How to defeat Jadeplume Terrorshroom in Tavern Card Challenge

Jadeplume Terrorshroom is the last and unfair boss in the Tavern Challenge, with 36 HP and low Energy costs. This guide will provide a recommended deck and a few tips and tricks!

Jadeplume Terrorshroom is the last enemy in the Tavern Card Challenge in version 3.3. He has an unfair amount of HP and massive damage for Elemental Burst. But of course, it has its own weakness once we understand the skill set and exploit them. Another hard boss is Maguu Kenki, and you can check the guide here for its challenge.

Jadeplume Terrorshroom Skill Set

There is only one opponent here and that is the Jadeplume Terrorshroom. But don’t underestimate it because it has 36 HP from the start. The main problem with its skill set is the Elemental Burst and Passive Skill.

Its Passive Skill will provide Radical Vitality when the battle begins. Then, it will gain another stack of Radical Vitality whenever it deals or takes Elemental damage (Max 4 stacks because Jadeplume uses its Talent Card in this challenge). After each phase ends, if Jadeplume has 4 stacks of Radical Vitality, the stacks will be cleared and it will lose all energy, which is a good thing! BUT, if you didn’t manage to stack it up to 4 before the phase ends, or if Jadeplume decides to cast Elemental Burst before the end of the phase, you’re in danger.

Its Elemental Burst will deal 4 Dendro Damage at the cost of 2 Energy. Then, it will consume all Radical Vitality stacks, dealing +1 DMG for each stack consumed. In other words:
No stack: 4 Dendro DMG by default
1 stack: 5 Dendro DMG
2 stack: 6 Dendro DMG
3 stack: 7 Dendro DMG

4 stack: 8 Dendro DMG

In the image above, Jadeplume Terrorshroom has 3 stacks of Radical Vitality (the green arrow), and it decides to use Elemental Burst, resulting in 7 Dendro DMG. If your character has less than 8 HP, it’s a one-shot attack from the boss. But don’t worry, I have a simple strategy for this attack which will be mentioned below. For the full list of Jadeplume Terrorshroom attacks, you can check this page: All Genius Invokation TCG Card Lists.

Recommended Deck

Character Card

If you notice, yes, I use the exact same deck from my Maguu Kenki guide. This is because Diluc is especially good against bosses with high HP because his Elemental Burst can annihilate them in few attacks -even one shot- if you’re lucky enough to get all the conditions (Mona’s Burst + Bennett’s Burst + Lots of Support Cards). But if you didn’t read my Maguu Kenki guide, no worries because I will state the function of each card here.

Mona’s Elemental Skill and Normal Attack are the keys here as they will deal Hydro damage to Jadeplume Terrorshroom for it to gain Radical Vitality stacks (This is important but I will explain it more below in the strategy). If you’re lucky enough and she didn’t die, her Elemental Burst also can double the next damage on the active character, making Diluc’s damage even stronger.

Diluc can then take advantage of Jadeplume’s Wet status and trigger Vaporize reactions to deal huge damage. His Burst is also important because it can deal above 10 DMG with few simple conditions. But it’s no big deal if you don’t have the time to use his Burst because it’s also possible to win the challenge without using his Burst and focus on Elemental Skill.

Bennett is the healer of the group that can be used whenever Diluc or Mona have low HP to cast Elemental Burst that can heal the active character/ increase the next damage. Even better if you bring his Talent Card!

Support Card

Honestly, there are not too many core cards that are important here, but there are still a few which I find important. Out of the 30 Action Cards, the following are the core cards that should be prioritized:

Wangshu Inn: Heal your standby character for 2 rounds. Personally, I think this is a better option than Favonius Cathedral which heals the active character. This is because I often let the highest HP card be the active character while the standby character gets healed by the Support Card.

Liyue Harbor Wharf: Draw 2 cards. This increase the chance for you to get better cards. And if you don’t, well you can sacrifice those cards for Elemental Tuning.

Katheryne: This is the most important card so you can keep skipping the lines when changing character. Switching active characters will now be considered Fast Action instead of Combat Action. Try to get this card on the first round and use it. Restarting the match just to get this card is also an option you know~

Elemental Resonance Fervent Flames: Any Pyro-related reactions on the round will deal more damage! Best card for this fight, especially for Diluc when using his Skill or Burst.

Elemental Resonance Woven Flames: Create 1 Pyro Dice.

The Bestest Travel Companion: Convert Elemental Dice to Omni Element. Suitable for any time when the Dices you get sucks.

Strategize: Draw 2 Cards just like Liyue Harbor Wharf, giving you more chances to get good and suitable cards for the round.

Video Gameplay & Strategy

As you can see in the video, I didn’t use too many Support Cards. So if you have any trouble with the deck during battle, you can change the Action Cards to your liking except the important one I mentioned before.

Challenge Objectives:
1. Achieve victory
2. Achieve victory within 5 Rounds
3. Win with less than 2 characters defeated

The video I provided above won the challenge within 5 exact rounds with only one character unalive, completing all the objectives. By the way, the video is fast forwarded 2x because it will be unnecessarily long to watch if I just leave it be.

First of all, when you start the challenge, choose Mona as the active character. Then, make sure she hits Jadeplume Terrorshroom twice! And by attacks, I mean Elemental Skill first then Normal Attack. This way, she will attack Jadeplume 3 times (including Reflection) before the 2nd round started.

ONE CRUCIAL THING: YOU MUST END THE PHASE FIRST SO MONA’S REFLECTION WILL INCREASE THE STACK TO 4. If Jadeplume has 3 stacks and ends the round first, then when the Reflection hit it with Elemental DMG, Jadeplume will start the next round with 4 stacks instead of resetting it.

As you can see from Jadeplume’s intent in the image above, it is 100% confirmed that it will cast Elemental Skill in the first round = It will gain 1 stack of Radical Vitality by itself. So you need to make sure your character hit Jadeplume with Elemental DMG 3 times by the end of the 1st round, and it will lose all Energy! How does that happen? Here’s a breakdown:
1. You start attacking with Mona’s Elemental Skill (+1 Radical Vitality)
2. Jadeplume Terrorshroom use Elemental Skill to deal elemental damage (+1 Radical Vitality)
3. You attack with Mona’s Normal Attack (+1 Radical Vitality)

4. End the round before Jadeplume & Reflection deals Hydro DMG (+1 Radical Vitality)

And with that, Jadeplume will have 4 stacks of Radical Vitality and will lose all Energy when the phase ends and won’t be able to cast Elemental Burst in the next phase. If you did not do like I mentioned above, Jadeplume will have at least 1 stack, and in the next round, it will unleash Elemental Burst as its first move!

Once the second round started, switch to Diluc and use his Elemental Skill to trigger Vaporize. After this move, you’re on your own because the Dices and Cards you will get are random and will not 100% follow my video walkthrough. Switch between characters to keep them alive, use suitable cards when you feel it’s the best time to activate, and trigger elemental reactions to deal more damage.

One last thing to note, read the Jadeplume’s intent. Unless you disrupt its Radical Vitality stacks, it has the exact same movement set every time you challenge it. Work smart, not work hard~ 😉


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