Yoimiya Character Teaser

Genshin Impact recently dropped the character teaser for Yoimiya. Now that Ayaka’s banner is coming to an end soon, it is time to hype up someone new. If your team is in need of a pyro bow user who deals burst damage, Yoimiya might be the one you’re looking for.

Who is Yoimiya?

Known as the Queen of Summer Festivals, Yoimiya is the best pyrotechnician in Inazuma. A skilled craftsperson, the children see her as their heroic big sister. After all, no matter how small or big a problem might be, Yoimiya will always have a solution. She is also the owner of Naganohara Fireworks, taking over from her father.

She was introduced in the Archon Quest A Flower Blooms in Prison, where she helped rescue Master Masakatsu. Later, she went on to have her own story quest Carassius Auratus Chapter: Dreamlike Timelessness. In this quest, players were given a trial of the character to showcase her abilities.

In the character description, Yoimiya is considered a Burst DPS who uses a bow and her constellation is Carassius Auratus.


Firework Flare-Up

As any bow user, Yoimiya has her normal attacks as well as her charged attacks. Her charged attacks, however, have two different levels depending on the charge time. If charged fully, three Kindling Arrows will be generated as part of the aimed shot. This increases Yoimiya’s pyro damage upon hitting the enemy.

Niwabi Fire-Dance

Niwabi Fire-Dance is Yoimiya’s elemental skill. When activated all of Yoimiya’s arrows will be turned into Blazing Arrows that turn her attack into Pyro Damage. Thanks to this skill you don’t have to wait for the arrow to charge to infuse it with Pyro. All normal attacks will do Pyro Damage which makes elemental application easier.

However, once Yoimiya leaves the field, even if there is time left, her elemental skill will end. Her normal attacks will go back to shooting five consecutive arrows without pyro application. You will then have to wait for the skill’s cooldown to end to be able to use it again.

Ryuukin Saxifrage

During the elemental burst, Yoimiya leaps into the air and uses the Ryuukin Saxifrage, rockets that she created herself. When fired, they deal AOE Pyro damage to the enemies. They also mark the opponent with an Aurous Blaze.

This elemental burst not only deals good damage but can also be used for elemental reactions. As long as the Aurous Blaze remains on an enemy, an attack by any character will cause an explosion. This causes AOE Pyro damage. Her burst can be used as a support for your main DPS because it doesn’t matter if the attack is a normal attack or elemental skill, as long as it hits, the mark will explode. With this talent, Yoimiya will increase the damage caused by your entire party.

Given her skills, Yoimiya is a good character to add to your team roster. With the right artifacts and weapons, she can cause a lot of damage. She definitely has the potential to be an amazing support character and maybe, even your new DPS if you build her right.

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