Yae Miko Quick TL;DR DPS Build Guide


PSA #1: A DPS is that friend who doesn’t look like they workout, but secretly have an 8-pack and shredded. Make sure to stay on their good side 😮

PSA #2: Both Yae Miko’s abilities scale off ATK and have some crazy multipliers. While she can be played as a main DPS, she shines much better as an off-field burst DPS with high, consistent, nuke intervals!

Yae dashes forward creating an Electro Yakan tower that does AoE Electro attacks to nearby enemies. Can spawn 3 max, and the more they’re connected to the more damage they do!

Sesshou Sakura (E) is Yae’s bread and butter, and what makes her such a good off-field, burst DPS. Just a few things to keep in mind:

  1. You can only have 3 Yakans total on the field. So if you spawn 3 towers in this order: A > B > C, then the next time you use E it will replace Yakan A like so: B > C > A etc…
  2. Having nearby Yakans increases it’s DMG. Each tower starts at Level 1, and caps at Level 3 if they have 2 other towers nearby. If you stand still and use E 3 times in a row, that distance is a good gauge as to how far the E’s can tether to one another. Any further and they will not tether!
  3. Each Yakan lasts 14 seconds/will attack 5 times total in their duration. So roughly every 2.8s they will attack the nearest enemy, and will disappear shortly after their 5th attack.

Quick clarification: Do not worry about Level 4 if you’re below constellation 2. C2 Yae allows her Yakan towers to start at Level 2, instead of Level 1, which allows them to reach the Level 4 DMG bonus!

Also: I know it’s a dash, but her E dash animation DOES NOT have i-frames. So don’t try to dodge towards an attack, otherwise you’re gonna regret it…

Basically the more EM Yae has, the more her E towers will do!

For example: if Yae has 150 EM, that means she would get 22.5% bonus DMG to her E.

This does not mean to start hoarding EM on Yae. If anything, pieces with EM as a substat are considered a nice bonus, but not significant compared to taking something like an ATK% or Electro DMG% main stat.

Yae smirks and literally smites the living crap out of her enemies with an AoE Electro attack. Nearby Yakan towers will crack and pulse mini AoE attacks! Refreshes E CD if broken from burst!

Yae’s ability to nuke as a burst DPS depends heavily on how many Yakan towers are on the field.

If you have 3 Yakan towers on field and press Q, you’re essentially doing 4 AoE attacks. One from the initial cast, and 3 following attacks from the 3 Yakan towers. The AoE from effects is a bit misleading, as it actually has a much larger radius than depicted.

Still, placement of your E and casting Q properly is essential to ensure you don’t miss out on your burst window!

Gameplay with Yae looks like this: Use E 3 times > Q to crack them + reset E CD > use E 3 times again > wait for burst to come back up then repeat.

Using your Q to break your Yakan towers essentially refunds the E CDs…

Example: If you were to spam your E 3 times, then press Q, you’ll have all 3 E stacks ready to use again… It’s extremely consistent and extremely broken.

  • Keep in mind this will destroy any Yakan towers on the field.
  • Any Yakan towers destroyed from Q will immediately reset the E CD.

Talent Leveling Order: E > Q > Normal

How do I get it D: ? – It’s time to roll boys (gacha)

Has base CRIT DMG scaling and literally made for Yae’s kit to max stacks

Kagura’s Verity is Yae’s signature weapon for a reason, as it perfectly fits her kit and playstyle. Basically the moment you spam your 3 E’s, you give yourself a 36% Skill DMG bonus. This is still beneficial as Yae’s E is dynamic and the Yakan towers will still scale accordingly. Not only that, but you also get an additional 12% Elemental DMG bonus, boosting her DPS output entirely. Oh, it also has CRIT DMG, which is always appreciated!

