Yanfei Quick TL;DR Team Comp Guide

Team comp guide on the best elements and characters to use with Yanfei for Genshin Impact.

Team comp guide on the best elements and characters to use with Yanfei for Genshin Impact.

Yanfei (you commit a crime, and she’s the opposing party’s legal advisor… wdyd 😨)

She’s technically an adeptus, but she just kinda does her own thing lmao

Element: Pyro

Weapon: Catalyst


Low E CDGood damage multipliersExtremely easy to play
Strong self buffsPyro DMG% as hidden statHigh nuke damage potential
Decent AoECan sustain her own DPSGetting to C2 is really all you need


Long Q CDHigh Q CostPractically no ER
VERY SQUISHYSeals are lost when swapped outNeeds to be played optimally
Her A4 passive makes it difficult to proc melt properlyNeeds 2 different boss mats to ascend

PSA #1: While it does seem like she has a few cons, it’s actually not that noticeable. She’s extremely centered on her Normal/Charged Attacks for damage, so Q issues and ER can be ignored. However, she just needs a good melt/vaporize team to really bring out her DPS potential!

Who to take (alternatives explained below!):

  • Sucrose’s normal attacks and E can be used to quickly proc a pyro swirl, activating Viridescent Venerer’s resistance shred + granting EM to boost Yanfei’s DPS
  • Her E and Q are great sources of AoE CC for grouping + provides even further DMG bonuses to Yanfei
  • Can be geared with TTDS to further expand Yanfei’s nuke rotation (+48% ATK is no joke!)
  • Xingqiu’s E grants DMG reduction and also heals slightly, acting as a crutch for your squishy Yanfei (also applies wet to nearby enemies)
  • His Q synergizes with Yanfei’s Normal Attack combo, granting quick applications for vaporize damage and bolstering overall DPS
  • Can be run as a secondary DPS, and can deal with Yanfei’s one true enemy: the pyro slime
  • Grants pyro resonance, which grants bonus ATK%, and can spam his E to grant energy for Yanfei
  • His Q grants an ATK buff and probably one of the strongest heals in the game, making your Yanfei a bit tankier
  • Bennett himself is extremely tanky as well (due to HP stacking for support build), so he can be used as a meat shield until his Q is up to heal Yanfei in emergencies

PSA #2: The comp above is mainly for a vaporize comp (which is my preferred comp) for Yanfei. It works just as well as it does for Klee, and arguably a cheap and easy comp to gear and run. Below will be listed other alternatives for different comps (based on what artifact you’re running!)

Great flex slot alternatives:

  • Venti – His Q + VV also makes him extremely lethal to pair with Yanfei. Grouped enemies in his Q actually do get hurt by Yanfei’s Charged Attack, so it works pretty well
  • Kaeya (MELT COMP) – His spammable E makes applying cryo for melt very easy, and his Q makes him a very passive support that doesn’t require much rotation
  • Mona – More for her utility, as her taunt can be invaluable in areas like the Abyss to take heat off Yanfei. Her Q pairs amazingly with Yanfei’s charged attack (or her Q as well)
  • Barbara – Only if you somehow don’t have either Bennett or Diona. Just be aware that her E applies wet when it heal ticks, and can cause your character to be frozen or electro-charged
  • Diona (MELT COMP) – Extremely spammable and strong shield, that also applies cryo to multiple enemies, and can create a massive cryo field that heals and applies cryo even more… do I need to continue?
  • Zhongli (RETRACING BOLIDE) – Long lasting and strong shield that not only protects Yanfei, but gives her the Bolide’s 40% DMG bonus to Charged Attacks
  • Xinyan – While not the greatest (or popular) shield or pyro character, she can be used as an alternative burst DPS. Plus, she can deal with Geo shields fairly well
  • Fischl – Oz is great for spreading electro procs, which can be paired with Yanfei for overloaded comp. Not the most efficient, but can be useful against shields, geo units, and overall for nuking potential if you don’t have any of the other characters mentioned!
  • Beidou – Likewise with Fischl, but can be run as a sub DPS. Her Q is also a great and easy method to provide a bit of tankiness and spread electro for overloaded procs

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK QUESTIONS BELOW! I’ll try my best to respond as I know some players may not have ANY of the characters mentioned.

Hope this helped. Bye.


