Yachimatahiko’s Trial Quest Guide

Yachimatahiko’s Trial is part of the world quest series, Erebos’s Secret. It is one of the three trials that travellers must complete to be able to learn the secrets of Enkanomiya. During this trial, a new stage will be set, allowing travellers to explore new locations on the map.

Finding the quest

To find the quest, switch to Evernight mode as this is the only time when Sinshades can be seen. Once that is done, teleport to the Serpent’s Heart and find the Sinshade Erebos waiting by the staircase.

As you interact with the Sinshade, Erebos will reveal that she once used to be an auxiliary of Sangonomiya, one of the shrine maidens. In the past, Orobashi aka the Watatsumi Omikami opened a pathway that led from Enkanomiya to the newly found Watatsumi island. This place was meant to be a new haven for the people. However, during this time, Erebos and the Lady Sangonomiya of that time had a disagreement. This led to Erebos staying behind.

What was the disagreement about? Well, Lady Sangonimiya believed that it was best that the truth of Enkanomiya was forgotten. However, Erebos believed that a record of the truth should be left. Acting as a mediator, Orobashi decided that the truth would not be erased but instead sealed behind many trials. Travellers faced one of those trials while opening up Enkanomiya. Now, Erebos will present you will her own three trials.

Reaching the trial location

Once you accept Erebos’ trials, islands will rise from the fog where you’ll have to find the trials and complete them.

To get there, teleport to the location marked on the map and then defeat the Bathysmal Vishaps roaming about there. You’ll have to fight around three of them. After they’re gone, approach the pool they were roaming around. Over there, you’ll see an Emanant Skylight. Climb onto a higher vantage point and glide into the circle. Once you’re in, the skylight will begin to lift on its own and take you to the islands.

Yachimatahiko’s Trial

When you’re on the first island, unlock the nearby Waypoint. After that, approach the Sinshade standing by a gateway and interact with him. This is Uda, a Jibashiri and the person in charge of the first trial. For this, you’ll have to return the Flames of the High Gate back to their original place. To do so, you’ll have to solve a series of puzzles.

Once the gateway is open, go through and glide to the next island. Here you’ll have to fight Anemo Specters. If you’re not in the mood, as long as you have a shield, you can make a run for it and glide onto the third island. This is the place with the puzzles.

The Puzzles

When you enter, you’ll immediately be faced with a battle. There will be three Hydro Specters. Defeat them so you can move on.

You’ll find two Flames on the first floor of the structure. However, to get that, you need to go up the stairs and use the Sun and Moon mechanism to switch to Whitenight. Now, go back downstairs and use a normal attack on the Triangular mechanism to open the gate. You still won’t be able to collect the first flame. Instead, go to the second flame that had been trapped behind Evernight barriers and collect that.

From here, return to the second floor and switch to Evernight mode. Now, you’ll be able to activate the second Triangular Mechanism to get the first Flame.

Now, go back to the second floor and then glide over to the triangular mechanism. It is located across from the third Flame. Activate it and then go back to the building with the third Flame to collect it.

The final flame is located on top of the third Flame. You’ll have to climb up. When you get there, you’ll see the Flame high in the sky. One way to get this is a combination of Zhongli‘s stone stele with Kazuha‘s elemental skill. If you don’t have these characters, go to the hill across the Flame and go past the Geo Specters to climb to the highest possible point. Glide down to the Flame from here and grant it.

The Rightful Place

Once you have all four Flames, you’ll be guided to another location on the map via the navigation system. Over there, you’ll see Uda, the Sinshade who gave you the challenge. He’ll acknowledge your hard work and call you meticulous, though he doesn’t really mean it. That was the description that the high priestess gave him for the person who cleared the trial. He’ll disappear and a cutscene will begin.

With this, you’ll have cleared Yachimatahiko’s Trial.

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