Dehya Quick TL;DR DPS and Support Build Guide

PSA #1: A DPS is the lead singer and the Supports are the backup dancers. Both play an important part and it’s your job to make sure both can perform!

PSA #2: Both Dehya’s abilities scale off ATK, but she gains an additional multiplier from Max HP. So make sure to slap some beefiness on your Dehya 💪😤

Elemental Skill – Molten Inferno

Dehya slams the ground dealing AoE Pyro DMG. Creates an AoE field that deals Pryo DMG to enemies damaged inside. Cast again inside the field to do a special AoE Pyro attack! Provides unique buffs for characters inside!

Dehya’s E is a unique Skill that allows her to be proficient as both an on-field DPS and off-field Support. While this build focuses primarily on her DPS potential, I’ll also include details on how to run her Support as well!

Here are the general details:

  • Deals AoE Pyro DMG on cast
  • Can be cast again inside the field to deal a unique leap attack that does Pyro DMG
  • Field has a 12 second duration
  • Has a 20 second CD
  • Coordinated attacks trigger every 2.5 seconds
  • Generates 1 Pyro particle for every coordinated attack

Upon activation, Dehya’s E slams the ground dealing massive AoE Pyro DMG. It’ll create a field called the Fiery Sanctum that provides various benefits to any character inside.

If Dehya’s E is cast again, then Dehya will perform a special leap attack that deals AoE Pyro DMG and re-create the Sanctum. Only one Sanctum can exist at a time, so it’ll move and reset the Sanctum’s duration!

Enemies damaged within the Sanctum will trigger a coordinated attack that deals one instance of Pyro DMGthis damage scales off Dehya’s Total ATK and Max HP. 

You’ll know you’ve re-cast your E because the logo in the center will change to this upgraded version (depicted on the right).

Let’s say Dehya has 30,000 HP, 2,000 ATK, and a level 8 E: this means each proc will deal a total of 2,421.4 Pyro DMG (1926.4 [2,000 ATK x .9632] + 495 [30,000 HP x .0165]) every 2.5 seconds. Within a single E cast, that’s a total of 11,622.72 DMG – this is pre-CRIT value, so it’ll most likely range around 15,000 DMG total (roughly).

Keep in mind that any character can trigger this effect, allowing Dehya to become a pretty decent off-field Support/Enabler if she wishes to be. Another effect provided by the Sanctum allows Dehya to also become an insane Support.

Characters inside the Sanctum will also gain interruption resistance and damage mitigation (called Redmane’s Blood) based on a flat % (it scales off what level her E is). This mitigated damage is transferred to Dehya, and will still damage her even if she is off-field. However, there is a cap to the damage mitigated, so Dehya can’t die via the transferred damage. — Also this triggers even if she’s the one getting hurt! You’ll know it’s active by the bloody triangle floating on her left!

At level 8, characters will receive an insane 46% damage mitigation. Let’s say your character got smacked by a boss attack that deals 5,000 DMG. That means the active character inside the field only takes 2,300 DMG – the remaining 2,700 is transferred to Dehya. 

However, this damage isn’t transferred instantly – instead it’s trickled as True Physical Damage over Time (DoT) for the next 10s. That means Dehya would take 270 True Physical DMG every second. If damage is taken again before the existing amount depletes, it’ll accumulate on top of that amount. The plus side is that Dehya’s transferred DMG is capped at 200% her Max HP… so if she has 30,000 HP, that means she can store a whopping total of 60,000 DMG (or 6,000 DMG per second) before she stops taking any more DoT…

It’s an amazing ability, and quite frankly most viable as a buff-Support utility than a DPS-Support skill. It’s one of the few abilities that has the opportunity to turn any character tanky without the direct use of a shield!

Elemental Burst – Leonine Bite

Dehya goes feral and decides to throw hands, dealing Pyro DMG to enemies in front of her. Changes her damage from Physical to Pyro. Ending the duration will deal AoE Pyro DMG!

