Akitsu Kimodameshi Event Guide

The main event for Genshin Impact version 3.3 is now available! Time to participate in the test of courage event to get all rewards including 900 Primogems.

Halloween has already passed, but it doesn’t deter Genshin Impact from making a spooky test of courage event~ In fact, it is the main event for version 3.3, featuring Inazuma characters like Arataki Itto and Heizou. Play the event to win about 900 Primogems!

Gameplay Overview

  • The Akitsu Kimodameshi event will be available in Genshin Impact from December 15 at 10:00 AM (Server Time) until January 2. You have more than 2 weeks to complete all the tasks and claim the rewards from the event page and event shop that will open on the same date but last longer in the game, which is on January 9.
  • There are 2 requirements to play this event, which are you must be above Adventure Rank 30 and complete the Inazuma Archon Quest ‘Ritou Escape Plan.’
  • The gameplay is surprisingly simple, with no combat battle at all (Surprising huh?). You only need to control the bar to bounce a ball and break all the bricks. In short, it is a Breakout-like brick breaker minigame.

Gameplay Detail

  • There are 2 game modes in Akitsu Kimodameshi: Leisurely Pastime and Shatterdark.
  • Leisure Pastime: Has a total of 6 time-gated challenges with two types of difficulty. You can play this in both single-player and co-op modes.
  • Shatterdark: Enter a special domain and defeat a boss by destroying all their bricks. This mode can only be done in single-player mode.

Key Gameplay Aspect

  • In every challenge, there will be six different types of bricks. The first one is the basic brick which has no element whatsoever, the second one is Nullbrick which can’t be destroyed unless all other bricks connected to it are destroyed, and the remaining ones are brick which is affected by elements like Electrobrick, Pyrobrick, Cryobrick, and Hydrobrick.
  • You will destroy those bricks using Skill-Ball and bouncing them with a bouncing bar. Sounds easy right? The Skill-Ball will rebound after colliding with your bouncing bar, and if the bar is moving, so does the movement vector of the ball.
  • Your bouncing bar will change based on the elemental types of your active character. With the respective active element, the bar will apply the same elemental effect to the Skill-Ball once it collides with the bouncing bar. But remember that these three elements won’t be able to apply their elemental to the bar: Geo, Anemo, and Dendro.
  • When there are less than a requisite amount of bricks on the field, the bouncing bar will unleash a flurry of fireworks. You should aim your bouncing bar at the remaining bricks to inflict damage and destroy those bricks without depending on the Skill-Ball.

Yuugen Modifiers

  • Before you start any challenge, you can select characters and 2 Yuugen Modifiers to gain bonuses. Remember that the modifiers will be time-gated and you need to wait for specific stages to unlock new modifiers. Aside from unlocking, you can also upgrade the modifiers by completing Shatterdark stages. Here’s the short version for each modifier:
    • Replicating Collider: After 30 combo, an additional Skill-Ball will be launched. You will lose this effect after losing all Skill-Balls.
    • Reflector Ward: After 30 combo, a protective wall will appear behind your active character, and will reflect any Skill-Balls that collided with it. This effect lasts for 6 seconds.
    • Shatter-prise: After 30 combo, shattering a new brick will spawn a Merit-Ball (shining golden ball). Catch this ball with the bouncing bar to get 100 points.
    • Relative Expansion: After switching characters, the bar will be made wider for 10s.
    • Switch-celeration: Character movement speed increased by 20%.
    • Impact Accelerator: After 30 combo, you will get an additional 80 points. Then, the Skill-Ball’s speed will be increased by 20% (can be stacked 3 times).
    • Concomitant Impact: When there are less than 10 bricks, the bar will shoot 8 enhanced fireworks ahead.

Elemental Reactions effects

Pyro x Electro (Detonate): Upon hitting a brick, a blast will occur dealing AoE damage to surrounding bricks.

Cryo x Electro (Pierce): Hit bricks no longer cause reflections. Instead, the ball will continue on its path, punching through all bricks in its path. The effects ends after the Skill-Ball hit the boundary.

Electro x Hydro (Surge): Upon hitting a brick, lightning will be unleashed, dealing AoE Electro damage to surrounding bricks and affecting them with Electro.

Cryo x Hydro (Freezeball): The Skill-Ball will temporarily stop at the bouncing bar. You can then shoot the Skill-Ball again in any direction from the bar movement. If the reactions happen on bricks, all the bricks of the same type (Hydro/Electro) will be frozen. If the Skill-Ball hit those frozen bricks again, it will shatter that brick along with all other bricks connected to it.

