Elemental Mastery (EM) Guide for EVERYONE

A complete guide to Elemental Mastery (EM) for Genshin Impact by Lesterberne on reddit. Notes from the author:

Benchmarks shouldn’t be considered a necessity to reach and they should only be considered a general idea of what a good distribution looks like. It’s very possible that the best combination of your specific artifacts doesn’t fall under any given benchmark. To be 100% sure, always use the optimizer!

Thank you to all the KQM Staff and Guide Makers that helped me screen some of my information! Feel free to check their guides and their Twitch Channel! Also a special thank you to Zajef77 for helping me revise the guide towards the end! He makes very helpful videos on his Youtube Channel and streams everyday on his Twitch Channel!

Clarification about Slide 21, Overload (and other transformative reactions) scale off your EM and your character level. Meaning leveling your units to level 90 is helpful (it actually represents a 30% increase in damage).

Genshin Optimizer: Link

Genshin Optimizer guides:

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