Legends Of The Vagabond Sword Day 1 Guide

Unlike the Twisted Realm event which only needed 15k points to get the Namecard, we need 21k points for this event. It might sound quite hard, but instead of only 4 stages (from TR), now we have 7 stages (or challenge). This means that you can actually try to achieve 3k in each challenge to reach 21k. The lower the score requirement makes it easier to clear the domain.

There are 2 ways of reaching 3k points (from the 1st Challenge)

1) from Hard difficulty

You need to tick all the flairs (except the HP, you can tick it to 25% only).
* The lower the HP = the faster you can kill the enemy

I prefer beat this enemy in hard difficulty since it’s far more easier than expert difficulty.

2) From Expert Difficulty

For expert, you will need to experiment with the flairs since it all depends on your team and how strong your main dps is.
*I highly suggest you to not add any HP flair (for the points), and just use the time limit for higher points

Since usually 180s is the sweet spot for clearing this domain. Using the time flair, you’ll get quite a lot of points too.

About the skill CD (the 3rd flair here),
I prefer only 10% ATK buff since we have longer skill CD, hence less burst spamming.
Less spam = less ATK buff anyway

About the shield,
I prefer to save them until Geovishap do that shower attack.
(That “use your shield to counter Geovishap shower attack and deal damage to him”)
Or, you can use geo character for the crystallize shield.

If you have low ATK and can’t defeat this stage without shield, you can just tick that 30% instead of 50%, or use geo character to always generate shield.

The numbers of primo geovishap scale explosion part,
I prefer to use the continuously part because their AoE is small anyway, and this one have high points for you too.
By ticking this flair, you already have 2500 points, so you only need 500 more.

Tips To Get The New Name Card (21k Points) in Legends Of The Vagabond Sword

If you tick only “Pyro RES & Hydro RES” you’ll get 2900 points. You can also use the “when HP below 50%, ATK decreased by 25%). but you need to make sure you have a solid healer to help you clear this stage (in solo mode).

I prefer to tick that bottom flair (like the image above) because Geovishap “rarely” use his shower attack.
But of course, this is just for the reference.

Since this domain can be fought in coop mode, you can join discord server if you ever need some help.

Also, this is a guide to help you familiar with maguu kenki attack pattern.

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  1. why 21k points ? it’s actually 30k points to gather all the available rewards. aka ~4300 pts per stage to reach the 30k.

    • Hello Elias, yes you are correct. it required those amount of points to get all the rewards. This guide is a reference to help players who wants to get the name card.