I spend too much time filling out spreadsheets for incoherent data, but at least I can turn them into guides :P

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  1. You know, I would really like to see you draw a clear comparison between Klee and Yanfei.

    We never before had 2 characters who are that similar combat-wise before.

    • What do you specifically want to compare? I imagine it’s safe to assume you mean damage charts?

      As for gameplay, team comp, build (both weapon and artifacts), and relative scaling, they’re pretty much exactly the same (with Yanfei just having more emphasis on her E for additional damage [since it gives her full seal stacks], whereas Klee has more emphasis on her Q to boost DPS uptime [for an additional source of damange])

  2. I just came across your guide via Reddit. All I can say is, wow! So thorough and well done! Keep up the great work!

  3. I’m running Yanfei, Ganyu, Venti and Bennett lately and finding it works well – Ganyu’s cluster shot, Q and E are all good sources for Venti’s Q to absorb before Yanfei lets loose with a myriad of melt, while Bennett can buff/heal/protect the squishier 3.

    Going to try switching Bennett for Zhongli once I can level him appropriately, hoping his hefty shields and ability to throw out physical damage unlike the other three will mean they synergise well.

    Any thoughts on Zhongli plan or suggestions to improve/tweak the comp?

    (love the guides btw, THANKS)

    • If you’re finding yourself getting hurt a lot, then Bennett’s heal is essentially a must. While Zhongli’s shield is good, it’s still viable to break for massive sustained damage. Also you’ll be losing the Pyro resonance ATK buff as well, so you have to wager that above everything (not too detrimental if you characters have ample amounts of ATK already, but can be problematic otherwise)!

  4. sooooooo I currently have Yanfei, Noelle Kaeya and Keqing on a team (i know i know two selfish dps’s :OO ;-;) so i dont really know who my proper main team should include since its pretty unbalanced at the moment. I definitely want Kaeya on my team to support but I dont know which dps i should replace, Yanfei or Keqing and with who? annnnd i also dont know if i should keep having noelle as my healer/shield (i do like having a shield user) i like using her but their may be someone better. if u have any thoughts i will more than willingly take them!!! (p.s i have skyward blade if that may help so not sure who to give that too (preferably i would give it to kaeya lol)) overall, if you could just tell me who to put with kaeya in a team ill be happy cause as you can see im fairly lost :))

    These are all the fighters I have : KAEYA, Amber, Lisa, Traveller C4, Xiangling C2, Barbara, Bennett C1, Diona C1, Xinyan, Barbara, Razor C1, Ningguang, Keqing, Yanfei C1 (you said to have C2 so idk if C1 would do lol), Noelle

    Thank you so much ee again

    • You could replace Noelle for Bennett if you want a much stronger sustain (his heal outweighs Noelle’s shield str). That way you’ll get pyro resonance, even furthering your ATK for your team. In terms removing Keqing: you can still keep her as a burst DPS option. If you do want to still keep a shield option, as well you can try running Yanfei – Kaeya – Bennett – Diona (pyro resonance for ATK buff and cryo resonance for CRIT% buff). Diona’s shield is much stronger than Noelle’s, granted you build her correctly (HP stack).

  5. so sorry but i forgot to add i dont really want xinyan on my team so please try to avoid her lol and I have Noelle at C3 tyyy

  6. so sorry i forgot to mention I dont really want xinyan on my team so if you could avoid that woul be great and my Noelle is at C3

  7. If I’m running yanfei, xingqiu, bennett and zhongli in the same party would you recommend replacing one of those with a crowd control? If so who do you think would work better, sucrose or kazuha? Also if i do end up keeping that original team should i run zhongli with tom or bolide? Thank you!!

    • Typically I like to always have an Anemo since it’s 1) great AoE CC and 2) Swirl mixed with 4x Viridescent set is an absolutely disgusting DMG buff.

      I personally recommend Kazuha since his E is an extremely reliable and low CD CC, but Sucrose if you want more ATK buffing! — Also run Zhongli with ToM

    • Depends on who you run your 4th slow. Yoimiya would get buffed from Yun Jin, but truly does the best DPS when paired with an elemental proc like Xingqiu/Yelan Q for Vapo or a Melt variation.

      It will be okay to run Yanfei here as both main or Burst DPS, so that’s up to you!