Yaoyao Quick TL;DR Support/Healer Build Guide

PSA #1: A Support/Healer is your mom, because they keep telling you to eat your veggies to grow stronger… it works though 💪!

PSA #2: Both Yaoyao’s abilities scale off ATK and Max HP, but you’re better off slapping a bunch of HP on her to maximize her Healing potential!

This guide will be focused on her Support build, but I will also detail a dedicated Healer build below each Weapon and Artifact section as well!

Elemental Skill – Raphanus Sky Cluster

Yaoyao yeets a giant rabbit at enemies that will spit out radishes at nearby enemies, dealing Dendro DMG. Radishes can also heal players!

Yaoyao’s finally out and she’s the first Dendro Healer we’ve seenand she’s actually pretty good! Her Elemental Skill is essentially her entire kit (as her Burst is just a mimic of it) so it’s important to learn the details!

Here are the details regarding her Skill:

Upon activation, Yaoyao will toss this giant yellow bunny (called Yuegui) at nearby enemies. Holding the ability will allow you to aim it and throw it further!

Yuegui stays on-field for 10 seconds and will spit out small White Jade Radishes at nearby foes, dealing small AoE Dendro DMG.

However if your active character is below 70% HP, it will instead prioritize you and throw Radishes at you — these heals are based off her Max HP.

Here are some more quick details:

  • Shoots a max of 10 Radishes (so 1 per second)
  • Will still spit out radishes even if there are no enemies or characters to heal
  • Radishes last 5 seconds before they explode
  • 1 Energy Particle every 1.5s (so 6 Particles total)
  • Has a 15 second CD

So does that mean Yaoyao’s heal acts similar to Bennett’s Q heal? — sort of, but you can easily override the >70% HP rule by doing two things

The first and easiest option is to simply run into the Radishes on the ground (they are depicted on the right).

While Yuegui will always target enemies if they are nearby, sometimes they can miss or just wait until all enemies are dead.

These Radishes will stay for 5 seconds before they explode OR until an enemy or character gets near them — thus you can just pick them up for a quick heal as well!

The second option is a bit trickier since Yuegui doesn’t seem to have a targeting priority when picking enemies.

However, you can stand next to the enemy Yuegui is currently targeting to get hit by the burst of the AoE.

Doing so will still hurt the enemy, but also heal the nearby character (as shown on the left)!

The Radish heals are nothing to joke about, they’re actually really solid for how frequently they can heal!

Lets say your Yaoyao has 30,000 HP with a level 8 Skill. That means each Radish will heal for 1,132 HP ([0.0274 x 30,000] + 310), then times 10 since it spits out 10 Radishes total. That means a single E can heal for a total of 11,320 HP BEFORE Healing Bonus% buffs — with Healing Bonus%, it’s around 15,000+

While this doesn’t seem too impressive, it’s actually insane once you incorporate her Burst and her Acension 4 Passive (will discuss below)! I’m actually really glad Yaoyao is a decent Healer/Support as it opens up a lot of team comp potential for characters like Nilou and other Dendro-based comps!

Elemental Burst – Moonjade Descent

Yaoyao summons three rabbits that basically do the same thing as her Skill (E). She also gains Dendro RES and a movement speed buff!

Yaoyao’s Burst is basically like her Elemental Skill x3 — except the heals are stronger, the damage is better, and Yaoyao gets buffed.

Upon activating her Burst, Yaoyao will first deal Dendro DMG in a massive AoE around her.

She will then spawn three Yuegui’s that have the same properties as her Skill’s Yuegui. However, here’s the catch:

  • Deals more DMG and Heals better
  • Only lasts 4 seconds

Yaoyao also gains the Adeptal Legacy buff, giving her a 50% Dendro RES buff and 15% Movement Speed buff (which is great for her Ascension 1 Passive)

The three Yueguis from her Burst last a lot shorter, but their total capability for burst healing is insane. I’ll break it down like this:

  • 1st Yuegui: spits 4 Radishes total
  • 2nd Yuegui: spits 3 Radishes total
  • 3rd Yuegui: spits 2 Radishes total
  • Total Radish count: 9 Radishes

So if each Radish heals for 1,333 HP (using the same 30,000 Max HP example from above), that means your active character can gain an immediate 3,999 HP the moment they fall below 70% — or if they stand near the enemy that’s being targeted — by the way IT HEALS HER WHOLE PARTY, NOT JUST THE ACTIVE CHARACTER!

