Yoimiya Quick TL;DR DPS Build Guide!

PSA #1: Your DPS is that one friend in elementary where you guys take turns playing a video game if the other person dies, but when they die they say “wait, one more time” and you never get your turn? That’s your DPS.

PSA #2: Yoimiya is a bit special since her Q scales off ATK, but her E scales off Normal Attack DMG bonuses. She’s a pretty straightforward character that can have insanely high DPS windows with a little bit of assistance!

Only mention this briefly, but basically Yoimiya’s Charged Attack can charge 2 times. At the 2nd charge, she shoot 3 kindles that auto-target enemies. It’s REALLY bad.

IMPORTANT TIP: Don’t bother wasting time with Yoimiya’s Charged Attack. The homing kindles from her Charged Attack have INCREDIBLY bad aim (literally it will target a bird or a torch/campfire even among enemies), and do very little damage.

She’s basically the opposite of Ganyu — Pyro DPS that focuses heavily on Normal Attacks and pair well with off-field enablers/supports!

Yoimiya infuses her arrows with sparklers… Enchants her Normal Attacks to Pyro DMG. Basically she’s a machine gun that shoots firecrackers…

This is the core around Yoimiya’s kit. Her combo is literally to activate E and then Normal Attack an enemy to death. Death via firecracker machine gun! It’s a pretty hefty CD of 18s with a duration of 10s, meaning you’ll have an 8s downtime — but this isn’t too much of a problem since it does amazing damage!

You can tell E is active via the 3 little firecrackers circling around her!

Two things to keep in mind:

  1. Keep in mind that it scales off Normal Attack DMG bonuses, not ATK.
  2. Provides Pyro enchantment so her Normal Attacks will go from Physical DMG (white) to Pyro DMG (red).
Essentially she gets a 20% Pyro DMG buff if she Normal Attacks 10 times

The stacks are based off the # of hits. This means for Yoimiya’s full NA combo, 7 stacks as her 1st and 4th attacks shoot two arrows. However, if one of the arrows from her 1st and 4th NA miss, then it’ll only grant one stack!

Leaps into the air and shoots a massive firecracker rocket at the ground. Does large AoE Pyro DMG. Marks enemies that when hit by anything by teammates causes an AoE Pyro explosion!

IMPORTANT TIP: Enemies who are hit by the explosion from a marked enemy dying will have the mark applied to them as well! The duration is kept the same though. Essentially think of Childe’s Riptide proc spreading, but on a limited timer!

Marked enemies have these weird firecracker jelly fish things circling around them
Gives a 10% ATK buff to your team, and if Yoimiya had 10 stacks from her A1 passive, you grant an additional 10%

PSA #3: Here’s where we get a bit controversial. Yoimiya’s Q sucks for her unless you run her under certain situations (explained in detail below).

  1. She’s used as a burst DPS/off-field DPS
  2. There is a sub DPS or your team is heavily rotation based (i.e. very little off-field and more support based)
  3. You get lucky or whale for constellations

At C0, her burst provides no immediate benefit for herself as the Aurous Blaze only procs when teammates hit the enemies. This essentially means Yoimiya is taken off the field, and she’s useless if you want to utilize her Q. It’s not all too bad if you’re running a sub DPS or running a variation of the national comp, where you rotate through your team while Yoimiya’s E is on that 8s downtime

At C1 however, her burst can be used selfishly, as it provides a 20% ATK buff to Yoimiya if enemies marked by Aurous Blaze die. This buff lasts 20s which is insanely long and gives leniency to keeping Yoimiya on the field to just spam Normal Attacks with an enabler team comp (even if her E is on CD).