I’ll keep it very blunt: Dehya’s Burst is SEVERELY underwhelming and has a ton of flaws. While the Burst may seem to turn her into a Pyro Razor/Cyno and wildly fun to use, it’s performance leaves a lot to be desired. I’ll go into those details later, but here’s the general breakdown:

  • Costs 70 Energy
  • Has a 4 second duration…
  • 18 second CD
  • Turns her Normal Attack from Physical to Pyro DMG
  • Grants interruption resistance

Upon cast, Dehya will activate her Blazing Lioness form and slash in front of her, dealing Pyro DMG to any enemies in the way. This will turn her Normal Attacks from Physical to Pyro DMG, and has a slightly extended range from her usual NA reach. Ending the Burst will active Incineration, unleashing an AoE Pyro attack around Dehya.

If her Burst is cast while her Fiery Sanctum (E) is active, she will retrieve her E and will re-cast her E automatically once her Lioness form ends. However, this re-casted E will still have the same duration as the previously existing one. So if your E only had 5 seconds left when her Lioness form ends, then the re-cast E will only last 5 seconds… So it’s pretty much really used to reposition her E…

Dehya’s E will be replaced by Roaring Barrage while in this form. Roaring Barrage will essentially increase the attack speed of her attacks if you cast it successfully after each NA.

So without pressing Left Click (NA) or E, she’ll automatically attack 6 times very slowly. If you spam Left Click/E during this, it’ll actually increase the number of attacks to 9, effectively boosting her Burst output by 50%!

Lets use the 30,000 HP and 2,000 ATK example again. At level 8, that means per hit would do 3,971.4 DMG (3,158.4 [2,000 ATK x 1.5972] + 813 [30,000 HP x 0.0271]). So at base, it would do 23,828.4 (3,971.4 x 6 hits) DMG total.

If you were to spam NA/E during her Burst, that would allow for 9 hits total. Meaning the total damage would then be 35,742.6 DMG… Add some CRIT and EM onto that and you’re looking at some serious DPS within 4 seconds…

Now here are the cons:

During her Blazing Lioness form, Dehya will automatically Normal Attack. This sounds great, but it actually comes with a massive flaw: YOU CANNOT ACTIVE OFF-FIELD NORMAL-ATTACK RELATED EFFECTS. This means no synergy with Xingqiu or Yelan’s Q… this is extremely detrimental as one of Pyro’s most powerful Elemental Reactions is Vaporize…

Another flaw is that jumping will immediately end her Burst duration… So if you were to accidentally jump, say goodbye to your Burst and say hello to an 18s CD…

In tandem to the 18s CD, Dehya’s Burst only lasts 4 seconds… While you can make the argument that she can deal 3971.4 DMG per strike within those 4 seconds (3,158.4 [2,000 ATK x 1.5972] + 813 [30,000 HP x 0.0271], scaling that damage within a team comp is extremely difficult as 1) you would need to time your setup extremely well, and 2) the ICD for her attacks is 2.5s or every 3 hits… meaning she can only proc two max reactions within a single use of Q…

Can she still be made viable as a DPS? – my answer will be “of course!” but you would need to heavily optimize not only her ATK and HP, but also balance her CRIT values as most mono-reliant DPS require some hefty stats! This is difficult as her BiS weapon will provide HP scaling and her artifact sets (discussed below) will also provide minimum stat distribution!

Ascension 1 Passive – Unstinting Succor

Basically using her E again or Q during Sanctum reduces her DMG taken from the Blood DoT. Also provides more interruption resistance to teammates!

Her Ascension 1 Passive isn’t anything too impressive. It essentially allows her to take 60% less DMG from her Redmane’s Blood DoT if she re-casts her Skill via using E again or by ending her Q.

To be entirely honest, Dehya has a lot of HP so this small DoT reduction isn’t too big of a deal. It also provides a buff called Gold-Forged Form if she casts her E, providing even more interruption resistance on top of her E.

This bonus interruption resistance is enough to stop boss attacks from staggering you. While interruption resistance is a severely underwhelming buff, it can come in clutch every now and then!

Ascension 4 Passive – Stalwart and True

Basically an emergency heal if Dehya gets too low on HP!

It’s essentially an emergency heal in case your Dehya takes too much damage from attacks or her DoT.

Lets use the 30,000 HP Dehya as an example again. That means her Ascension 4 Passive will proc when she falls below 12,000 HP. Dehya will immediately heal 6,000 HP (20% of 30,000), and then proceed to regen 1,800 HP every 2s for the next 10s — or basically regen 9,000 HP.