The total healing for from her Burst would be 11,997 HP, or 23,317 HP when paired with her Elemental Skill… it’s a pretty insane heal — not to mention how many Dendro-reactions can proc from the pure number of Radishes and Dendro Cores the Yuegui can spawn!

Ascension 1 Passive – Starscatter

Basically just run and jump after she uses Burst to deal more DMG/heal more!

This is where the Adeptal Legacy buff from her Burst comes in handy. The premise is after you use your Burst, you want Yaoyao to basically just run and jump around as much as you can for those 5 seconds.

Doing so will cause her to throw out Radishes as well — dealing damage and Healing characters (great for co-op!).

If you’re able to maximize this passive, you can spawn a maximum of 8 Radishes from Yaoyao (5 seconds / 0.6s), and these Radishes scale off your Burst’s Radish DMG/Healing!

Ascension 4 Passive – In Other’s Shoes

Radishes will now give a small heal over time if you’re in range!

When Radishes expire, or and enemy or character is in range, they will explode. Doing so will give nearby character’s a heal over time — this is an extremely strong additional heal.

The radius of the Radish explosion is fairly big, and considering the amount of Radishes that can be spawned, it’s extremely easy to gain this passive heal.

It’s a heal that proc’s every second for 5 seconds. It also scales by 0.8% of Yaoyao’s Max HP.

So if she has 30,000 Max HP, that means this passive will heal 240 HP per second — or 1,200 total.

While it seems minimal, keep in mind that’s ontop of her normal Radish healing, which stacks up quite nicely!


Yaoyao’s constellations are actually really good and quite easy to get since she’s a 4-star (with a rate-up during 3.4!). They’re nothing game breaking, but it helps bring out her ability to Support/Enable a lot better! I would advise that going up to C4 (or C5) is worth it, but don’t break your wallet trying for C6.

C1 is a direct buff for Dendro DPS, as it grants tem a 15% Dendro DMG buff for 8 seconds. It also provides 15 Stamina restored that can occur every 5 seconds.

This constellation triggers when the character is in the Radish’s explosion AoE, so it’s not a hard effect to proc.

While it does seem like it’s amazing for Dendro DPS character (like Althaitham who deals Dendro DMG and uses a lot of stamina due to his NA/CA combos), it’s also great for non-Dendro DPS who use a lot of stamina — like Ayaka, Razor, Keqing, etc..)

C2 allows Yaoyao to alleviate some of her Energy problems for her large 80 cost Burst. Basically as long as Radishes hit enemies while Yaoyao has the Adeptal Legacy buff, she gains 3 Energy back.

This can occur every 0.8 seconds, so Yaoyao can generate 18.75 Energy between each Q (assuming she procs Radishes every second).

That’s 23% of her Burst cost regained from just using it. It’s an extremely energy-efficient constellation that helps Yaoyao a lot!

C4 tremendously boosts Yaoyao’s ability to be an off-field Support/Enabler, granting her a massive EM buff whenever she uses her Skill or Burst.

She gains 0.3% EM based off her Max HP for 8 seconds. If we base this off 30,000 Max HP, that means Yaoyao gains 240 EM whenever Skill or Burst is used.

However, it’s capped at 120 EM, so you can maximize this constellation just at 15,000 Max HP! It’s a pretty self-explanatory buff that allows Yaoyao to proc some juicy elemental reaction damage!

C6 enhances her Skill’s ability to deal damage and heal. Yuegui will throw a Mega Radish after every 2 regular Radishes it throws out.

This Mega Radish does a MASSIVE AoE Dendro DMG and heals for 7.5% of Yaoyao’s Max HP. That means with 30,000 Max HP, the Mega Radish will heal for 2,250 HP.

However, this can only occur twice and it also counts as 2 of the 10 total Radishes her Skill throws out. It doesn’t really have a downside, but for a C6 effect it’s fairly… disappointing?

Would I say it’s worth to C6 her? Of course. She’s a 4-star so it can be done, but it’s also nothing worth rolling excessively for.

Talent Leveling Order: E = Q > NA (Don’t really need to level her NA since she’s off-field — for both Support and Healer builds!)

WEAPON #1 (Recommended for best Supporting): Favonius Lance

How do I get it D: ? – It’s time to roll boys (gacha)

Has base ER% scaling and generates more energy for Yaoyao (needs CRIT!)