At C4, it officially lets you keep Yoimiya’s E active 90% of the time. Once her E goes on CD, use her Q, swap to a teammate and proc the Aurous Blaze via literally anything and it will reduce E’s CD by 1.2s per proc. This works with off-field damage as well, for example Fischl can proc it with Oz and Xingqiu can proc it with his Q — meaning Yoimiya can hog the screen time

Talent Leveling Order: Normal > E > Q for mindless DPS. Normal > Q > E for general rotation (mentioned under Artifact #1)

WEAPON #1 (Recommended for best DPS): Thundering Pulse

How do I get it D: ? – It’s time to roll boys (gacha)

Has base CRIT DMG scaling and boosts ATK + Normal Attack DMG via easy stacks

Thundering Pulse will always have 2 stacks up during Yoimiya’s DPS phase — 3 full once you use her E. Plus the fact it provides 20% ATK buff AND it has CRIT DMG is insanely overpowered… This is an amazing weapon paired with 4x Shime, as you’re guaranteed to have the full 3 stacks up majority of the time (since Shime takes 15 energy every time you use E).

Skyward Harp is a close 2nd in DPS, as it being a CRIT value stat bow (providing both ample amounts of CRIT% and CRIT DMG) allows for higher damage scaling. Plus, the AoE Phys DMG proc is satisfying and a nice spike in damage (just like how Prototype Archaic is).

Amos’ Bow is also a great weapon, but falls in damage compared to the other contenders unless at higher refinement. Since Normal Attacks have a fall off range, where it will cease to auto-target enemies and miss completely, the range buff it provides is practically useless to min-max. And if you’re trying to run Charged Attack Yoimiya, you’re actively just shooting yourself in the foot.

WEAPON #2 (Recommended for 4-star DPS): Rust

How do I get it D: ? – It’s time to roll boys (gacha)

Has base ATK% scaling and boosts Normal Attack DMG by a metric ton + her E

Rust is arguably the best 4-star weapon for Yoimiya. At R5, it can even beat 5-star weapons at low refinement, as a whopping 80% buff to Normal Attack DMG is insanely strong (it also scales her E damage too!).

If you’ve finished the mysterious conch mission for Takashi, then Hamayumi is a F2P craftable bow that’s extremely good for Yoimiya as well. However, the only downside is that you need to be capped in energy to really benefit from the 2x NA buff (which won’t pair well with 4x Shime)

Only other bow worth mentioning is Prototype Crescent. Hitting a weak spot with a Charged Attack, and then spamming E + NA is a great way to get a free ATK buff. However, this will vary since some mobs/bosses don’t have weak spots or don’t actively show their weak spots all the time!

ARTIFACT #1 (Recommended for easy DPS): Shimenawa’s Reminiscence

How do I get it D: ? – Momiji-Dyed Court Domain (AR 30 locked, 20 Resin per run)

Boosts everything + basically turns Yoimiya into a Normal Attacking machine gun

This isn’t the most ideal set, but it does perform and quite easy to use the 4x bonus as a single E will typically generate/kill enemies to grant enough energy by the time your E is back up again. Keep in mind that the 50% NA DMG buff also applies to her E scaling as well. This is also an extremely fitting set if you lucked out and got Thundering Pulse as the weapon, as it’ll practically ensure you’ll have the full 3 stacks 24/7 from the weapon effect!

Otherwise, if you comfort yourself with running a shielder, 4x Retracing Bolide will be much more consistent in terms of DPS. A strong shielder isn’t rare anymore in most comps, and if you enjoy being tanky, then Bolide will be a great set for you!

HOWEVER, if you’re just running Yoimiya in any practical team comp, then 2x Glad + 2x Crimson will be the best DPS. You just use Q whenever it’s up, rotate through team quickly (ideally off-field or enablers), and then use E while your team is mass spamming Aurorus Blaze procs

ARTIFACT #2 (Recommended for Melt/Vapo DPS): Crimson Witch of Flames

How do I get it D: ? – Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula Domain (AR 30 locked, 20 Resin per run)

Boosts E + NA damage and makes Melt/Vapo comps pretty good

So the main gripe with Yoimiya is she can’t really stack the 4x bonus beyond 1 stack. However, you’re not really using the 4x bonus for the additional Pyro DMG stacks, but rather just for the reaction DMG bonuses.

