Capturing Light and Shadows Quest Guide

This is one of the three quests you can start in the Veluriyam Mirage. As of now, Capturing Light and Shadow is the only quest we can start after completing the Event Quest Part 1. We need to wait for the next part of Event Quest to unlock more areas and get the other two quests.

Capturing Light and Shadows

➥ Teleport to Silver Bottle Courtyard south waypoint and head further southeast until you reach the train station (indicated by a four-leaf clover on the map). Board the train and it will lead you underground and stop near an underground waypoint. If you didn’t reach the underground waypoint, then I’m pretty sure you board the wrong train.

➥ Now that you reach the underground, climb the stairs in front of you and Paimon will mention a mural, simultaneously starting the ‘Capturing Light and Shadows’ quest. There are 4 murals here and you need to find 4 Hydro Eidolons to unlock their respective Streaming Projectors and solve the puzzle.

First Hydro Eidolon

The first Hydro Eidolon can be found just by following the quest navigation.

➥ When the first Hydro Eidolon appears, follow it to the sealed treasure chest and it will be unlocked for you to claim. There’s 1 Joyeux Voucher in it. Don’t forget to read the diary fragment just beside the chest. After that, keep following the Hydro Eidolon.

➥ The Eidolon will stop near a Choo-Choo Cart station just near its previous location. Ride the train and make sure to stay in it until the end. This will unlock the first Streaming Projector and the said Hydro Eidolon will go down to the mural after that.

Second Hydro Eidolon

Go through that broken wall and head past a torch.

➥ Follow the previous Hydro Eidolon to the huge mural and you will see a Four-Leaf Sigil. Teleport there and follow the route further underground (past a torch) until you see a shivering Hydro Eidolon.

➥ The puzzle here is to relinquish all the torches using Hydro/Anemo. Once the torches are not lit up anymore, the Hydro Eidolon will lead further underground. 

➥ There’s another diary fragment just beside the hole in the wall so have a read if you want. After that, just keep following the Eidolon until it reaches its Streaming Projector. Along the way, a Common Chest will be unlocked and you will get another 1 Joyeux Voucher.

Once you see the Eidolon past the gate, go above the pillar.

➥ Once the Hydro Eidolon goes through a locked gate, you need to leave it there for a second so you can go above the locked gate by walking on top of the fallen pillar (You will see a Four-Leaf Sigil there).

➥ When you can enter the locked gate area, put out the fires on the torches near the Eidolon so it can continue its journey. 

➥ There’s a hidden Common Chest just below the Four-Leaf Sigil, so you might want to get it for another 1 Joyeux Voucher. After that, keep following the Hydro Eidolon for another locked treasure chest that you can unlock by defeating the enemies (another 1 Joyeux Voucher).

That one is the 4th Hydro Eidolon.

➥ Finally, you will reach a Choo-Choo Cart and you can board it until you reach a Streaming Projector and complete the second Hydro Eidolon (If you realized during the ride, there’s another Hydro Eidolon near the track, that one is the fourth Eidolon). 

Third Hydro Eidolon

➥ Drop down from the second Streaming Projector and you will see a group of Fungi with a sealed treasure chest (it was near the huge mural in the middle). Defeat the enemies there to unseal the chest and read the diary fragment. There’s 1 Joyeux Voucher in the treasure chest.

➥ Drop down to the hole in front of you to find a Hydro Eidolon surrounded by Hilichurls. Defeat them and follow the Eidolon so it can lead you to a Choo-Choo Cart. But! You can’t ride it yet since the Eidolon has Seelie-behaviour and want to use the long way.

➥ You need to defeat another wave of enemies and then another treasure chest will appear, giving you 1 Joyeux Voucher. Only after that can you board the train to the third Streaming Projector.

Fourth Hydro Eidolon

Go to this location (in the image above) and you will see a Hydro Eidolon (this is the one you see during the train ride on the second Hydro Eidolon). The bubbled treasure chest near it will automatically be undone and you can get another 1 Joyeux Voucher. After that, keep following the Eidolon so it can reach its Streaming Projector.
➥ It will once stop near a chair and you can read a diary fragment there before the Eidolon continues moving again.

Light up 2 Hydro monuments outside the locked gate and ask the Eidolon for help.

➥ The first puzzle you will see is 3 Hydro monuments. Light up 2 of the Hydro monuments and interact with the Hydro Eidolon and ask for its help to light up the monument inside the locked gate. Claim the treasure chest for another 1 Joyeux Voucher. The Eidolon will go out by itself after that so keep following after it.

➥ Next is a fight with Hilichurl mobs and one treasure chest will appear once you defeated all of them, leading to you getting another 1 Joyeux Voucher.

➥ For the next puzzle, there will be Cryo/Pyro/Hydro monuments and you need to light up all of them. First of all, interact with the Eidolon and ask it to check out the Hydro monument so you can light up the Cryo and Pyro monuments by yourself. Solving this puzzle will unlock a treasure chest that is located past the gate in front of you (that you can now walk since the water has been lowered). Another 1 Joyeux Voucher in hand.
➥ Finally, ride the train to the last Streaming Projector. 

Capturing Light and Shadows (Cont.)

Interact with the projector.

➥ Now that all the Streaming Projectors are activated, head to any of the Streaming Projectors and use it to enter the Preprint’s world.

➥ Once you enter the Preprint’s world interact with all 4 shining Murals Fragment and take them all (because all of them are in the wrong spots).

Interact with the circle in order so a rainbow bridge will appear.

➥ After you get all 4 Mural Fragments, you can see four circles that you can slot each Mural Fragment. Interact with all 4 of them and the game will ask you to replace them with the right Mural Fragment (the game will automatically set it for you so just Confirm all of them).
➥ I suggest filling the slot on the lower left > the middle > top right. After that, a rainbow bridge will appear and you can step on it to finally fill the slot on the top left.

➥ A short cutscene will appear then a Luxurious Chest will spawn, giving you the last Joyeux Voucher for the quest and other rewards. 


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