Crescent Pike

How do I get it D: ? – Forge (Prototype x1, Crystal Chunk x50, White Iron Chunk x50)

Has base Phys DMG scaling and keeps her damage buffed

Dragonspine Spear is a decent placeholder, but really recommended to use those prototypes for crafting CP > Dragonspine. Reason being that you need to be able to proc Cyro efficiently to really get the weapon skill off

A GREAT alternative can be White Tassel, since it has scaling CRIT% and it has a consistent 48% damage buff to your normal attacks. Still Crescent Pike is recommended since you’ll be parsing + the weapon skill is practically made for Phys DPS

You can run Halberd as well until you have the resources to build Crescent Pike!

5-star wise for DPS, Primordial Jade-Winged Spear will be your best bet since it’s raw scaling + CRIT% will help Xiangling dish out optimal DPS quickly

WEAPON #2 (Recommended for Support): Staff of Homa

How do I get it D: ? – It’s time to roll boys (gacha)

Has base CRIT DMG scaling and provides a crap ton of ATK. Basically a stat stick!

Staff of Homa is basically an extremely strong stat stick, that bolsters high ATK buff + CRIT DMG scaling. It’s a no-hassle weapon that just boosts Xiangling’s Q damage like mad. However, if you have a team that exceeds an energy cost total of around 260, Wavebreaker’s Fin will outclass Homa at R3+. This is purely in terms of discussing Xiangling’s Q btw.

Otherwise a solid F2P option is The Catch, which buffs burst damage while providing adequate Energy Recharge to help Xiangling get her Q faster

Deathmatch and Kitain Cross Spear are worthy mentions, and great placeholders until you can get any of the mentioned above, but locked behind a BP + prototype luck

ARTIFACT #1 (Recommended for DPS): Pale Flame

How do I get it D: ? – Ridge Watch Domain (AR 30 locked, 20 Resin per run)

Boosts Normal/Charged attack damage and gives ATK + boost to Phys DMG even more!

YOU CAN EFFECTIVELY RUN 4-SET PALE FLAME. Guoba will have continuous uptime to keep the buff active, which leads to a boost in the 2x bonus so it’s an extremely good alternative if you find farming for Bloodstained tedious!

Otherwise, a great placeholder is 2x Bloodstained + 2x Pale Flame until you can farm better pieces for 4x Pale!

ARTIFACT #2 (Recommended for Support): Emblem of Severed Fate

How do I get it D: ? – Momiji-Dyed Court Domain (AR 30 locked, 20 Resin per run)

Lets you get Q faster and boosts Q damage based off ER\

If you’re running 4x Emblem, make sure to pair with Starglitter or something with ER% to really juice the Q damage. Of course if you have 5-star alternatives, run those over 4-stars, but you still want to get as much ER% as possible!

Alternatively, 4-set Noblesse is perfectly fine as well. 4-set Crimson is a waste for Xiangling, as she can’t really get stacks due to her relatively long E CD. Or you can also run 2x Noblesse + 2x Crimson if you’re too lazy

At early stages of the game, The Exile set is also not a bad choice for supporting, as it will help you spam your Q better (since at early stages, energy recharge weapons are pretty void for polearms)

Main stats (DPS):


Substats: CRIT% > CRIT DMG > ATK% (ATK if ATK% is main stat) > EM

Main stats (Support):


Substats: CRIT% > CRIT DMG > ATK% > ATK/EM

If you want other characters let me know. Hope this helped. Bye.


I spend too much time filling out spreadsheets for incoherent data, but at least I can turn them into guides :P

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  1. Wouldn’t it be better, for dps xiangling, to have 2 set pale flame and 2 set bloodstained resulting in 50% physical dmg increase? Or maybe 2 set Gladiator’s 2 set bloodstained is better as it increases her E and Q dmg, resulting in more overall dmg?

    • So you can do 2-set Pale + 2-set Bloodstained, but 4-set Pale Flame just does much better, since the ATK buff scales much stronger than just scaling CP’s attacks. Guoba does a decent chunk of damage too (likewise with her Q), so overall DPS is much stronger

  2. 2board, I think you mean 2.0, not 2.1 :’D 2.1 is not out yet

    Also “The Kitain Cross Spear is pretty lackluster to Favonius or even Sacrificial, so no need to really get it!” –> there is a sacrificial spear?

    • Yeah someone changed it to 2.1 for some reason.

      And I didn’t meant to say Sacrificial LOL. I’m just so used to always comparing Favonius vs. Sacrificial it just kind of came out verbatim lmao

    • It’s decent, but still falls short behind Favonius (in terms of Energy Regen) and Dragon’s Bane/Deathmatch (in terms of damage). The only way Kitain Cross would be worth taking over Favonius is if you have it higher refine (ideally past R4), which is really up to whether or not you have enough Prototypes + want to.

  3. Hi! Beginner here. I am running this rotation:
    Fischl – E, Diona – hold E/Q, Xiangling E/Q, Ningguang E, walk through, do 2 normal shots and 1 charged shot / Q when available… , DPS until Fischl bird disappears, and re-do the whole sequence again.

    Do you think this rotation is good? Any way to improve my rotation?

    • I’m assuming Ning is your main DPS. It’s a good rotation, only 2 things I would just keep an eye out on is 1) if Fischl has her Q up before a fight, use it to engage since that’ll let you Q again earlier. 2) Ning should be able to squeeze in another rotation of NA2 > CA within that timeframe (unless I did the math wrong).

      Otherwise, your rotation works!

    • The catch is perfect for Xiangling! Honestly, this guide is kinda wonky. Phys DPS Xiangling isn’t all that great. Her ideal setup is with Xingqiu for vaporize damage (this is why 4pc crimson witch is actually not a waste despite her not being able to accumulate stacks, it gives you bonus vape dmg, but 4pc emblem is better) and Bennett for his low-cooldown skill, which means he can generate a lot of particles for Xiangling, since her burst costs a lot of energy. Fourth slot can be a healer, shielder, or viridescent venerer user, whatever works for you! Chongyun slots in very nicely as well, being able to proc melt reactions. 5* alternatives for Xingqiu and Bennett would be Tartaglia and Raiden Shogun, respectively, but they’re mostly used in order to free up Bennett and Xingqiu for your second team in the abyss. The full 4* team works perfectly fine. Look up “genshin national team” for more detailed breakdowns, if you’re interested!