A Cliff-Side Hero’s Past World Quest Guide

A Cliff-Side Hero’s Past is one of the many world quests added to Genshin Impact along with the new Chasm area.

In this storyline, travelers will meet the quest-exclusive NPC, Tang Wuchou who believes himself to be a disciple of Guhua. Has he ever had training? No. Does he actually belong to the Guhua clan? No. Is he suffering from the side effects of wearing Smaragdus Jadeite for too long? Definitely.

But helping this poor soul will earn your rewards and unlock achievements so follow this guide to get through this quest easily.


Before you can start A Cliff-Side Hero’s Past, you must first finish or at least activate the following quest:

Where can you find Tang Wuchou?

In order to find Tang Wuchou, teleport to the Statue of the Seven near the Cinnabar Cliff. From there, climb to the highest point with the help of the Anemo platforms around. Head towards the cliff and you’ll find Tang Wuchou standing near some Qingxin flowers.

For the world quest, The Millenial Mountains you’ll need the Qingxin. However, as you try to pick them, Tang Wuchou will object, claiming that the flowers belong to him since he found them. Though, he believes he is watching over a garden of Glaze Lillies. Not noticing the fact that the flowers he refers to as Glaze Lillies are actually Qingxin. When this is pointed out to him, he’ll believe you’re trying to trick him. He will then introduce himself as the true disciple of 320th Guhua Clan generation and then charge at you like any other treasure hoarder. Now, you must defeat him.

A Cliff-Side Hero’s Past

After being defeated, have a short conversation with Tang Wuchou. During that interaction, it will be revealed that he actually has nothing to do with the Guhua Clan.

Now a retired treasure hoarder, he started to believe that he was a disciple of Guhua after receiving a jade pendant from a friend of his. Since wearing the pendant, he started to feel a dull ache in his head every time he practiced martial arts. This led him to believe that his consciousness was expanding. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Even Paimon is quick to realize that something is wrong with the pendant.

At this point, all you have to do is give Tang Wuchou an egg and tell him that it’s actually a gem that is the size of an egg. After receiving it, he’ll be quick to give up the Pendant.

Smaragdus Jadeite we meet again

Smaragdus Jadeite is a gemstone that is full of elemental energy. Travelers were first introduced to it when Madame Ping used it to create the Teapot. It is said that if a person without a vision comes in contact with this gemstone, they will seriously fall ill. This is exactly what happened to Tang Wuchou.

After taking the pendant from Tang Wuchou, find the friend who gave it to him, Old Chou. He can be found in the lower levels of the Cinnabar Cliff.

Interact with him and he’ll reveal that while he left the Treasure Hoarders, some of them found him a while ago and forced him to sell cheap jewelry. One of the pieces was the Jade pendant that Tang Wuchou received from him after he showed an interest in it. Not knowing that the pendant was actually making his friend sick, Old Chou will feel regretful. He’ll then want to compensate Tang Wuchou and will ask for your help.

Now, all you have to do is dig up a bag of ornaments. Once you have the bag, go back to Tang Wuchou and explain everything to him.

With that, the quest A Cliff-Side Hero’s Past will end.


For completing the quest, travelers will receive 30 Primogems, 30,000 Mora, and 3 hero’s Wit.

They will also unlock the achievement Jack of No Trades.

After finishing the quest, travelers can go back to Old Chou and dig for treasure again. After finding three treasure chests, they’ll unlock the achievement Ding, Ding, Ding, We Have a Winner, Again!.

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