Pyro x Hydro (Steaming): Deals higher damage to the struck brick (That one brick will instantly be destroyed).

Pyro x Cryo (Liquefy): Deals higher damage to the struck brick (That one brick will instantly be destroyed).

Boss Brick (Shatterdark)

There are only 3 bosses here, and its time-gated and will be unlocked gradually. The difference between this game mode with the Leisurely Pastime is that the bricks are more difficult to destroy than basic Bricks and have many different characteristics. You also need to aim for the boss and deplete their HP bar little by little. One last thing, you have limited Skill-Ball! If your reserved balls are at zero, you will fail the challenge.

1. Gibbering Grumbler
It can summon a ring of Electro bricks to guard itself. Those bricks will move following your bouncing bar’s movements.

2. Deranged Decrepit Duelist
When the boss is struck by Skill-Ball, it will enter a defensive state: the Skill-Ball will be reflected back at an accelerated velocity. Some of the bricks will move following your bouncing bar’s movement.

3. Mesmeric Marine Maiden
She can summon multiple mirrors. When the Skill-Balls hit the mirror, they will randomly come out from another. After taking a certain amount of damage, she will summon bricks to protect herself. Those bricks will disappear if you shoot the Skill-Ball through mirrors enough times or just wait for a set of periods. Few of the bricks will move following your bouncing bar’s movement.

Tips & Tricks

1) Always have a party with one each of Cryo, Electro, Pyro, and Hydro characters (Unless the stage doesn’t allow you).
Obviously, this is because elemental reactions matter. With every element in your team, you can change the bouncing bar elements anytime and choose the best reactions with the blocks you need to destroy. Just make sure to not bring any Dendro, Geo, and Anemo characters unless you’re a gigachad.

2) Pay attention to elemental reactions.
Now that you have all elements in your team, time for aiming maximum damage to the blocks. Remember that mono-elemental reactions (like colliding a Pyro Skill-Ball on a Pyro block) are less damaging than cross-elemental reactions (like launching an Electro Skill-Ball on a Pyro block to create Detonate effect). The top two elemental reactions that I like are:

Cryo x Electro | Superconduct (Pierce effect): Will destroy the block on hit and break through even the blocks behind until it hit a wall.
Pyro x Electro | Overload (Detonate): AoE component to destroy bricks.

Pyro x Cryo / Pyro x Hydro is kinda boring to me because it only instantly destroys the specific brick and does not provide any AoE damage. It’s not bad of course, Superconduct and Overload is better when you first start the game and there are many bricks on the stage. But once the bricks are getting fewer, Melt/Vaporize is better, especially if the bricks are separated from each other.

3) Freeze your Skill-Ball.
So I don’t include Freeze in my favorite reactions. But that’s because it doesn’t leave a great impression on me unless there are a lot of Hydro bricks in the arena. But it’s another story for your bouncing bar. If you find yourself with blocks left in difficult-to-hit positions, swap to a Hydro character, hit the ball, then swap to a Cryo character and hit the ball again to trigger Freeze. This will freeze the ball onto your bar and you can then reposition where you want to launch the ball from, saving you from having to deliberately lose your ball to reset its position of it.

4) Align your Bouncing Ball
You remember that fireworks when there are only a few bricks on the stage. The fireworks will only shoot out from the edge of the Bouncing Bar, so you need to aim the edge of the Bouncing Bar at the bricks, and not the middle of your Bouncing Bar at the bricks.

5) Best Yuugen Modifier
This is highly subjective because everyone has different opinions, but my favorite modifiers are the combination of Impact Accelerator, Replicating Collider, and Reflector Ward. In short, it will duplicate your Skill-Ball, making it faster, and creating a safety wall behind you. Since your balls will be many and super fast, they will destroy the bricks really fast (if you choose the correct elemental reactions, I like the Superconduct the best). And if you have trouble catching up with the balls, the walls behind you can save it most of the time.

Gameplay Rewards

Don’t forget to claim all the rewards from the event page because you need to do it manually! Once you get the event currency, continue to buy more rewards from the event shop~

1. 990 Primogems
2. Toukabou Shigure (4-Star Sword)
3. 1840000 Mora
4. 48 Hero’s Wit
5. 122 Mystic Enhancement Ores
6. Event-Limited Furniture (Kimodameshi Vivaciousness)
7. 1 Crown of Insight
8. 4 Parasol Talcum (Refinement Materials)
9. 48 Weapon Ascension Material
10. 24 Character Talent Material

Usually the main event would provide around 1000 Primogems, but looks like this version is an exception.


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