Yun Jin Quick TL;DR Support (and sub-DPS) Build Guide

Updated for 3.4 😁!

PSA #1: Supports are like those method actors that take a class on how to lethally use a spear, just so they make your DPS look good in movies.

PSA #2: Both Yun Jin’s abilities scale off DEF, and goddamn can this little lady hit harder than a Tonka truck. Basically imagine her like a Geo Beidou, but instead she buffs her allies really well!

Yun Jin does an AoE Geo DMG attack infront of her. Holding her E will cause her to prepare a parry. Longer you hold it, more DMG it does!

Yun Jin’s E works just like Beidou’s E, except just slightly different. Tapping E will do an AoE Geo DMG attack, but Holding E is where the real damage is.

There are 3 ways you can trigger the Hold E attack:

  1. The shield breaks (scales off her Max HP)
  2. You let go of E
  3. The duration ends (automatically activates) — it’s about a 2 second duration

There are 2 Charge Levels, with it being the most optimal to charge to the 2nd level if possible for maximum damage. This isn’t hard to accomplish, as it only takes a second for it to hit the next level.

Lastly, the best part is whether you Tap E, charge it to Level 1, or Level 2, the CD will always be 9s long — essentially there’s no consequence to charging at all!

Using E at the right time instantly triggers Charge Level 2 damage!

This means if you Tap E at the right time (since it still grants you a shield for a brief moment), you’re instantly doing Charge Level 2 damage. That’s a considerable amount of damage done instantly!

It doesn’t have to be frame perfect. There’s pretty decent leniency, and can even proc the perfect counter if you E a bit too early in anticipation!

Yun Jin calls down the flags and does massive AoE Geo DMG. Grants a Normal Attack buff to teammates that scale off her DEF!

IMPORTANT TIP: Only Normal Attacks proc the DMG trigger!

Yun Jin’s Q is her bread and butter for supporting, and compliments characters that Normal Attack extremely well.

There are 3 things to keep in mind with her Q:

  1. There is a trigger limit of 30, meaning that after 30 hits the buff is gone
  2. AoE Normal Attacks will consume # triggers based on # hit. So if your one Normal Attack hit 5 enemies, then you’ll now only 25 more triggers left
  3. Each party member has their own stacks.

However with #3, you want to use Yun Jin’s Q last so that the 12s duration isn’t wasted and you can have your main DPS buffed through team rotation!

How good is Yun Jin’s Q? — It’s pretty friggin good. Let’s take a level 90 Yun Jin with three DEF% artifacts. Level 90/90 provides 734 base DEF, and each artifact boosts it by 58.3% DEF. So our hypothetical Yun Jin has a total of 2018 DEF, which means a Level 8 Q would add a bonus 1,029 DMG per Normal Attack. Keep in mind that bonus DMG is added BEFORE CRIT multipliers, so the end result is even stronger!

Basically the more rainbow your team comp is, the higher the scaling

More Elements you have on your team, the higher the Q’s Normal Attack DMG bonus. So if you run A Geo/Anemo/Cryo/Pyro in a team, you get the bonus 11.5% scaling added to the Normal Attack DMG bonus.

So taking the example above, an additional 11.5% of 2018 DEF would be another 234 + 1,029 for a total of 1,261 DMG bonus!

Talent Leveling Order: Q > E > Normal (if sub DPS, level E = Q)

WEAPON #1 (Recommended for Supporting): Engulfing Lightning

How do I get it D: ? – It’s time to roll boys (gacha)

Has base ER% scaling and allows Yun Jin to battery + get some ATK

Engulfing Lightning is strong because it provides a strong amount of ER% to help Yun Jin sustain her own energy. Keep in mind she has ER% as her 4th hidden stat (gaining 26.7% ER at level 90/90), so added with Engulfing’s ER% + the additional 30% after using burst? — Yun Jin will have an easy time keeping her 60 cost burst up! The ATK it provides is nice for the initial Q damage, but since Yun Jin scales off DEF harder not the most important thing.

The only other 5-star worth mentioning is Skyward Spine, but mainly for the ER% it provides. The weapon passive is nice for sub-DPS Yun Jin, but at that point there are better 5-star stat sticks like PJWS or Vortex Vanquisher.

WEAPON #2 (Recommended for 4-star): Favonius Lance

How do I get it D: ? – It’s time to roll boys (gacha)

Has base ER% scaling and mainly used for the high ER% it provides

Favonius Lance is a 4-star Polearm that boasts a lot of Energy Recharge and a decent passive. Although you won’t be really prioritizing CRIT values on support Yun Jin (unless you’re going sub-DPS), you’re bound to have some CRIT% that can also often proc the passive!

Great alternatives are the F2P Prototype Starglitter with an incredible 45.9% ER, or even The Catch which provides decent ER% and boosts her Q’s initial damage/CRIT%. If you’re looking to run her sub-DPS, then focus on CRIT value weapons like Deathmatch or even Blackcliff Pole for the raw CRIT DMG it provides.

ARTIFACT #1 (Recommended for Supporting): Husk of Opulent Dreams

How do I get it D: ? – Slumbering Court Domain (AR 30 Locked, 20 Resin per run)

Boosts DEF and gives her a gigaton more DEF and Geo DMG!

This is the current BiS for both Support and sub-DPS as of 2.4. The 2-set bonus of +30% DEF alone makes it incredible, but factor in the 4-set bonus and it’s overkill. That’s a grand total of 54% DEF + 24% Geo DMG bonus! Add that to the 2018 DEF (from above example), and it becomes 2,414 DEF total, meaning her Q buff would provide 1,509 DMG bonus (+ 248 DMG added after 4x Husk). Hence, it’s the BiS for both Supporting and sub-DPS!

4x Archaic is considered, but still extremely subpar to 4x Husk as you’d need to pick up the correctly infused Crystallize to really have it benefit for your DPS

For early/new players, you can run 2x Defender’s Will + 2x Exiles which will buff Yun Jin’s DEF and her ER% a bit.

Main stats:

DEF%DEF%DEF% (CRIT value if sub-DPS)

Substats: DEF (DEF% if not main) > ER% > CRIT%/CRIT DMG

If you want other characters let me know. Hope this helped. Bye.


I spend too much time filling out spreadsheets for incoherent data, but at least I can turn them into guides :P

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  1. Tip: If you are running the defenders/exile x2 and your stat rng sucks like me, scholars x2 instead of exile works since they both give ER+20% 😉