Skyward Atlas is a close second as the raw ATK% and Elemental DMG bonus it provides helps boost Yae’s DMG output fairly well. Since her skill and burst multipliers are insanely high, the ATK% bonus adds plenty, and even allows for ER% as your Sands main stat if necessary. Just make sure to get proper CRIT values to really bolster your damage.

Lost Prayer is good but also really bad. While you can technically run Yae as main DPS, she shines much more as an off-field burst DPS. If you’re planning on maining Yae, then Lost Prayer is plenty fine as you can stack the DMG bonus, but recommended to take something like an R5 Solar Pearl > R1 Lost Prayer otherwise.

How do I get it D: ? – It’s time to roll boys (gacha)

Has base CRIT DMG scaling and you gamble what buff you get to do mega damage

The Widsith is an extremely strong weapon for an off-field burst DPS like Yae, since the goal is to nuke hard when it’s her turn. Ideally you want Recitative or Aria buffs as they provide the most straightforward damage, but Interlude is also decent if you have a reaction heavy team (something with Bennett or Mona is a good example).

Oathsworn Eye is extremely good for both general usage and specific team comps. If you’re reluctant to run a secondary Electro, or a battery in general, than Oathsworn can essentially remediate at with it’s 48% energy recharge buff (at R5) after using Yae’s E. Damage wise you’ll still do much more consistently with Widsith (Recitative or Aria buffs) or even the Solar Pearl though, but utility wise Oathsworn is a solid pick. Another benefit is that it’s free + the refinement mats from the current Three Realms Gateway event in 2.5!

An R5 Solar Pearl can arguably outperform a lot of R1 5-star weapons, as it allows you to maintain high CRIT% with a constant (basically) 20% DMG buff to your E and Q. Just remember to Normal Attack once before you use your E/Q to get the 20% DMG buff.

An amazing F2P option is Mappa Mare for 3 great reasons: 1) you can R5 it as long as you have the prototypes, 2) it provides an ample amount of EM for her A4 passive, and 3) at R5 it provides a chunky 36% Elemental DMG bonus! If you’re F2P, and don’t want to spend a single dime on the game, Mappa Mare will be a perfectly suitable option for Yae!

How do I get it D: ? – Thundering Fury at Midsummer Courtyard Domain (AR 25 Locked, 20 Resin per run). You can either go 2x Glad or 2x Shime.

Boosts everything in her kit
Boosts everything in her kit

2x Thundering + 2x Shime/Glad is perfect for an off-field burst DPS like Yae. Her identity is to quickly place 3 E’s, Q, place 3 E’s again, repeat etc… Running this combination of artifact’s allows her to do just that, without any stat or playstyle restraints like some sets force.

Which brings me to 4x Emblem of Severed Fate, which may seem ideal for a burst DPS — only exception being that Yae struggles to capitalize on the ER% requirement to make her burst scale properly. Yae has a 90 cost burst, and will indefinitely struggle to keep her burst up consistently without another Electro/battery to assist. That’s her solution to her energy problems, not to stack ER% substats as she still wants to prioritize CRIT values and ATK.

If you are struggling to farm for proper Thundering pieces, than replace them with a 2x Noblesse set as a temporary placeholder (or you could run 2x Emblem just for the additional ER% help).

For early players, you can run a 2x Exile + 2x Sojourner/Brave Heart for some easy ER% and ATK% until you can farm for the appropriate sets!

Main stats:


Substats: CRIT% > CRIT DMG > ATK (ATK% if not main stat) > EM > ER%

If you want other characters let me know. Hope this helped. Bye.


I spend too much time filling out spreadsheets for incoherent data, but at least I can turn them into guides :P

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  1. Would it be possible to tell how the current event weapon, Oathsworn eye, compares with widsith for Yae? Mainly R1 Widsith vs R2 or above Oathsworn?

    • I can’t speculate too much prior to actually testing it in-game, but since it supposedly buffs ER gain, it might be viable since Yae does have a 90 cost burst + struggles to generate energy alone.

      As for will it do more dmg compared to Widsith? Probably never lol