It’s not the most impressive passive, but can it definitely help in situation like Abyss where you can’t revive and have to rely on other sources of sustain! Not to mention if you aren’t paying attention, Dehya can actually get fairly low from the bleed DoT in higher-level content.


There are good news and bad news for Dehya’s constellations. The good news is that her C1 and C2 are extremely Support friendly and pretty great! The bad news is that DPS Dehya’s full potential is locked behind C6…

C1 is a direct buff to Dehya’s overall kit, boosting her Max HP and furthering her DMG scaling on her Max HP. It’s a fairly straightforward buff.

The flat 20% Max HP increase not only allows Dehya to be tankier, it boosts her E’s coordination DMG, her Q’s DMG, and allows her to tank even more DMG from her bleed DoT.

The 3.6% and 6% DMG buffs on her E and Q, respectively, that scale off her Max HP are pretty great for overall DPS on both Support and DPS Dehya!

C2 further extends her core kit’s duration, allowing her to essentially boost her E’s output by 50%.

This changes her E’s duration from 12s –> 18s, meaning it just went from 4.8 procs to 7.2. That’s a massive jump from just doing 11,622.72 DMG to 17,434.08 DMG!

It’ll also boost the next coordinated attack’s DMG by 50% if the character inside the field recently took damage!

So rather than doing 2,421.4 per proc, the next proc would deal 3,632.1 DMG instead!

C4 provides a much needed self-sustain for Dehya, effectively removing the risk of her DoT bleed and providing much needed energy regen!

Basically you hit Q and you are now able to heal yourself and regen 15 energy pet hit…

That means Dehya can effectively gain her full 70 cost Burst back every time she uses Q… Not to mention the 2.5% heal off her Max HP means a 30,000 HP Dehya can heal 750 per hit — that means within one Q she can heal 6,750 HP (750 x 9 hits)!

C6 is unfortunately where DPS Dehya finally gets to be overpowered… It essentially guarantees that Dehya can reliably deal massive CRIT DMG…

It provides a flat 10% CRIT Rate to begin. Then hitting enemies during Q will increase her CRIT DMG by 15% and extend her duration by 0.5s.

This can proc every 0.2s and caps extending the duration by 2s and providing an additional 60% CRIT DMG…

With a 6s Burst, Dehya can increase her hit count from 9 to 13 hits… Not to mention each subsequent hit can technically CRIT harder, resulting in a substantial DPS output…

This also gives a bit of breathing space in term of artifact optimization, as the 10% CRIT Rate and 60% CRIT DMG can go A LONG WAY into building her reliably.

Talent Leveling Order: E = Q > NA (Dehya NA’s a lot, but her Q form’s NA is categorized separately from regular NA)

WEAPONS (Recommended for best DPS/Supp): Beacon of the Reed Sea

How do I get it D: ? – It’s time to roll boys (gacha)

Has base CRIT% scaling and provides a ton of ATK% and HP%!

Beacon of the Reed Sea is Dehya’s signature and BiS weapon for two main reasons: the insane amount of ATK it provides and the ease at which she can proc the weapon effect. Basically if she triggers her E’s coordinated attacks, she gains 20% ATK. Then when she takes damage from her Redmane Bleed DoT, she’ll gain another 20% ATK buff. The great part being these can trigger even when Dehya is off-field, allowing her to amass much needed ATK to scale her E and Q DMG. Not to mention that if she’s not shielded (which there is no need to run on her), she’ll gain a massive 32% Max HP… Pair that with the juicy CRIT% you gain from leveling the weapon and it’s a no brainer why Reed Sea is her BiS for both DPS and Support Dehya builds!

Unfortunately, among the 5-star weapons, Reed Sea is the only decent fit for Dehya. You can run Wolf’s Gravestone for the insane ATK% stacking, which will help with her overall DPS output. However niche weapons like Redhorn Slasher doesn’t benefit Dehya as her Burst’s attacks don’t count as Normal Attacks (hence why they also don’t trigger things like Xingqiu/Yelan Q).