Favonius Lance is the recommended weapon for Support Yaoyao due to it’s high ER stat and ability to generate energy for the whole team. Yaoyao’s only real issue is her high Burst cost and while her Skill can generate decent particles, it’s not enough for an 80 cost burst. That’s where Favonius Lance helps a lot. Not only will the 30.6% ER it provides at level 90 help increase her gain, but the 6 energy every 6 seconds will help tremendously! Support Yaoyao can build some CRIT values instead of taking a Healing Bonus% Circlet, so that’s how you can build up some CRIT%!

Another alternative can be Kitain Cross Spear. It’s a craftable weapon and provides 110 EM, boosting her reaction damage. Whenever her Skill damages an enemy (Yuegui attacks count), she will regen 12 Energy total (5 energy every 2 seconds for 6 seconds – 3 from initial proc). This is a great passive method of both boosting Yaoyao’s damage, while helping keep her Burst uptime higher/more frequent!

For a more aggressive Support build, you can try the craftable weapon Moonpiercer! It provides an ample 110 EM at max level and also drops a 32% ATK buff whenever Yaoyao triggers a Dendro-based reaction! It also occur’s off-field, so it’s a perfect weapon for her!

I will mention Staff of Homa purely as a statstick. If you have amazing artifact sets that grant plenty of EM and ER%, then Staff of Homa honestly trumps the others in terms of raw Supporting potential. Not only does it provide a massive 66.2% CRIT DMG, it also boosts Yaoyao’s HP by 20% and further increases her ATK based off her Max HP! It can turn Yaoyao into a lethal Support/sub DPS option!

WEAPON #2 (Recommended for best Healing): Black Tassel

How do I get it D: ? – It’s time to roll boys (gacha)

Has base HP% scaling and just good cause it provides a bunch of HP!

Black Tassel may be a 3-star weapon with a horrible base ATK and useless weapon effect, but it’s one of the few Polearms that grant a raw amount of HP%! For Healer Yaoyao, nothing trumps HP as it’s what her heals scale from! At max level, Black Tassel provides 46.9% HP, which can help push Yaoyao’s Max HP into the low 40,000’s! That means her heals would be doing roughly 2,800 – 3,000 HP per Radish! That’s insane for just having HP!

Staff of Homa gets another mention purely for the 20% HP bonus it provides. The other stats are great, but in the case of Healer Yaoyao, it’s the only aspect really worth focusing on. If you are lucky enough to R5 it, then you’re looking at a 40% HP buff at all times!

As for other options, you can really reference the weapons above (like Favonius Lance, Moonpiercer, etc..) as they all still work plenty well for the Healer build. Only advice other than stacking HP is just to ensure that Yaoyao’s ER% is around the 170% range to utilize her Burst frequently — otherwise you may want to run a battery or another Dendro Support to provide energy!

ARTIFACTS (Recommended for best Supporting): Tenacity of the Millelith

How do I get it D: ? – Ridge Watch Domain (AR 30 Locked, 20 Resin per run)

Boosts Max HP and provides an ATK/Shield buff to the rest of the team!

For both Healer and Support builds, 4x Tenacity of Millelith does extremely well. Not only does it provide her with a 20% HP buff (that increases her healing output), but the 4x bonus provides her entire team with a 20% ATK buff. The requirement is extremely easy to meet as Yuegui’s attacks count as Elemental Skill.

However for a more Healer-focused build, you can run 2x Ocean Hued + 2x Maiden’s for the 15% Healing bonus and 15% Healing effectiveness! There’s no difference between the two, so just look at is as a 30% healing increase! This allows Yaoyao’s Radishes to heal 1.35x more effectively, which is a massive gain in her total output!

If no one on your team is running it, a great alternative can be the 4x Deepwood Memories to help reduce enemy’s Dendro RES by 30% — keep in mind this is only if you have a Dendro DPS or sub-DPS! Otherwise, 4x Tenacity will outside Deepwood!

Main stats:

HP% (ER% if you need to reach 170%)HP%CRIT% or CRIT DMG (or Healing Bonus% for Healer!)

Substats: HP% > ER% > CRIT Values (CRIT%/CRIT DMG) > ATK% = EM

If you want other characters let me know. Hope this helped. Bye.


I spend too much time filling out spreadsheets for incoherent data, but at least I can turn them into guides :P

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