Yae Publishing House Invitation Guide

Yae Publishing House Invitation is a world quest that was added to Genshin Impact with the Inazuma update. Finishing this quest can earn travellers 50,000 Mora, 3 Hero’s Wit as well as 5 Primogems from a hidden achievement.

Activating the Quest

Teleport to Inazuma City and find Aratani who works at the Yae Publishing House. Interact with her and she’ll tell you that she needs help. The publishing house is holding their annual novel-writing competition and while it is tradition to invite authors to join the judging panel, due to the current travel restrictions, she can’t do that. With the current political environment, outlanders cannot enter or leave Inazuma. While she can’t bring the authors to the nation, she at least hopes to send them an invitation as well as a gift for the sake of tradition.

Agree to help Aratani and she will tell you the names of the authors she hopes to invite.

One of the authors is someone travellers will be familiar with. If you have finished the Liyue arc, you would have heard the name Chang the Ninth. He first appears in Xingqiu’s story quest Bookworm Swordsman. The second author is someone named Zhenyu but even Aratani doesn’t know who they are. But she believes the author lives in Liyue and perhaps the staff of Wanwen Bookhouse would know their identity.

At the end of the interaction, Aratani will hand you the letters and the gifts. With them, you can be on your way.

Chang The Ninth

Finding Chang the Ninth shouldn’t be difficult at all as he never really leaves his house.

After teleporting to Qingce Village, go around Granny Rouxin’s padoga and towards the ladder placed against the mountain. Climb up until you reach Chang the Ninth’s house. He will be standing right outside and worrying about his lost fortune. Interact with him and inform him that you’re here to deliver a letter from Yae Publishing House.

Unfortunately, instead of thanking the traveller for the letter and letting them go their way, Chang starts reading the letter right then and there. This means the traveller can’t leave until Chang reaches an embarrassing part of the letter, one that has “creative suggestions” for him.

Now, you can leave.


According to Aratani, Zhenyu is a pen name which is why she can’t give you the exact location of the author. She doesn’t know who it is. This is why, as per her suggestion, teleport to Liyue and make your way to Wanwen Bookhouse. Since Zhenyu’s debut novel A Legend of Sword was first found there by a merchant, Aratani hopes the staff might know something.

Once at the bookhouse, instead of talking to the staff, talk to Xingqiu who you’ll find standing near a bookshelf and reading. Interact with him and let him know that you’re looking for a writer named Zhenyu. At first, he won’t give anything away, a little flabbergasted as to why you know the name. Eventually, however, he’ll confess that he is in fact the mysterious author you’ve been looking for.

When Xingqiu initially gave the manuscript for A Legend of Sword to an editor in Liyue, he was informed that the setting of his book was too outlandish and the story cliche. As no one would want to reach something like this, his manuscript was rejected. However, instead of being dejected, Xingqiu printed a few copies of his book and placed them in Wanwen Bookhouse. After some, when no one really paid attention to his work, he more or less forgot about it. That is until he found out that he was now famous in Inazuma.

After taking the letter and gifts from you, Xingqiu will thank you and let you go your way.

With this, you’ll unlock the achievement Guess Who? and receive 5 Primogems for it.

Return to Inazuma

After all the letters have been delivered, teleport back to Inazuma City and find Aratani. Let her know that you’ve finished the job and she’ll give you more details on how Xingqiu’s book ended up in Inazuma.

Apparently, while a travelling merchant was in Liyue, he picked up the book and brought it with him to Inazuma. Over there, he submitted it to Yae Publishing House. After reading the book, one of the editors from the publishing house planned to go to Liyue. They wanted to meet Zhenyu and get him to write more manuscripts. However, those plans were cancelled when travel became difficult in Inazuma. While Yae Publishing House printed the first book again in Inazuma, they were never able to get a sequel, despite the book being a bestseller.

As you leave Aratani, she’ll wonder what she can do next as Zhenyu’s royalties are piling up and she has no way of giving him the money.

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