4-star Options

For DPS Dehya, a great 4-star options are the Akuoumaru and Luxurious Sea-Lord. Akuoumaru provides a decent 41.9% ATK at level 90/90 and directly buffs Dehya’s Burst DMG based on how much total energy cost the team has. Most team comps have an average of around 250 total cost, so she can easily take advantage of the roughly 30-40% (scaled to 70-80% at R5) Burst DMG buff from Akuoumaru.

Luxurious Sea-Lord is the event weapon that provides 55.1% ATK and boosts Dehya’s Burst DMG by 24%. It can also occasionally trigger an AoE Physical DMG explosion that’s a nice little add-on.

Mailed Flower will be an upcoming event weapon that players can get that’s solid for Dehya as well. It provides 110 EM and boosts the user’s ATK and EM by 24% and 96 EM, respectively. While Dehya can’t necessarily proc reactions that consistently, her E can be a great off-field Enabler that can utilize this EM buff!

While Serpent’s Spine may seem great, Dehya’s bleed DoT actually removes the stacks, so it’s not very viable. However for truly F2P players, you can craft the Prototype Archaic and it’ll do perfectly fine!

For Support Dehya builds, you can run Favonius Greatsword. Favonius provides an ample amount of ER% which greatly helps towards building her 70 cost Burst, while also generating additional particles on top. The great part is Dehya can just plop down E and swap off to trigger this effect as well (just remember to build some CRIT%)!

ARTIFACTS (Recommended for best DPS/Supp): Emblem of Severed Fate / Tenacity of the Millelith

How do I get it D: ? – Emblem at Momiji-Dyed Court Domain. Tancity at Ridge Watch Domain. (Both AR 30 Locked, 20 Resin per run)

For DPS Dehya – provides much needed ER% and boosts her Burst DPS DMG!
For Support Dehya – increases her Max HP and provides a 20% ATK buff to teammates when E hits enemies!

For DPS Dehya, the most effective build has so far been running 4x Emblem of Severed Fate for one particular reason: brute strength. You essentially want to reach 180% ER on Dehya as a base to gain a minimum of 45% Burst DMG and then combo her Q with two strong EM reactions (one from Q hit and one from exiting Burst). The build does need some optimization, but you can easily hit around 12k per hit (non-CRIT btw) once correctly built.

If you want a more lax build, then you can run 4x Crimson Witch, which balances Dehya’s total DPS between her E procs and Q damage. It’s best paired with a Melt comp, but can honestly be run with something like Raiden/Fishcl.

For Support Dehya, 4x Tenacity of the Millelith has been pretty easy to both build and use. It turns Dehya into an off-field reaction Enabler and buffer, providing an ample 20% ATK buff to her teammates whenever her E triggers. The only downside being that her direct DMG suffers a lot, but her goal is to allow another DPS to trigger reactions — not for herself to be deal massive DMG.

While I have seen some guides and builds recommending purely EM builds (EM Sands/Goblet/Circlet etc…), I highly suggest running a either a dedicated Pyro DPS or off-field Support build as they focus on specialization in a single field over trying to do both. Not to mention that Dehya’s ICD for reactions is absolutely horrible, so I’m not sure why anyone would want to go through that ordeal.

I’ll explain what stats to focus for her artifacts below!

For DPS, you want to focus on ATK% Sands / Pyro DMG% Goblet / CRIT%/DMG Circlet. The standard recipe is always good for Dehya — the only exception being that IF you are pairing Dehya with an reaction-heavy comp, you can run EM on her Goblet instead. Otherwise, Pyro DMG% > EM.

IF YOU HAVE C1 DEHYA — you can actually run an HP% Sands instead of ATK% as her Max HP scaling provided to the E and Q actually outshine the ATK% provided.

For Support it’s super straightforward. HP% on everything. If you find yourself struggling to upkeep her Burst, then run ER% on Sands. Stacking HP% is fine for Support Dehya as the scaling on her E proc’s also benefit quite well from her Max HP multiplier — not to mention it also allows Dehya to tank more from her bleed DoT!

Main stats:

ATK% for DPS / HP% for SuppPyro DMG% for DPS / HP% for SuppCRIT Values for DPS / HP% for Supp

Substats: CRIT% > CRIT DMG > ATK (ATK% if not main stat) > HP > EM

If you want other characters let me know. Hope this helped. Bye.


I spend too much time filling out spreadsheets for incoherent data, but at least I can turn them into guides :P

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