Another great set is 4x Thundering Fury as it’s 4x bonus will remove the downtime Yoimiya has on her E DPS. This is also the BiS set if you’re running an Electro off-field comp comprised of Fischl and Beidou (and hopefully Baal in the future).

PSA #4: Basically, it really depends what characters/playstyle you prefer more. Melt/Vapo does require a bit more attentive gameplay, as there are barely any off-field Cryo enablers or Hydro. Whereas with Electro, there’s Fischl E+Q, Lisa Q, Beidou Q, and soon to be Baal as well. So it’s up to you if you want to take 4x Crimson vs. 4x Thundering Fury! Otherwise just do the usual 2x Crimson + 2x Glad setup!

Main stats:


Substats: CRIT% > CRIT DMG > ATK (ATK% if not main stat) > EM

Sayu guide will be out later this week! If you want other characters let me know. Hope this helped. Bye.


I spend too much time filling out spreadsheets for incoherent data, but at least I can turn them into guides :P

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    • If it’s your best option, yep! But if it’s between Amos’ vs. something like Thundering Pulse, I would use TP > Amos’.

      Otherwise Amos works great!

    • So it really depends on who you’re trying to prioritize. Personally I think Childe can fulfill a burst DPS role as well, which allows you to focus Yoimiya as your main DPS.

      Between Rust vs. Hamayumi, I would highly recommend Rust for Yoimiya and Hamayumi for Childe (since Yoimiya will be on the field a lot more than Childe). It also really depends on what refinement you have for both, but if they’re the same refinement then Rust for Yoimiya.

  1. I’m AR 44. and my currently leveled team is at around lvl 70 is klee (main DPS), sucrose (C6 thanks to Baal banner), Mona, and Bennett. Although I’m building Rosaria as a main DPS.

    I was considering leveling Yoimiya but is she viable as a C0? I’ve liked her personality a lot and I did enjoy her trial a bit (although I can definitely see what people dislike about her kit) but I don’t know whether I should level her up or if it’ll just be a waste of resources at this time. Or if I would need to build another team to work with her.

    I currently have all the 4 star characters (except xinyan) and Klee, Yoimiya and Mona as my only 5 stars. Most of my characters are C0

    • So I’ll always tell people to play characters they enjoy. Yoimiya is extremely viable at C0, and with a bit of building can easily max her damage.

      2 things to keep in mind with Yoimiya: 1) you’re going to have to get used to off-field DPS characters (like Fischl/Xiangling/Xingqiu/etc…) when playing her, and 2) if you feel like she’s not doing enough damage, then run a sub/burst DPS as well.

      Otherwise, she’s still really strong and fun to play for sure!

        • Yeah, just keep in mind that even though some people will make tier lists and etc…, at the end of the day it’s a PvE game.

          Play what you find fun/characters you like. Until the day there is a PvP mode, character ratings won’t really matter 😛

  2. Do you have any advice for whether R1 Thundering Pulse would be a valuable upgrade from R5 Rust, or if upgrading her from C0 to C2 and keeping R5 Rust would be the better option?

    • R1 Thundering will outperform R5 Rust as long as you’re keeping all 3 buffs up (which isn’t a hard thing to do really).

  3. I’m thinking about going a little rogue this time and trying the Echoes of and Offering set. I hate “trade off items” (aka you a little this but get that) plus it increases normal attacks by 70% with the 4pc. I don’t know .. thoughts?

    • So caveat of 4x Echoes is just the inconsistently. I’m never a big fan of builds that require an RNG aspect to hit peak damage; why gamble a 70% if you can guarantee a 40 or 50% at all times? So while the value itself seems big, the long term DPS chart will always favor the consistent (it’s why Yoimiya is valued as a good DPS since a lot of her comps allow her to push that 100% uptime on buffs).