The Wild Fairy of Erinnyes Quest Guide

In this quest, you will help a mysterious Melusine to cleanse the filth around the new Fontaine area. By the end, you will unlock a small underwater area under Marcotte Station – Weeping Willow of the Lake. There are 2 Hydroculus in that area so you might want to complete this quest asap~

Foggy Forest Path

➥ Teleport to Marcotte Station’s S7 and you should notice the quest icon on the map. Go to the fountain with the lion statue and interact with the Carved Stone Tablet to start the quest.

➥ Follow the quest navigation in Foggy Forest Path and you can see the huge blue tree in the middle with 3 puzzles around it. First, interact with the altar in the middle below the huge tree.

The 3 flower icons are the 3 spots you need to go and purify

➥ When being told to reveal the altar’s secret, there are 3 spots around the altar that you need to purify. Look in the image above for the locations. All of them use the same puzzles.

1. First, take the Octopus’ ability from the pillar and aim at the purple Contaminated Bacterial Mats. The water puddle will be clear after that. 

2. Then, bubbles should appear there. Push the bubbles (using the Octopus ability) to each other until they form a bigger bubble. You can see a circle around the bubble, that AoE will show you the explosion range if they burst.

3. You need to make sure the bubble pops – by attacking it – and hit the Harmonious Reed Pipe in the right order (the number of runes is displayed on top of the pipe). 1 of the puzzle wants you to hit all pipes at the same time, while 2 puzzles need to be in a specific order. See the tables below for the correct spot to pop the bubbles and complete all 3 puzzles.

Puzzle #Harmonius Reed Pipe Bubble Solution
Right in the middle of all Harmonius Reed Pipe as the bubble needs to explode and hit all of them at the same time.
There are 1 Pipe with 1 rune, while 2 Pipes with 2 rune. You need to place the bubble closer to the pipe with 1 rune so the explosion will reach it first before reaching the 2 Pipes with 2 runes.
The Pipes here are all in order 1 > 2 > 3. Push the bubble until it is the nearest to the pipe with 1 rune but the explosion can still reach rune 3 (look at the AoE). Just look at the image above if you’re having any problem with it.

➥ Once you’ve cleared all 3 puzzles, return to the altar and meet Pahsiv. From there, just keep following the quest navigation.

Wilting Weeping Willow

➥ For this sub-quest, follow the navigation until you reach the Weeping Willow of the Lake and dive underneath the huge tree.

➥ In the water, use the ability of Hunter’s Ray to cut the Seagrass that traps the Ball Octopus.

➥ Use the Octopus’ ability to purify the purple Contaminated Bacterial Mats down there.

➥ Push the bubble to the altar underwater and pop it (use left-click mouse to pop it) when it’s in the middle so it will hit all Harmonious Reed Pipes in the right order. Interact with the altar to complete this sub-quest.

Furious Mouth of the Spring

➥ Follow the quest navigation to reach Loch Urania. Dive underwater and use the Crab’s ability to purify the Contaminated Bacterial Mats (Hold > Wait for attack from the bacteria > Aim & Release).

➥ Swim through the water current to reach the other side and clean the bacteria there too.

➥ Now you can swim to the middle and interact with the altar. You will fight the fainted Vishap for a while before Pahsiv comes to stop both of you. It’s better to bring a shielder here so you can focus on cleaning the bacteria.

Within the Depths of Erinnyes

➥ Follow the quest navigation to the square – it’s the fountain in Marcotte Station, and open the door to an underwater area. 

➥ At the root, you need to cleanse the filth again using the Octopus ability. There are Rifthounds here and while they’re not with the quest, they’re in the way so it’s better to defeat them first.

➥ After all bacteria are removed, you need to fight another group of Rifthounds. Keep following the quest navigation to complete this quest.


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