Yashiori Island’s 10 Sword Hilt Secret Achievement: Rest In Peace

If you, like me, were wondering what purpose these charged swords existed for besides nearly killing you, you’ve come to the right place.

Turns out, it’s part of a secret achievement you can only earn once you’ve deactivated all 10 Sword Hilts.

This can be done quite easily using the power of the Electrogranums nearby. It’s when you try and touch the Sword Hilts without protection from the Electrogranum that you get walloped from above.

Do your best to resist the urge to get blasted for fun, as after you properly deactivate the Sword Hilt, you’ll have to defeat an Elite Samurai to reap the reward of a Common Chest.

As we all know, they do not hit lightly.

To begin, head on over to Yashiori Island.

Every Sword Hilt will be found there. The order in which you deactivate them doesn’t matter but the route shown below will make it easier.

Location 1: Nazuchi Beach

By using the isles when traveling from Kannazuka Island to Yashiori Island you’ll run into this Sword Hilt first. Three samurai will be patrolling closer to the where the hilt is located on the beach coast.

Take them out then find the Electrogranum to the East of the blade.

Once shielded by, go on and touch the sword. An Electro Elite Samurai will appear.

Defeat him to get the chest.

Location 2: Yashiori Statue of Seven

Rather than carrying on forward and getting murdered in the chaos that is the Musoujin Gorge, you can teleport directly to the Statue of Seven to reach the next Sword. As soon as you do, swing your camera around and find the hilt a short distance away. The Electrogranum is behind it.

As it’ll be raining on the hill, you’ll benefit most with a member of Cryo on your team.

Touch the hilt and engage in battle with a Pyro Elite Samurai to get your second chest.

Location 3: Higi Village

Continue Southwest from the Statue of Seven and discover Higi Village.

You’ll be greeted by a handful of samurai and an Electro Elite Samurai guarding the third Hilt. Defeat them to make it easier on yourself for the next fight. Then make a left and find the Electrogranum beside a shrine on a tiny hill.

A Pyro Elite Samurai spawns again. Win the fight and grab your third chest.

Location 4: Waverider Coast

Glide from the cliffs of Higi Village towards the docks where the Waverider Waypoint is.

Look to the left of the sword after you land on the sand. An Electrogranum sits on a hill.

Run and grab its power. You can sprint back to the fourth Hilt and summon the Elite Pyro Samurai immediately.

Same as before, when you win a Common Chest appears.

Location 5: Uphill the Waverider Waypoint

From the Waverider Waypoint, travel up the hills and through the camps of Treasure Hoarders and samurai until you reach the location shown on the map here below.

It’s hard to spot at first, but once you find either the hilt or the Electrogranum you can usually shift your camera 180 to see where the other one is.

Another Pyro Elite Samurai shows. Beat him to snatch another chest and move on.

Location 6: Jakotsu Mine

Venture East of the Jakotsu Mine.

Touch the Electrogranum and the Sword Hilt. Fend off a Pyro Elite Samurai for the fifth time and get yourself that sixth chest.

Location 7: Momiji-Dyed Court

Teleport yourself to the Momiji-Dyed Court Domain and run East. Or travel North by foot if you’d like from Location 6. Either way, we’re on our way to deactivate our seventh Hilt.

Fight your way past several samurai camps to reach the cusp of land shown on the map.

Follow the unchanging pattern of protecting yourself with the Electrogranum before going to fight. Summon our favorite Pyro Elite Samurai and Cryo him away!

We’ve gained our seventh glorious Common Chest.

Location 8: Fort Fujitou

Let’s deactivate the eighth Sword Hilt. Its location is pretty much right in between both Teleport Waypoints so it doesn’t matter which you leave from.

You find two hilichurls dancing around the hilt. Make quick work of them and cast your eye to the left where the Electrogranum is on the edge of the grassy cliff.

Out comes an Electro Elite Samurai. Long time no see!

Wipe him out and prepare yourself for the longest part of the Secret Achievement yet.

Location 9: Musoujin Gorge

We face the Six Swords Puzzle. Truthfully, it’s not as daunting as it sounds. Journey close to the Musoujin Gorge and find it here:

For the first time, we are granted with a Lucrative Chest. To unlock it we’re going to have to solve the puzzle first. It’s fairly straightforward.

In order to deactivate the ninth Hilt, pay close attention to the order the Electro Seelie travels. Once you get the pattern in your head, touch the Electrogranum and then the six swords as shown.

If you run out of the Electrogranum’s protection, you can touch it again without having to worry about starting over.

However, if you fudge the order, you’ll have to touch every sword with the Electrogranum power before it allows you to begin again.

The dynamic-duo of an Electro Elite Samurai and Pyro Elite Samurai will emerge. Defeat them!

Cryo is definitely recommended here as you can constantly Freeze the samurai without needing to worry about being mega-slashed by them at the same time. Utilize the power of the weather and fight smart. If given enough time, one of the samurai will regenerate HP when the other falls.

Victory seized, collect your reward.

We now only have one more location and Sword Hilt to discover!

Location 10: Fort Mumei

This final Sword Hilt will feel like an easier grab after leaving Location 9. Make your way West of Yashiori Island where the ruins of Fort Mumei can be seen.

Summon your Waverider. Boat however haphazardly you may to the smaller isle south of the map. The Electrogranum and 10th Sword Hilt is on its Furthermost West edge.

Congratulations! After defeating the last Pyro Elite Samurai (for old times’ sake of course) we’ve earned the Secret Achievement: Rest In Peace.

Go give yourself a break. You deserve it!

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