Wish-Fulfilling Treasure Hunt Quest Guide

You can only start this quest after completing a sub-quest in Narcissus’ Traces where the Tower of Gestalt goes underwater and disappears from the surface map. By completing this quest, you will also get Enigmatic Page (X) and can continue with another quest.

➥ Teleport to Fort Charybdis Ruins southwest waypoint (on top of the water) and after arrival, you should notice a quest icon on the map. Head to the quest icon to see an NPC and a Melusine floating on the water.

➥ When told to salvage the lost items, the navigated area is really huge so you might have some trouble finding the items. Please refer to the image above to find the related items.

  1. Beside a huge shell surrounded by octopus, at the back of the Tower of Ipsissimus
  2. Shining spot near a Ball Octopus
  3. Treasure box beside a Ball Octopus
  4. Inside a Seagrass (need to be cut with Hunter’s Ray ability)
  5. Inside a huge shell (need to be hit with any attack)
  6. Beside a huge shell, near the previous Seagrass

➥ Return to The Rusty Rudders to give all the items to Urville and the duo will lead you to an underwater base (which most of you probably already enter since it’s available from 4.0).

➥ Well, the quest navigation will help you lead to the ‘underwater shelter’ so just follow it. If you already played from version 4.0, you should have already completed the puzzle to unseal this shelter. If not, you can see the guide below on how to solve the puzzle: Fantastical Floating Ball Puzzle in Salacia Plain

➥ Defeat some cute enemies, enter the shelter, take a picture of Urville and Nadia, and then you will complete the quest.


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