Nine Pillars of Peace World Quest

Cuijue Ruins

The Nine Pillars of Peace World Quest can only be progressed once the Statue of Seven in Liyue reaches its maximum blessing. Players should have noticed that each leveling of the Statue put a Stone of Remembrance in their inventory. When traveling through Cuijue Slope, players also should have noticed nine very large pillars jutting out of the earth.

This time-consuming but worthwhile quest leads the way to numerous chests, a 5-star artifact, achievement through battle and more.

Unlocking the Cuijue Ruins

First, offer every Geoculus in Liyue to the Statue of Seven. If you’re having trouble finding them them, craft the Geoculus Resonance Stone. The blueprint for the gadget is given to players when Reputation Rank Level 2 is achieved.

Go to Cuijue Slope where the Nine Pillars are.

To insert the Stone of Remembrance, jump, glide or climb on them using the surrounding terrain. Crawl around the pillar until you see what looks like a glowing face. It might take a few tries, but crawl up and down over the face until a button appears telling you to insert the stone. A cut-scene plays of the ruins slowly unlocking and you are thrown from the pillar.

An Exquisite Chest appears below.

Activated Pillar

Do this for each pillar. You earn 9 Exquisite Chests total. For the pillar surrounded by a wind barrier, simply glide from the cliffs nearby to land on its top. Then inch down and around to locate its ‘face’.

Following your success, a new cut-scene shows of the ruins opening up.

Investigate the Ruins

Prepare yourself for a tough and lengthy battle before going inside. Once in the ruins, go to the platform below. A lone Ruin Guard sits on the floor. Wake it up and fight.

In the middle of combat, an Infusion Stone appears, boosting the attack and defense of the Guard and causing it to glow red. Break the stone and finish off the Guard.

Immediately after, two Geovishap Hatchlings spring from the earth. Again, as you fight them, Infusion Stones buffing them immensely will appear around the battlefield. There should be two. Break them once more and defeat the Hatchlings.

Now comes a monstrosity of a Ruin Hunter, bigger than any other seen yet.

This Hunter spends 90% of its time in Bombardment Mode. Bombardment Mode includes: Rapid Fire, a Focused Beam, Lasers and an 8-missile strike bombing that’s performed up to 10 times, often back-to-back. While aiming for its weak spot can drop the Ruin Hunter to the ground, you might not be able to do so as much as you’d like.

Ruin Hunter Fo-92681

Similarly to the enemies you faced earlier, Infusion Stones you have to destroy will show up. They are surrounded by traps and protected by rolling Geovishap Hatchlings.

Unlike the others, however, these Stones are all the way in the corners of the ruins, drawing you away from the Hunter. The consequence is that the Hunter will automatically fly back into Bombardment Mode as you go out of its range.

So while you have the super-powered Ruin Hunter firing at your back, a Geovishap trying to run you over and Stone protected by traps that can actually kill your weaker characters in one hit, things will get a little dicey.

Destroying All Three Stones

For the first trap protected by fire mechanisms, disable them with Cryo and immediately bash the Infused Stone with a plunging attack or claymore. It can take several tries. The cool down on the fire mechanism is also short and will activate again.

If possible, run behind the pillars and deactivate the mechanism from here. It should keep you from the Geovishap Hatchling long enough to quickly act.

The second trap appears as the Ruin Hunter’s life goes further down. It’s in another corner of the field, protected by multiple rotating beams and a Geovishap Hatchling once again. The best advice here is just to put your weaving and sprinting skills to good use until you’re able to break the stone.

The third trap is by far the trickiest if there’s not a character with a plunge ability on your team. It is protected by both a wind barrier and powered-up, Geovishap Hatchling.

Break the stone quickly as you can. Character with large AoE skills can do damage to the stone as well if you’re able to get close enough for long enough to cast them without interruption.

Finish off the Ruin Hunter.

A short cut-scene will direct you to a set of previously sealed doors. Collect a Precious Chest, Luxurious Chest and 5-star Noblesse Artifact glowing in the middle above. There is also a tablet with an inscription sharing some history of the Cuijue Ruins.

Fetch A Good Price For The Dull Ring

Paimon appears after the rewards in the vault are collected. A Dull Ring found in the chests can’t be used for yourself, but can be sold for Mora.

Travel to Liyue Harbor. Look for Linlang and Bolai. Both will appear on your map.

Linlang offers you 200,000 Mora for the ring. Bolai offers 180,000 Mora and add-ons. The add-ons are 5 servings of Adeptus’ Temptation. The decision is entirely up to you. Choose depending on what suits you most.

Once the ring is sold, you will gain the rewards of the world quest immediately. You also earn the achievement: Scourge of the Battlefield.


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